Anyone else RA positive?

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  1. Amyd

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    hey guys! I have recently been told that my blood tests showed a positive RF. I just was so sure that I had Fibro. I know that you can have both. I need some advice from "experts"!! My legs and hips ache at night. I feel flu-like most of the time. My wrists are stiff and hurt. I am a little stiff in the mornings. My question is... is there anyone else who has tested positive but doesn't have swelling or redness in their joints? Does this come later? I don't go to the Rheumatologist until Aug. 8!!! I'm just really worried that it could be something else!! Any advice would be appreciated!!!
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    What is RF postive? I've never heard of that before.

    Marilyn :)
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    RF is Rheumatoid factor.