Anyone else here get stomach flu?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. loto

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    Hi all, I was just mentioning on here a while back about a post someone else started about how they (having FM, of course) hardly ever get the common colds and flus that go around this time of the year. I never used to either.
    Then, a couple of weekends ago I came down with (what I assume to be) the stomach flu. Well, it was short, but severe--I came down with it on a Friday evening suddenly, but was recovered enough by the following Monday morning to return to work.
    Well, then again this past Friday morning I'm actually driving to work and suddenly feel weak, naseous, and I'm freezing! So, I turned around and went all the way back home, and just returned to work today, which is Tuesday. And this time it was sooooo EVIL! I couldn't keep anything at all in my body, had 102 fever, and the pain, oh the pain all over. The pain was so much worse on Saturday that I started hyper-ventilating. Finally got myself calm enough to breathe ok again, but I know I scared my son to death. They wanted to take me to ER, but I felt so weak and couldn't even shower (yes, as ill as i was i was still concerned about my hygiene!hahah--we're talking no shower, and having fever breaks, vomiting, potty runs, etc. here people)that I would not go. I wish I would have. I think maybe with at least an IV I would have maybe recovered sooner.
    Anyway, after that long story there (sorry, I always do tend to go on and on with details), has anyone else with FM had the stomach flu hit them twice like this in a couple of weeks time?
    I've sworn to myself that if I get this again, I'm definitely going straight to the ER and havng them check everything out to make sure it IS the flu and not something else going wrong with me.
    Again, sorry for the long post.
  2. FibroFay

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    And I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Both my daughters' families have had this awful stomach flu within the past two weeks. The one family, just the kids got it-so far.

    The other family, they all 4 had it. My son-in-law was so sick with it he just laid on the bathroom floor because he was too weak to go back to bed. Daughter took him th the ER. He spent the day there on IV and had two injections for the vomiting. Came home that evening. Recovered in a couple of days and back to work. The others didn't have it as bad as he did.

    So, I'm praying I don't catch it.

    I'm glad you're feeling better at this point. You take care.

  3. caroleye

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    Never used to get the flu or colds either. But last Tuesday, woke up in the middle of the night feeling really sick, achy, bed wet from sweating, chills. Thought I was having a Lupus flare, but then my stomach pain got bad & it was like...........can I make it to the bathroom!!

    I literally will do anything Not to vomit, but there was no choice here. It was violent vomitting that I had no control over & just kept coming; then the diarehha right at the same time. I just laid on the floor with my head in the toilet as I was too weak to get up. I live alone. I was so scared, but too weak to do anything.

    Finally after an hour or so, was able to take all my clothes off, wash myself briefly & crawl back to bed. Fortunately I had a helper who was able to get over here & help me as my bed, bathroom and self were a huge mess. But I couldn't stand how I felt so she helped shower me. Then the diarehha again. Couldn't drink anything so knew I was getting dehydrated.
    Got to the hospital that afternooon for IV's & an anti-spasmodic which made my diarehha worse but at least calmed the pain in my stomach.

    Still unable to drink "anything" & no 'p'; just diarehha. Vomitting no more. Weak, weak, weak & miserable. By Thursday, I got on line & was told to take water w/a little lime & salt. That's the only fluid I could get down. Bless "google". Kept me out of the hospital. That nite felt I needed to put a couple of tablespoons of rice in me. Well out it came, but it felt better having something solid.

    Friday.........had been taking bits of rice & decided to try a fruit gluten free rice pancake. Felt like I'd died & gone to heaven it was soooooo good. Well, not all, but some came out, so now I'm at the stage of trying l/4 fruit pancake off 'n on & continuing my lime water.

    Worst symptom is the backs of my legs are aching so bad I can't sleep; can't take pain meds, but had some baby tylenol suppositories & a few homeopathics which helped somewhat.
    Still very weak, but obviously improving or I wouldn't be writing so much. But still staying in bed in my dark room; rarely turn the T.V. on. Oh and it affects your thinking & a headache.

    Apparently the vomitting usually lasts a few days, but the diarehha can go on for 10 days. Gotta make sure to keep fluids in you or get to the hospital for I.V.'s.

    Bad news about this virus is that it can reoccur at any time; that's the scary part. So gotta be real careful with what you eat & actually it's everywhere right now.........usually thru April for this type.

    Stay well for those who didn't get it. Back to bed............'c
  4. loto

    loto Member

    So Sorry for your terrible flu!
    Sounds like it hit you also with no warning. That's how it was with me.

    Hope you get better soon!

  5. kat211

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    My son was very ill all of last week and still has a cough and diareah. It hit me around 10 am monday. The pain, sweats, trouble breathing, and frequent bathroom breaks were awful. I live alone too, (well, I have a 7 year old) and looking around my house I just feel overwhelmed, but I'm not going to stress about it. I have already worn myself out by feeding and watering the dogs. I am just going to sit still, finish my homework that was due on Monday and get to the DMV so I can get my car registered b/f it expires tomorrow.

    I did order 2 giant pizzas for my son so he would have something to eat. The poor delivery girl took a step back when I answered the door. LOL
  6. spongebobmama

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    Hit me like a ton of bricks at 3pm yesturday.Hight temp and ach all over bad.Had left wrist pain so bad,couldn't use it(am left handed) No diahrrea and had a good appetite.Feel a little better today.Barometric pressure very low here in northeast. Love Spongebobmama
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  7. luv2float

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    First I got it, have fibro so it sent me into a flare. I had violent vomiting which made me so sore all over. Also, the diahrrea was terrible, I have IBS too so that started the spasms.
    When I finally got around to feeling better, my husband got it too but not as bad. Then 2 days later my Dad got it. He's 89 and it really knocked him out, still so weak. Then, this morning, my Mom has it. I'm so afraid of getting it again!

    This virus is mean and makes you feel like hell. Still don't have an appetite and have dropped 6 pds.
  8. MrHappyGoLucky12

    MrHappyGoLucky12 New Member

    This really helped my flu/diarrhea/Irritable Bowel Syndrome: . It should be in everyone's medicine cabinet!

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