Anyone else have severe knee and hip pain?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by DazedAndSpacey, Oct 31, 2009.

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    I know everyone's pain is different, but my knee and hip pain have gotten so bad in the last few weeks I have difficulty with the stairs, standing and sitting. I've had intermittent hip and knee pain, but never all four joints at once. Frankly, it's been scary. I just turned 40 and wonder if this is age pain or fibro pain? I went months with very few fibro symptoms, but as soon as the weather turned cold I started having symptoms I've never had before. Anyone else experience this?
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    Have you ever had a DEXA scan to determine whether you are progressing towards osteoporosis? With my back damage I have to get one every two years. I'll be getting my DEXA scan probably this month or next month.

    A fellow in our disabled group had his DEXA scan and is now on a an injectible medication that helps with osteopenia and apparently starts turning it around. Very expensive, but with his low income he gets it free from the manufacturer, but with this medication you can only be on it for two years.

    You can also post on the Fibro Board to see if they have other suggestions.
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    I know when it gets cold here in KS my knees and hip starts hurting really bad. I am only 32yrs old and have severe oestoarthritis . That is something worth looking in to. Of course I have other joints that hurt also but It may only be in those joints on you.
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