Anyone else have bad reaction to aluminum antacids?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JewelRA, Nov 1, 2006.

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    I've been battling the stomach bug this week, and my poor tummy is churing and burning with acid and gas. My usual TUMS are not doing anything for me, so I thought I'd try Maalox. I didn't notice when I bought it that it has aluminum hydroxide as its main ingredient. I generally avoid aluminum in stuff like antipersperants.

    Anyway, I took 2 teaspoons full, and a few minutes later, I felt AWFUL!! I was dizzy, woozy and very weak, and just WEIRD feeling. I called the pharamcist, and of course, he didn't know of any such reaction. But I just found some information on the web (can't remember which sites now) that said that CAN be a reaction. I've never had this reaction to calcium or magnesium tablets.

    Just wondering if anyone else had. I'll be avoiding this one in the future!
  2. I haven't had *that* bad of reaction to any, but, I am nauseated alllll day/night if I'm forced to take tums, (They are the only thing, sometimes that work on my pancreas/duodenal(upper bowel) spasms & ulcer pain....

    Without question, but with much dread, the nausea is farrr better than these terrible spasms, which can last up to an hr or more at the very worst, & cause severe* sweating, nausea, and on rare ocasion, vomitting...

    Maalox, Mylanta, etc all make me nauseated, but sometimes have no choice but to take,

    Like you, though, (My husband bought the maalox) but, only after taking it a couple of times, (since I do not react the way you did--so sorry! you went through that, though) I realized also, "aluminum" thought, well daggone it! I have ENOUGH heavy metals in my body, don't want any of that c r a p..

    It stinks, most otc stomach drugs, while they might (ONLY) help spasm/ulcer pain, make me severely nauseated.

    But, all docs give me are exspensive reflux meds...that don't even work..

    Take care,

    I'm WORKING on forcing myself back on my gluten free-casein free diet. best thing for every single digestive prob I have. It's just very hard to start, & get through the first 3 wks.

    We have NO health food stores here, and the reg stores have verrrryyy little gluten free products. But, there are some. May shop on-line.

    Anything to improve.


    Laura M
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    Thank you for the info, Laura M and ouch.

    Ouch, sounds like a good excuse for some chocolate right about now!

    Laura M., can you tell me more about casein (sp?). I have read some about gluten, but don't know about that. I am sure changing my diet would help a lot too. It's just so darn hard to do with kiddos to feed. LOL.
  4. Casein is a milk protein, it's used in many many processed foods, and often is 'hidden' as well, just the way gluten is hidden in quite a few foods.

    Many people have gluten, casein, or other or both* intolerences...I don't know if I have TRUE celiac sprue, but, after my colonoscopy, the biopsies of my bowel showed atrophy to the villi (the little 'hair' like things that help food move along, and also grab & absorb nutrients, as stuff moves through the bowel) Atrophy to some, and other villi were almost totally effaced (almost completely worn down)

    This usually means Celiac Disease-in fact, I read even if blood tests for celiac's disease are negative, biopsy can confirm.

    When these villi wear down, it indicates that there is intolerence or allergy to some foods, so instead of absorbing nutrients, the villi get damaged, and in severe cases can result in malnutrition. Most patients, but NOT all, who have intolerences, allergies, Celiac's will usually appear malnourished

    This does not mean that they are all "skinny" you can be overweight, and still malnourished, for sure.

    Gluten & casein are the two that my dr feel I should avoid, at all costs, and NO MORE VACCINATIONS for me, apparently, looking at my records, I'd had 19 in about THREE years time (nursing home work, hospital, & military will do that. Hep B, TB tests, Bicillan shot, etc)
    I have mercury toxicity as well as Bismuth-can't find much on bismuth--other than toxicity caused in some cases where (usually) elderly patients with TUMMY PROBs drink Pepto* Bismol (Pink Bismuth-the generic name) way too often and in way to large amounts, they can present with SERIOUS neurological & gastro, etc symptoms..I certainly didn't get my toxicity that way, LOL can't stand pepto.

    Anyways, here's a little more on casein:

    What Is Casein?
    Casein is the principal protein of cow's milk. It is the curd that forms when milk is left to sour. It is the most commonly used milk protein in the food industry and contains 21 amino acids.

    There's plenty info to google on this, hope this helped you get the basic idea of what it is, though.



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    ...for that information!!

    I am shying away from vaccines myself, as I think I "overdid" them in my 20's with nursing home and hospital work as well!! As much as I fear the flu, I fear the flu shot even more!

    Interesting about the Pepto! I don't take alot of it, or even regularly, but that is usually the first thing I reach for when I have to have something. Hmmmm...

    May I ask, what kind of doctor do you have that did these tests for you? Did you have to request them?

    thank you for all the info!

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