anyone else have SEVERE GERD?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dani78xo, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    i have a question for everyone who has bad enough GERD to cause everyday problems.

    i've been on protonix for a couple years now, i've had GERD for about four or five.

    lately i've been REALLY nauseated everytime i eat.
    and though i do have a tendency towards spicy foods,
    i've NEVER had a problem like this before.

    i don't really believe that it's the acid reflux making me this sick, but my PCP does.

    it doesn't really feel like acid indigestion, sometimes it feels like i have a stomach virus, though i never actually throw up.
    it's only started in the last two weeks or so. and very suddenly.

    anyone else with severe GERD have real bad problems like this?
  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    GERD. I take daily Prilosec though I do not liketo as it caused stomach polyps. Now, I have to say that although I watch what enters my mouth, cannot drink alcohol, spices even alum veggies, if I try and cut out the Prilosec boy it takes like five hours before I am choking on acid.

    I try to balance my diet by eating the alkalide diet too, no lactose etc.

    I have to say that last year I was feeling like you. Nauseous, pain under teh ribs felt awful. Had upper endo and had five polyps removed from the stomach. Gastro said they could not have caused the problems BUT as soon as those darn polyps were gone so was the nausea etc.

    My advice. Stay away from spicey foods and foods on the high acid scale. No lactose. Maybe watch gluten. Have an upper endoscopy, in fact anyone with bad GERD should be having upper endos every couple of years to check for pre cancer and Barretts esophagus by the way. Some older gastros are hopeless do not realise this, but I have them every two or three years. If your doc is not recommending this change docs.

    I understand that white rice, the sort that has no food value really, is excellent for absorbing acid base from the system as is cilantro.

    Hope this helps. Oh real ginger cookies are pretty good dipped into decaf tea for settling the tummy STAY away from mint as this makes the GERD worse.

    Love Anne C ps Protonix gave me awful tummy aches. All the PPI's cause some degree of FM bYW
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  3. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    Mine was severe enough it caused permanent damage to my esphogus, bronchial tubes and part of my digestive track.

    I take 160mg Pantoloc now, and it's really only 'calmed' it. Still haven't found what can control it.

    I have MANY food allergies - so plain breads, rice, pasta etc are about all I can eat. I don't drink coffee or pop - so I'm not triggering anything there.

    It definately makes me sick - it's only every 10 or 15 times I eat that it will actually stay down. And when I don't have food in my stomach, or alot of times first thing in the morning - I actually throw up nothing but stomach acid.

    Like you, it seems all these problems came out of no where.

    I've found taking my meds spaced out to 4 times a day helps, as well as I take a Gaviscon after everything I eat/drink to help to keep it down.

    As I say, still haven't found the complete control yet

  4. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    is an upper endoscopy the thing where they insert a camera/tube into your esophagus to check for damage?

    if that's what it is, i had it done last year when i went to a gastroenterologist.
    yeah, rice and bread and stuff like that helps, but not when it's this severe.

    stupidly, last week i took excedrin, not thinking it would aggrivate my stomach any more than ibuprofen or naprosen. BOY was i wrong.
    that's when the nausea first started, so i guess this COULD be related to the acid reflux, i've just NEVER seen it so severe.

    i'm on the highest dose i can go on for protonix, and before protonix i tried alot of other things like nexium and the thing you're on. they all just stopped working for some reason. since i've been on protonix i've been able to eat some of the spicy foods that i used to before GERD, but i NEVER drink hot chocolate or coffee, and usually not many sodas either.

    i'm worried about getting an ulcer, since its this bad. or if i already have one..though my doctor doesn't seem real worried about it.

    what's a gaviscon?
    and i've never actually gotten to the point where i throw up what i've eaten, but i sit there gagging for about 15 minutes before it starts to subside a little...and then the nauseas still there for about another half an hour to an hour.

  5. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    nope, i don't drink coffee.
    i used to, back when my acid reflux was still minimal,
    but when i went onto protonix i pretty much stopped the coffee.

    i've been getting nauseated even eating things like pasta though, no tomato sauce. which with acid reflux i SHOULDN'T be, pasta doesn't affect it.

    i haven't drinken coffee in a couple years though.
    it pretty much kills my stomach when i do, so i quit trying.
  6. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    Gaviscon is what I call my 'miracle foam'. lol

    It's similar to Rolaids, or Tums, etc; in the way that it neutralizes the acid. But above and beyond a normal anti acid, as it's desolving (they're chewables, and good tasting ones at that!) it creates a really thick layer of foam that helps push food down, but also does a really good job of anything coming back up! Food OR acid.

    Actually, right from the bottle it says that Gaviscon is "Aluminum, Lactose & Gluten free"

    Which really, come to think of it.. Those are all things that can aggrevate GERD, yet they're found in tums.. hmm.

    The Gaviscon for me has been great. Once chewed & swallowed - it's pretty much instant relief!

    I live in Canada (but I've bought them is the US before as well) and I pay about $14 for a bottle of 60.

    Typically I only use 4 a day ontop of my meds, but you're allowed to use upto 12 a day as per the directions on the bottle.

    And don't be fooled - even plain pasta can kick my acid into high gear.

    Hope this helps!

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  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Which is nerve damage of the stomach--I have had that since 1990. I have been in the hospital 2 x because of problems related to my stomach.

    Now I have GERD, but since I quit the cinnamon capsules am doing better. Too many tomato products will bother me more. I just take 40 mg. a day of Pepcid AC and use Tums and sometimes Pepto Bismol.

    I need to see my doc, but want to wait until after the first of April to do it as my son is getting married on 4/2. I think part of my problem is the stress associated with the event.

    I have never been bothered with GERD until 1/9/06.

    The gastroparesis causes nausea, vomiting, feeling full early in the meal, pain, etc.

    You really need to go back to your doc just like I need to also. :)

  8. brie

    brie New Member

    Hi Dani, I also have severe GERD.They put a camera down and found that I also had 5 lesions in my stomach caused by all the acid . I also had been on protonix for 5 years .My insurance co. just decided they wouldnt pay for it any more as it is expensive. So I have been from pill to pill trying to find one that will settle the acids as good as protonix did. Needless to say I have not find it yet and I am very sick . My doctor , is trying , but again protonix is very strong and is hard to match.As it seems to sooth the lesions in my stomach.Right now , they are all bleeding and I am having trouble with aniema . Goes from one thing to another. Good Luck.
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    tRY THIS can be taken with the PPI's. It coats the lining of the esophagus and stomach and can be helpful. You could have giardia though. Have a stool test done, esp. if you are getting gas too.

    I absolutely have to say that anything that relaxes the esophageal sphincter is bad.

    Love Anne C
  10. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    hm i didn't know those things aggrivated GERD.
    really good to know =].
    yeah, i pretty much gave up on tums a couple years ago when my GERD got worse.
    i might check out that gaviscon, it sounds interesting.

    yeah i'm not really happy with the answer of its ONLY GERD,
    but my doctor seems to think that i'm just suddenly going through too much stress, which kicked it up like this.
    i have to say though that i've never had alot of GERD trouble when i'm taking protonix, so this is weird for me.

    i'm sorry that you're having so much trouble with it,
    protonix is the only med that really works for me,
    i have to take the highest dose of it though,
    but usually when i'm on it i can still pretty much eat anything i want, except coffee or hot chocolate.
    i hope you find a medication that works for you =GERD can be veryyy unpleasant if it's not under control.

    is the carafate OTC?
    yeah, i'm HOPING that the stomach problems will go away within a couple weeks,
    my doctor thinks that the excedrin i took kindof jumpstarted my GERD,
    but if that's the case it should go away soon...
    if it doesn't she'll definitely be seeing me again.
  11. HagerTX

    HagerTX New Member

    I started getting heartburn at age 11 or 12. It increasily got worse throughout the years. Scar tissue built up and made it hard to swallow, so I had an upper endoscopy in 1998 to have it dilated. Took Prilosec for 2-3 years and it helped but oddly enough when I discovered an allergy to wheat and cut that out along with citrus, my GERD/heartburn is completely controlled.
  12. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    I haven't really been able to figure out what causes the nausea. I do have severe reflux and take meds for that. Also ibs--zelnorm for that.

    I take non drowsy dramamine to help when the nausea is bad.

    I'm not suggesting to just ignore it, but thought I would share my tip.

    The doctor prescribed phenerghan, which I don't like to take.
  13. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    why don't you like taking phenergan?
    my doctor just gave me a prescription for this when i went to her the other day,
    i haven't tried it yet though.

    i find that alot of the nausea meds don't help with this nausea for some reason [like compazine, reglan].
  14. FMhurts

    FMhurts New Member

    Alyndra, this is what I've been through too, I had gotten ulcers in my throat from it.
    Its was a miserable feeling. I used 'sucrofate' something the DR gave me, for acid reflux and gerd, wow did it ever help. I cut out all sugar, caffine,and spicy foods and
    havn't had any more problems, plus like I've mentioned on here several times 'Magnesium' has done wonders for me, it too will relieve that acid.

    Good luck hope you get better soon...

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