anyone else having problem waking up?

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    Hi all,
    For the past week or so, I've not been waking up at my normal time. Heck, I even used to wake up at 4 in the mornings, unable to go back to sleep, so I'd be at work an hour and a half sooner that required.
    Now I wake up late, and was late to work today.
    I'm just a little concerned something more is preparing to raise it's ugly head, and added problems will arise with my FM.
    Any thoughts and experiences are appreciated.

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    I know what you mean i wake up about 4 times in the night but for the past few months i always wake up later than i want to.
    My daughter has been late for school about 3 times in the past couple of weeks & im responsible for getting her to school on tome.
    Take care.
    May god bless you & yours.
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    Is that your body is reacting to the shortening days. I have a portable therapy light and when I manage to wake up early enough and use it on a consistent basis, it does help. I also noticed a bit more energy and a slight lift in mood, although this year I did not feel depressed before using it.

    This light can also be used for SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder where you usually get depressed during this time of the year, because of the shortening days. SAD can also be at other times of the year but that is another subject and I don't think light therapy is recommended.

    However, you need to use it more consistently than I do. Mine is called goLite P1. It is very tiny and comes in it's own case. It also has a quiz you can take to help adjust your sleep patterns.

    It is not like the old light boxes that were huge and you had to look into them. This one works by stimulating the cones in the side of your eye which they have found are more responsive for this treatment. I usually read or am on the computer when it is on and it does not give me a headache.

    They also sell one on PH.

    Maybe this post will get me motivated enough to start using the light therapy more often.

    Good luck.


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