Anyone Else Have Upper Back & Shoulder Pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KittyCat, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. KittyCat

    KittyCat New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    This is probably the worse pain I have - upper back/shoulder/neck! As a result, it's very difficult to put on makeup, comb my hair, even driving (due to having to turn my head, etc.) OUCH! Can any of you recommend something/things that will provide some relief?

    Thank you all!
  2. lmn

    lmn New Member

    that's where the bulk of my pain is too. I use warm rice packs and gentle stretching throughout the day. Lie flat on your bed, and gently roll your head from side to side for 10 reps. Also, stretch your arms above your head and hold for 5 seconds, bring them towards the ceiling, and repeat for 10 reps.
    I haven't found anything that works 100% but I'm still looking. I'll keep you posted.
  3. julianaj21

    julianaj21 New Member

    I have the pain in the same area on occasion. I got a script from my Rheumatologist for what was termed "myofacial pain release." Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover theraputic massage but yours may. In any case, you can get a half hour for about $30 and ask the therapist to focus on on the neck and shoulders. I also agree with the other replies. Epsom Salt and essential lavendar are great in the tub, and I also use the heating pad and rice pack for pain wherever it is. It is a good idea to have a cervical exam as well. I apparently have a neck with no curvature (I am a true pencil neck!) which aggravates things. I wouldn't have known that had I not taken advantage of a free chiropractic exam that included an x-ray. My personal favorite way to relief is massage and would highly recommend it along with daily stretching:)
  4. jka

    jka New Member

    i have finally gone to a massuse. i go every week and she has helped me so much!no more headaches,muscles are looser in back area.i still have knots and she has told me she is going to buy some brass knuckles(sp) to get rid of them.but she really has helped make my life better.
    kathy c
  5. Patti2

    Patti2 New Member

    I not only have pain in the upper back/neck but my lower back as well. I haven't found anything that help a whole lot, a hot bath helps relax the muscles a little. I haven't done much at work today because I found this line.
  6. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    I have FMS and CPS; I also have spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapment. The type I have is somewhat uncommon, it is progressive.....I'm hoping and the docs are hoping that with the arrival of a powerchair especially for patients with this severity of spinal stenosis, I will again head toward a level of wellness....

    I had cervical probs prior to the advent of FMS in my mid-late forties. I used a "bean" collar and/or a "rice" collar and guarded thatneck with my life! The pain when it went Pi-Yah! was terrific so I did not want any repeats. To this day I do range of motion exercises daily and frequently. I am just now having some true cervical probs relative to the progression of the whole package and am praying that by taking better care of that area I can get back to where I was. I do sleep on a full spinal mattress in a hospital bed (so my feet can be elevated over the cardiac for one thing) and yes, I hate it!

    One thing I discovered after a horrific hospitalization I guess a month ago...see, forgot what I was going to say! So I'll say confirm w/your doc whether you have something unrelated to FMS and spinal stenosis or what as the treatment is different. CactusLil'
  7. KittyCat

    KittyCat New Member

    Just want to thank you all for your input. You've offered some wonderful suggestions! I intend to give them a try.
  8. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    I have been having a heck of a time the last 5 wks or so with neck arm and upper back pain.

    Consider seeing an EXCELLENT chiropractor. Someone who will take time with you and listen and thoroughly examine area and work with you to help you.

    You often get what you pay for, so consider a pricier clinic like I just did.

    If I had seen this guy at the beginning of my problem, it might have saved me some of the last few weeks of intense pain, tears, and wasted time running around to doctors to try new pain meds, get vitamin injections etc...

    the cervical xrays are a good idea. A chiro or md can get you those. and i've heard a lot of good things about massage for our type of pain, think I may try that soon.

    Good luck!

    P.S. I don't know about you, but I'm having a heck of a time with this pain and limited neck mobility trying to look under my arms to shave my armpits!!! :)
  9. CATLADY912

    CATLADY912 New Member

    I also have allot of shoulder and neck pain. I use my Tens machine on my shoulders and the about things mentioned I also use. I also have a round heating pad that goes into the microwave oven and I put it in there and then fit it around my neck. This works better than trying to get a heating pad to fit right. I also use cold packs which seem to numb the area.

    I also suffer with back pain and spinal stenosis and budging disc and sciatic pain so I have try allot of stuff.

    I really like to go to the physical therapist because they help get the knots out but after a while it all does seem to come back. What we use seems to only dismiss it for a little while.

    My orthropedic doctor told me not to have my neck cracked by a chriopractor so I have not done that.

  10. JLH

    JLH New Member

    tremendous pain in my neck and shoulders.

    I had a CT scan and it showed severe spinal stenois, pinched nerves, bone spurs, degenerating disks, spondolysis (? sp.) and a bunch of other stuff.

    You should talk with your doc about having a CT scan or an MRI.