Anyone else have leg pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Fireball, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. Fireball

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    I have severe leg pain in both legs that gets worse as the day progresses. When I sit down, I have to always put my legs up on another chair or prop them up on something else to elevate them. The pain medication that I have tried makes me feel slow and out of it. I take a lot of hot baths for this pain. I don't think that my legs jerk at night as in restless legs. I have a horrible time riding in a car or sitting still for a long time. Movies and concerts are very uncomfortable. My only relief is my husband massaging my legs. I am hoping someone has some idea what kind of a doctor I should see. By the way I have had this problem for years. I have been diagnosed with fibro and probably have chronic fatigue as well.
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    I was wondering if you have had an MRI of your back at all. Sometimes you have back problems with no symptoms to your back just your legs being effected. I would speak with your family Doctor about a possible MRI of your Lumbar spine and maybe both hips too. It is a scary thing to have problems with your legs, I too have the pain and such. be sure to talk with your Doctor about it.
    Take care,
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    Legs are horrible.
    Doctor said I have Bursitis in the left hip area now as well. I do have bulging discs. Spasms in the sacrailiac joints. Arthritis in the left knee. The fibro just adds more intense discomfort to everything else. My rheumy and ortho docs take care of the legs.
    It is horrible not to be able to enjoy sitting for any duration of time. Car driving is perhaps the worse for any distance longer than 10 mins. or so. Baths are wonderful.
    Good luck to you. I can relate. I have just learned to accept it after several years. It almost becomes second nature. I do get epidurals, trigger point injections, cortisone in the knee caps and take a large amount of muscle/anti-inflammatory drugs to quiet things down.
    Soft teddy hugs today and always.
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    To tell you the truth, I use to have low back pain worse.
    Then about 2 years ago, my right thigh letterly throbbed.
    I went to my doc, he gave me lorcet. Then he sent me to see and orthopedic surgeon to see if I micht have a disc
    out. With the simple little test the Ortho doc did, he
    couldn't have found anything.

    Needless to say both thighs hurt now, but the right is worse. Nothing but laying down helps mine. Sometimes I feel that maybe while sitting, I'm cutting the blood flow
    off. But then my feet would go to sleep. So I don't know
    I'm gonna ask for a MRI of my back to see if this is causing the pain.

    I have also had epidurals. They would have worked better if I could have layed around for a day or two. I
    was still working at the time.

    Have you tried taking Magnesium? When I started taking
    it, I noticed an improvement. I take 600 or 700 mg split
    into two doseages, or else I get diarrhea. AM & PM

    Best wishes, hope you find out the cause. It's funny,
    the leg pain is really the only part of my FM which drives
    me crazy.