Anyone else w/ FMS and Endometriosis?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by K8T11, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. K8T11

    K8T11 New Member

    Hi Friends,

    Wondering if anyone else is "blessed' w/ both FMS and endo? I can not find an endo support group and I've had both FMS and endo for @ least 16 years.....It's both depressing and quite painful. Shall I add that I'm a migraine sufferer as well? Yes, I'm a ray of sunshine looking for a ray of hope! I used to utilize this site quite a bit, years ago, and found it comforting.....what do I have to lose (exept weight =)

    Be well!
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  2. K8T11

    K8T11 New Member

    My question, after my second lap (for endo) my first period-post op- was absolute teeth chattering, seething pain. The surgeon suggested the FMS was the cause (?) Here I am premenstural again, and already the pain is abnormally unbarable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....I did call the surgeon and my PCP; told to take Tylenol.....TYLENOL????? HUH?
    Thanx for listening.....I realise this is more of a FMS board, but the two are feeding off each other.

  3. butterfly8

    butterfly8 New Member

    I had endo. and then finally had a full hysterectomy at 39 when I started passing out from the pain and the gyno. was finally convinced that the endo was extensive. Now I have cfs. There is a higher than ordinary link between the two conditions.

    If you type endo.. into the search on this site you will get lots of info. from earlier posts.

    Interestingly, I used to get bad migraines - real ones, with the aura, tingling, nausea and diahrea (s?) about every two weeks. Since the hysterectomy I have only had about 2 in the the last 16 years - one good side effect that I did not expect.
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I was blessed with both~ and more.
    They all FEED on each other too,...(your so right!!)
    When my Endo is really bad, seems to get my other pains going as well. Not a good combo is it?
    Fibro and Endo. No body part is left uneffected.
    At least 1 week out of a month I'm couchbound.
    I get occasional Migraines too. Sometimes they'll last 3-5 days!!! My doc. gave me a headache pain med called Fiorecet and that works pretty good. (most times)
    I really don't have alot of suggestions because I have'nt found much that helps.
    I do use a heating pad alot!! and warm baths.
    Wish my doc. would give in and give me percocettes for pain but he won't.
    I had them when I've gotten teeth pulled and they work extremely well for my pelvic pain and muscle pain.
    I've had a few Lap surgerys over the yrs and it always returns. This time tho its lasted me a good 3 yrs and I'm about due for another Lap.
    I also get Depo injections to stop the flow and help the pains of endo.
    I know where your at~ Its no fun for sure.

    Its easier to say what does'nt hurt me.
    Take care
  5. K8T11

    K8T11 New Member

    Thank you "Ouch" and "Tandy" for your help....."Ouch", your info was right on the money; my body has gone haywire! The docs do nothing.
    Tandy, you and I both w/ a week on the ol' couch (are you forced to watch all the crazy day time shows? =) You can't read w/ a migraine! Have you tried Fioricet w/ codiene? It makes a world of difference and will help you sleep. Yes, my heating pad and I are old buddies! I've been through four in a year. I also use Ultram for cramps. It does seem to help, but I hear you; Percocet or Vicodin would solve the problem and get me off the damn sofa (it's a shame it's misused by some and hardly rx) friends think I'm a lazy fool! I'd love to give them one hour of the pain and they'd be in a fetal position calling for their mommy....especailly the men!

    Well hang in there,'s comforting to know I'm not alone. I've search and searched but no endo, FMS, or chronic pain support groups in my area! Thanx for listening!=) Hope you're well....
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  6. K8T11

    K8T11 New Member

    Tandy, I meant to share, when I went on Depo, the migraines were daily and so severe, I actually lost my job.....I can'tolerate ANY BC or hormones....just a suggestion. As you know, everyone's different....I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV. =)

    (yes, I'm a goof keeps me sane!)
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Glad you got the messages here :)

    I tried going off the depo and my first period was HORRIBLE!! (almost thought I was dying!!lol) really.
    My cramps were so bad I was breaking into a cold sweat!
    almost passing out near the toilet~

    Yea,.. I must admit theres a couple people in my life that should experience this pain even for a day ;)
    They'd be rushed to the ER for sure.
    If I did'nt know what I had (endo & Fibro) I'd be at the ER alot!!

    In the beginning the depo made my headaches increase.
    But then it stopped. ?????? The fiorecet does help most.
    I think some of my headaches orriginate in the neck.
    Cause I always feel a neckache right before it moves above an eye.(&temple) soon after I'm feeling sick to my stomach and need to seek darkness and quiet.
    I truely relate to what you must go thru.
    Its tough~
    and drs. "just don't get it"
    they think a tylenol or an advil should do the trick!!
    If they only knew,..... or better yet,...if it were them they'd have a drip started asap!!!! (i'm talking demerol or morphine!!)lol bunch of idiots!!

    Love your humor to :)
    its what helps keep us going/sane.
  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    a very good informative site for Endo sufferers.
    is at obgyn dot net
    go to forums...
    then endometriosis...... July.
    Too many others out there with this DD.
    (you'll hafta sign up ?? I think? )

    Hope this helps~
    might see ya there sometime

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