Anyone else have LOw Potassium?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yamona, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. yamona

    yamona New Member

    Potassium drops and sends me to hospital. I have to take it and when it gets normal doc takes me off it. THen it goes down and I have to take it again. TIred of it. Aching and hurting. Tired of it but know it is part of FM. Can someone just take it away?
  2. srcj

    srcj New Member

    I've been in hospital twice with potassium at the bottom. I take a potassium pill the dr gave me. I ty to eat a banana every day. I can tell when it's down because my legs hurt so bad. I have blood work done every 3 months.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Yes, if not watched my potassium will drop and quickly..

    But...I know the reason for mine...I retain fluid everyday ranging from 10 to 15 pounds....

    So, I have to take fluid pills...which cause my potassuim to drop....Dr prescribed me potassium pills to take every time I do take a fluid pill(durtic)

    Please be careful....Low-potassium can be very dangerous and make you extemely sick...mine as gotten to low several times.


  4. Jo29

    Jo29 New Member

    that I know of. I am on Potassium pills. My doctor put me on them when she put me on Lasix. She said they would help keep me from cramping.
  5. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member


    You might want to do a search on a condition called hypokalemic periodic paralysis. It can be inherited or acquired, but you have to stay on potassium to keep from damaging muscles and feeling weak.

  6. Toga

    Toga Member

    It was found in a blood test ordered by the doc who first dx'd me with FM. I always check my numbers on this when blood is drawn 2X's a year.

    It says the normal is 35 and the last 3 or 4 times mine has been 34, even with the supplement. My primary never mentions it. Maybe I should.


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