anyone else sick of being sick?

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    Gosh..I don't get depressed to often but I am feeling so down. I am SOOOO sick of being sick. I don't know why some people would ever want to be sick and not work. I feel like besides losing a loved one this is the worst thing that could have ever happened to me.

    I have only been sick for 18 months but I feel like it has been 18 yrs. All my friends ahve great lives and I am newly married and can't even enjoy a night out with my husband. aghh felt like venting!
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    I've been sick 8 weeks with my third relapse in 6 years. I recover each time, but then I overdo, and it's back to square one. I'm running a low grade fever 99.6 and feel the malaise, fatigue, and concentration difficulties of CFS only. I know this will last for months with a gradual recovery.

    If you don't have Lyme's Disease, you will gradually recover. I think people with Lyme's have more issues to overcome and need special treatment.

    If you have the viral type of CFS try ProBoost, an expensive, but helpful supplement sold by ProHealth. It helped me recover last time. I also take Sambucol Elderberry Extract. That helps some, too.

    Don't be like me when you recover and try to make up for all that time you spent on the couch. Pace yourself, and take it easy until your vulnerability gradually diminishes.

    People do recover from CFS, and live normal lives. You won't be sick forever. Hang in there.


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    Laura-thank you. My mom tells me all the time she wished she had a wand for me. really helped me. Thanks! I need to know this is not forever. I do take proboost-twice a day and started a tablespoon of elderberry. I have all of the symptoms you have. I did start feeling better except for sleep then it was a major crash after my FIL's death. I wasn't even 100% but I was averaging 50% days almost everyday which was huge from where I once was. How much elderberry do you take? When you get better how much % better do you feel?
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    *raises hand jumping up and down....
    Im tired of being sick Im tired of being tired Im tired of being anxious depressed in pain and never any relief. Theres days when I want to throw the towel in and forget about existing. I MISS the days I USE TO have unlimited energy. I miss the days I was never in pain (which would be childhood of course and early teens).
    I have lost trust in every Doctor except my regular Physician who ends up feeling bad for me because he doesnt know enough about fibro to treat me....but he has a big heart and is very caring.

    anyway, you are not alone...know that...sending you HUGS cuz ya need them...boy do I know what your feeling!!!!
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    Take the ProBoost 3 x a day for 5 to 6 months until you feel better, and then you can cut back some.

    Sambucol - for acute infections you can take 2 tablespoons 4 x per day. Probably you can get by with at least 2 tablespoons a day for preventative maintenance. Take it when you feel your worst.

    I reached 100% after the first bout, and 90-95% the second bout. I didn't listen enough to flares the second time. Don't try to test your limits. We've all heard that, but that is easier said than done.

    Avoid sunbathing and hot showers/baths which increases cytokine production and makes you feel sicker. (Dr. Lapp)

    Avoid chocolate especially because it increases herpes production. (Nuts, too.) We probably have a virus in that family.

    Only mildly exert yourself. Don't let your pulse get over 110 beats per minute. (per Dr. Lapp) Get up and move and sit up, if you can. Do light activity and then rest frequently. Don't worry about walking around the block yet. Wait until you feel much better.

    Mental and/or physical exertion are the biggest triggers for relapses. Once you get to a stronger place physically you can tolerate more.

    Avoid too much television watching and bright lights. It is hard on your visual senses. That includes limiting computer time, as well, (hard to do)

    Read William Collinge's book online - Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It's very encouraging and gives practical advice to get through this. I read portions everyday when I get discouraged.

    Oh, and increase your iron if you have low ferritin levels. My doctor wants my level at 50. Be sure to take a multivitamin.

    Make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables with chicken, turkey, or fish which are preferred over red meat.

    Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is full time work!

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    Boy am I. I just seem to get over one thing and another comes along. I push myself too much. My Thyroid level has been off so I'm hoping now that I got a higher dose that my FM will start to ease up cause this has been a bad flare up. The Thyroide problems exacerbate the FM.

    I hope you can see feel better to share a night out with your husband.

    Take Care
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    I saw your message and can truly relate. I have FMS and have all your symptoms plus many. I cannot work right now and am waiting for SSDI to kick in, but I just filed my first appeal. I am sorry for your down day(s), they really suck. (Can we say that?)

    I am learning something from this post, I did not realize CFS could be a viral kind that comes and goes. This is the first time I have heard about it in this way. Does that happen with Fibromyalgia as well? I have been researching for a little while, but have more to learn.

    Have Better Days!

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    This is my first time to chat here. I have FM and CFS, I am so tired of being sick, too and dealing with the stomach flu symptoms! I hate not being able to make weekend plans, because I never know if I am going to feel up to it. It's good to know that other people are feeling the same things, not that I would wish this on anyone! Lol,
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    I think everyone here is sick of being sick. But at least we have this place we can come here and vent.

    I've been sick for only 10 months now, so it's not that long compared to many on this site. It takes a while to cope with a completely new way of life. You find out who your real friends are with this illness, but the one ones that stick by you through everything will be the best people to help you cope with everything.

    At least we know we're not alone and from what i see of this board, many still have a positivve out look on life. Of course there's nothing wrong with venting.


    I am going thru a terrible bout of felling completely depressed and am not happy about much of anything right now. I am sick with a cold for the 3rd time in 4 months and it's getting the best of me. I don't think I have felt this in the dumps ever. I just fell crappy the bills are in the toilet I need a job and I can't handle one right now and hubby is being a butthead and children are driving me crazy! I hate waking up and since I have a snorer and a 3 year old in the bed I don't sleep well anymore. I need to get her to sleep in her own room and do a lot of other things but I just don't have the energy and now that I have taken some cold medicine and am tired as heck my daughter is wide awake and ready for the world...Geeze I really want a new body and brain anyone know where I can get one?

    And dang it I am out of my crappy Tramadol and my Doctor hasn't called my refill in yet!!!

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    I am sick of being sick and sometimes even sick of myself...
    Just wanted to send you a (hug) and let you know that my thoughts are with you and everyone else on this site. I have been ill for 10 months and it feels like 10 years... REALLY.
    Was previously very fit and active... loved running and exercise and then i had a bit of a traumatic experience and bam! life hasn't been the same since.
    I must admit I was one of the none believers and really didn't think CFS existed and I'd never heard of FM. Well I know now. I pray everyday and read my bible... I pray for my children and my family as this illness has been hard on everyone. I also pray for everyone out there who is sick and suffering.
    I am still under various specialist but they all seem to be a waste of space. I do not take any meds as they only seem to make me more drowsy or nauseas or both. Sometimes it feels like I'm going crazy with pain but I always pull through and hope the next day will be better.

    To everyone suffering I pray for you to be well and to smile like you used to.

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    We could live in the same neighborhood and could take good care of each other when one of us is having a relapse, provide support in ways that only we know would help!

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    Not that I want anyone else to feel lousy but thanks for the support. Sometimes life just sucks:)

    We just need to hear more wellness, recovery stories!
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    I just posted a message about how life just sucks . i hate getting up in the morning because I know it will be another bad day. Somedays I start feeling just a tiny bit better and then 1 hour later I crash again. This goes on all day.............We need to get better. We are all hoping to feel a cure that will give us back our lives. I am going to call the doctor again tommorrow and hope to get some meds for depression. Just wanted to vent also.
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    Me too!
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    I just wish I felt like going shopping after I leave school at 3:00. I have to come home, drink water, eat a little something. And then go to bed - sleep for an hour or so. I hate that! But my head is fuzzy and I have an ache across my shoulders and down my back and that is the only way to get rid of it. It makes me feel like such a slug.