Anyone Else Have This Problem?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Spoonerpaws, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    I have fibro and possibly chronic fatigue.

    If I dust lightly and do some laundry, I am sort of okay.
    BUT, if I scrub floors and weed (up and down motions)I become exhausted and have to lay down.

    It seems to have something to do with the up and down motion. When I tell my doctors, they look at me like I am crazy

  2. laeaurra

    laeaurra New Member

    I don't think you are crazy. I have trouble with the same things. Do you have low blood presure. lots of FMS people do and it may be the culprit. Mine even makes me faint sometoimes when I move too fast. Also heavier work is always gonna tire you. tread a reacent study wherethey found the muscle tissue in fms peopl has less of the chemicals that mucles draw their energy from than normal muscles. so we tire easily and really can't do normal levels ofmuscle activity befoe actual. exhaystion hits. I am away from my books at the moment but I can post the studies info later.

  3. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    So that explains the dusting.

    but, I find laundry exhausting....
  4. franners

    franners New Member

    Some days going out to fetch the mail is exhausting....
  5. thriftaholic

    thriftaholic New Member

    Just wanted to let you know that the syptoms you are describing are common with your fibro. Any repetive motion like the washing of floors or lifting your arm over & over will result in soreness and pain(usually you feel it most the next day). If I read a book and hold my fingers too long in one postion they stiffen,or write with a pen too long or sweep etc. I have learned to pace myself as on a good day I would run around like an idiot and do all the things I didn't do on bad days which resulted in a flare up for 5 days. Can't clean the tub anymore due to the bending and scrubbing, muscles get so weak and my hands are so weak can't even pull the skin off a chicken! I really hate this disease, I have lots of pain with the tigger points. Hope this helps. Trish
  6. thriftaholic

    thriftaholic New Member

    Forgot to tell you I also get dizzy and light headed and it is usually before a flare up but not always. I do have low blood pressure and have fainted a few times whcin scares the hell out of you, I also have leopenia sp? which is low white blood count, so easy to catch any germ floating around. I know they say this diease isn't progressive but I have had it going on 6 yrs, took them 4 to figure out what I had and even now I still get new problems that come up. The pain is worst, and second is the loss of my mind, I hate being in no control over my thinking process. You know when you spell things wrong or words come out of your mouth backwards and people look at you like you are stupid. Just because we forget sometimes( it usually always comes back just a little later)doesn't mean we can't be trusted with things anymore which is how my Mom acts toward me now. Sorry got off the subject, just venting today. I don't even normally write on this chats. Take care Trish
  7. Stillkicking

    Stillkicking New Member

    when I pulled weeds in the yard used to just kill me especially the next day since I would have a migraine headache or TMJ and be in bed for days screaming in my pillow. This went on and on for years. Finally I connected it to septal nasal spur and had surgery. It seems that every time I bent over with my head down the increased pressure in the nose/sinus area caused swelling against the sharp projection which would pierce the skin and cause more swelling and pain and so on until it played its self out. Sometimes it just caused sever nauseau.

    This also happens when there's hormone fluxuation or nasal irritation from another source. So your not crazy.
  8. Jen F

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    I am very curious to know background of your nickname. Are you comfortable sharing that info?

    Makes me think of kittie paws - I'm a big cat lover.

    Is the name of a pet?

    My cat's mom,