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    HEy everyone ... I am just wondering if anyone else problems with family and friends telling them all the time they are cranky or to loosen up or anything like that. My mom is bad about this all the time. She knows all the medical problems i have had throughout my life. I am 22 and when i was 13 i was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, that is in remission. I was diagnosed with fibro when i was 16, I also have b12 deficiency, a gastric emptying problem, depression, and just recently was in an accident that put me down and altered my life alot. Everytime i feel happy someone will say something about me being cranky or i need to be in a better mood and that makes me think im just an awful person so even when im happy they arnt so i dont understand what im supposed to be doing ..anyone have problems with this kind of thing?

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    My situation isn't exactly like this, but similar. I have folks telling me to loosen up, relax, it's all in your head, yeah, I'm tired too, you're not sick etc. Lately my stategy is to try not to complain and keep it to mysetlf, but that doesn't always work either. This week I had a headache so bad, but I tried not complaining at work. Well, I guess I had a cranky look on my face, probly from pain, and everyone was talking about how cranky I was because I came back from vacation!
    What can you do?
    I wish that your family and freinds were more supportive, it sounds like you have lots of medical issues and you are so young!
    Hang in there!

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    ... accused me of being cranky and looking angry.

    I had collapsed on the kitchen floor for 45 minutes earlier that morning and wasn't able to get up. THEN had to get dressed and sit up for the wheelchair ride through a building steeped in chemical fumes to which I react badly, though I am normally bedridden and shouldn't sit up.

    I was ready to collapse again and it was taking every ounce of whatever I had in me just to hold it together and stay sitting up in that chair. I wasn't even feeling any emotions, just trying to hold my body together.

    You're not an awful person. Being in pain and sick all the time just does things to your face, and your face is what people see. It's not your fault. People are dense that way.
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    I just wanted to say thanks for replying and for the kind words.Some days are just harder to get through than others. Also thanks for the site for the spoon theory , that was a great explanation:) I sent it on to a friend of mine who has ulcerative colitis and she thought it was great too !

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    Do not hold it in. Just tell them you feel a certain way because of a certain reason and they can take it or leave it. Then I would try to put my best foot forward to be at my best. If I am not: they have been forewarned. If I am: suprised they will be.