Anyone else made sick by Triclosan?

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    In the past I have had only minor chemical sensitivity, primarily to particle board furniture off-gassing and to perfume occasionally. Recently I had an accidental exposure to anti-bacterial soap that has triggered a variety of symptoms including foul taste in mouth, headaches, tightness in chest, etc. I am trying to detox my home and yet just when the symptoms appear to recede, they persists and sometimes worsen. I can no longer tolerate even Ivory Soap (the aloe version is scented) and am looking for guidance from others that have experienced triclosan-related problems.
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    We also have a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Board here that you can try also.

    I don't know if what I experienced was triclosan related, but I'll tell you what happened and what I had to do. It might help you in a small way.

    This past summer I was rushed into the doctor, bleeding. It was determined that a combination of the 114 degree heat and sweating while outside waiting for public buses that day that were late --and the use of certain laundry detergents set off a reaction where clothes were touching and my skin went raw and bleeding.

    The doctor explained to me that I was to change more than just the bar soap in the shower and seek several new products:

    --find all laundry products that were dye and perfume free and were for sensitive skin. I found those products.
    --Don't use bleach
    --find dove bar soap that was white and was free of scent. I was told not to use Ivory and after my son was born long ago, Ivory made his skin flake and look a bit like a lizard and I was told not to use Ivory on him or me. So Ivory was a bit more harsh and I originally thought it was okay to use on a baby. The pediatrician told me to use Dove on my baby as it was milder.
    --find toilet paper that is for sensitive skin. I found Charmin "Sensitive", but for your purposes, it does contain a touch of aloe. There is Charmin "UltraSoft" and you might want to check the website for Charmin to see what it contains.

    Apparently we need to treat all of our skin gently. I have done well since the changeover. When I was in high school, I was sensitive to all the laundry products that were using the "enzymes" back then and it would eat my skin raw. I didn't think I would ever have a problem again.

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