Anyone else have chronic low D for no good reason?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by holiday16, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. holiday16

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    This has been an ongoing issue for me even under circumstances where I should be getting enough D from sunlight etc. Without supplementation (at at least 2000-4000 IU/day) my levels plummet even with daily sun exposure (without sunscreen etc.).

    We just had two of our kids tested partly because of this. They are both on GF diets (as am I) although no positive test, but dramatic dietary response. GI Dr. is the one that ordered the D tests. Just got a call and based on their normal range of 13-67 my daughter came back as less than 4! Sons tests are not back yet, but his calcium was slightly low and he takes calcium supplements consistently and has taken 600 IU of D daily in his supplements for years now. All are D3 so that's not the issue.

    They both get lots of sun, I use sunscreen only in areas likely to severely burn, they're very fair skinned and there is just no good reason for this.

    Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this? A big part of the reason for getting them tested was concern over my issues with chronic low vitamin D so we wanted to make sure they were o.k. My oldest needs to be tested yet and has been complaining of sleep issues, brain fog, lack of concentration, fatigue etc. which I am now wondering if it's low D. She is darker skinned so she was actually my biggest concern, but my Dr. didn't want to test. Calling right now to ask him to order it and given the situation I can't imagine he'd refuse!
  2. hensue

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    Vitamin d is low my brother, sisters and sister in law. I was tested earlier in year by a rhuematologist and she said mine was low. The stuff constipates me so I cannot take it.
    I live in the sunshine belt 30 miles north of florida we get plenty of sunshine and I am not complaining. So I really wondering what is up?? Is everyone defecient in vitamin d?
    I really do not understand how everyone is not getting enough vitamin d and has it always been this way. Or is this the first time the docs are testing for it?
    Wish I knew
  3. maxtout

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    My doctor heard that Fibro patients are being found to be low in Vitamin D so he had me tested last month and of course, I was severely low, according to the test, so he's got me on nearly 4000 IU's of D3 and calcium chews. I guess Vitamin D deficiency is "the flavor of the month" disease and vitamin manufacturers are raking it in accordingly, as are the pharmaceutical companies that make the test and the labs that use the kits to process those findings.. I'm in danger of not getting enough sun here and I'm outside at least an hour every day, rain or shine, I eat and drink foods and liquids fortified with Vitamin D, so I guess doing all the right things are now wrong. We all have what only a pill can solve...according to the "findings," who financed those "findings?"
  4. dannybex

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    I'm wondering if there's a common demoninator here?

    We can take all the supplements and/or pills (and also food) we want, but if we're not digesting them then they won't do a bit of good.

    Have you had your stomach acid levels tested? We had a guest speaker at out last support group meeting who said that 95% of her patients are HCL deficient, even if they thought they were making too much acid!

    A trial of betaine HCL (hydrochloric acid) capsules might be worth asking your doctor about. Or other types of digestive enzymes.

    Calcium is especially alkaline, so you need enough acid to digest it.

    Also...perhaps vitamin D drops might work better? You can hold them under your doc recommends them for people with poor digestion.

    Hope this helps,

  5. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    was found low about a year ago. I'm taking 2000IU's a day D3 as maintenance.

    Doctors are beginning to realize the importance of Vit. D levels for overall good health. We've become a nation of people who fear the sun, use tons of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc. And we work under artificial lights. Maybe that's why we are all low.

    I plan to always supplement my Vit. D.


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