Anyone else not benefitting from drug therapy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hatbox121, May 13, 2009.

  1. hatbox121

    hatbox121 New Member

    I have had just about every med under the sun.......from depression meds to muscle relaxers to pain meds to NSAIDS to the new fibro meds. All with the same result...nothing. Anyone else here like that?
  2. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    their side effects and things they cause from long term use. My Drs have all told me smoking weed might be better for me than the multitudes of seemingly useless drugs prescribed over the decades since Dx. Smoke isn't good , THC is natural and beneficial. You might want to atleast consider it. I know this is controversial ( how ever I shoulda spelled that) BUT the chemicals in most of the drugs is far worse.
  3. cfsgeorge

    cfsgeorge New Member

    Even though the US has made Medical Marijuana controversial, there is nothing to fear or to be ashamed of. You can never die from a marijuana overdose and it's much safer than most chemical meds. i do fear my sleep meds. I've not plunged into the MM route myself, but i'm considering it in the future. i still have other treatments to look into before the MM.

    i do know that you need to take your MM in a non-smokable form such as the use of a vaporizer or edible food, oils, butter. The THC is what you want not the smoke by-product which will cause long-term health problems just like smoking cigarretes which is the #1 cause of death around the world.

    MM is helpful for pain, sleep, anxiety, nausea, and mood lifting. How many drugs can you dump when you switch to MM?
  4. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    MM smoke not as bad as smoking we get more bad stuff in our lungs from car , factory exhaust, overhead passenger jets and bad air quality especially in and around cities...I do make darn good butter from it tho butter fats are way worse than MM smoke which is incrimental in comparrison. I refuse to be judged or ashamed or stigmatized so I agree with you on that part. It will also help you sleep in a more restoring manner.
    Thanks for responding, I was beginning to wonder if anyone was gonna talk to me. I said that but not in so many words in my intro, re-intro post....
    How many did I stop taking cuz of MM? Happy to say I've had no Fibro-scripts in 3 years....I was up to over 10 different ones , none seemed to work right , some zombified me..long term use of NSAIDS etc caused glaucoma...Weed is the better of all those evils...[This Message was Edited on 05/13/2009]
  5. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Not having to much luck with meds. I could open a pharmacy.

    latest pain med is ok but fading. Like the pot idea(altho had a bad experience in 60's!)
  6. cfsgeorge

    cfsgeorge New Member

    AdirondackScarlet i would like to talk to you more on MM soon if you're around but i'm worn out and gotta goto sleep. I will recommend that you look into a vaporizer. It's cleaner, more efficient, and no nasty smoke! Smokable MM is only acceptable for those dying of aids or cancer within 1 year. the smoke is not going to harm them anymore.
  7. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    Get in touch with me when you can.
    Sounds very interesting.
  8. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    Bad past experience shouldn't influence you now considering
    we'll try about anything to get atleast SOME relief.
    CFSGEORGE is onto a better way to get it in our system.
    I'm waiting for him to lemme know more.
    Have an awesome day,
    Lemme know how you make out.
  9. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Hey, I assume you live in the Adirondacks? Where are you? I am in South Glens Falls. Do you have any great Dr's within 100 mile radius you're seeing? Nice to meet ya neighbor.
  10. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    Lived in Brantingham a few years,Lewis County
    Foreverwild wilderness.
    It calls my name constantly.
    Still go near Chases Lake to visit.
    Moved to finger lakes area, but aren't far from Lake Ontario.
    Still will call you my neighbor.
    Ever ride thru Booneville Gorge? AWESOME
  11. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I never get out to that part of the state unfortunately. I have a cousin who lives near one of the finger lakes and will be going for a family reunion July 4. Looking forward to seeing the area. Is worth seeing Bonneville Gorge while out there?

  12. AdirondackScarlet

    AdirondackScarlet New Member

    Tho they are 3 hours apart...Beautiful gorges and Mtns .
    Finger lakes are hills valleys, lakes orchards and vinyards.
    Nice to see you .
  13. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Please tell me how to use it. I have one and never thought to use it with MM. Could you explain how.

  14. angelbaby

    angelbaby New Member

    It seems we are all in the same boat aren't we lol. I have tried several different meds myself. I currently take lyrica, but for the $40 price tag on refills it doesn't seem worth it. I see my doctor this week. I'm going to talk about some other options, but honestly we are kind of a loose ends here. Lyrica does seem to help me sleep, but it hasn't had near the punch I was hoping for on pain reliefe. I don't like the idea of taking muscle relaxors or pain pills, although I have tried them from time to time they just don't touch the pain. If I come across anything that helps I will be sure to let y'all know.
  15. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    I have been on:

    Some other prescription anti-inflammtory, forget the name

    Although, I have not had any good results, either the drug just did not work, or the side effects were unbearable. I am currently not on anything prescription, only Advil or Aleve, but they only give temporary, minimal results with anything.
  16. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Nothing I have tried so far has helped me. That includes prescription drugs, as well as vitamins and supplements.
  17. cfsgeorge

    cfsgeorge New Member

    i don't mean to hi-jack this thread so either i or scarlet can start a medical marijuana thread to answer and learn from others about MM.
  18. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    jmq, the vaporizer for MM is not the same as a regular ol' vaporizer. It's too bad because the cost difference isn't insignificant. I suppose we're not supposed to be advertising for any specific company here (and I've never been able to afford a vaporizer since I got sick, so I have no personal experience with one anyway), so just type in vaporizer in Wikipedia and you'll get all the info you need. But, the basic info is that a vaporizer heats up the pot, but doesn't burn it, so you inhale the vapor from the plant, instead of all of the smoke.

    I have the paperwork to get approved for MM (just some poorly photocopied pieces of paper - they charged me $50 to get them), but can't afford the doctor's visit (my pain management doctor won't sign the papers because he's already under so much scrutiny from the DEA because of the pain meds he prescribes, so I don't blame him) and what it costs to get the license. I guess I'm at least thankful that MM is legal in my state (NV), so it's an option in the future. I know that if I didn't pay for my pain meds for a couple of months and missed a doctor's appt or two, I could pay for the MM doctor/license, but I'm also afraid that MM won't solve all of my pain problems. If I could just sample different kinds (we don't even have a dispensary here, like California does), getting the best kind for pain relief and nausea, I would know if I could dump most of the pain meds. I have back problems in addition to the FM, so I think I would probably still need some meds for times when I'm outside my home. It's not like we live in The Netherlands and can light up at a coffee shop, so pain relief is just a few shops away. Although, I suppose having a "cookie" would solve the problem.

    Anyway, it's something I'd like to try because I hate the side effects of the pain meds. The constipation and nausea is so annoying. I'm afraid that if I just got some random MM, it wouldn't be good enough to relieve the pain and then I'd just be screwed with my pain management doctor if I failed a drug test. Ridiculous that alcohol is okay, but marijuana isn't. Without the MM license, I'm just stuck with meds that have some lousy side effects. Although, I'm grateful that I at least have those. I know that some of you have doctors who aren't willing to prescribe pain meds, and I actually have three doctors (my pain management doctor, my back surgeon, and the clinical studies doctor who was doing the FM studies) who would be willing to prescribe them for me, so if I lost one, I'm not totally up a creek.

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