anyone else w. foot problems that had surgery

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  1. i have too many questions really. I am trying to keep up and cant seem to. Have let certain areas of my health slide because of fear of doctors.

    I wont even mention the womens doc. Thats a nightmare I am not ready to go back to. Too many questions and no answers.

    I have flat feet very painful. Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. and of all things runners knee (patella femoral compression syndrome) well thats just my legs.

    anyways. I had seen a podiatrist that made up shoe orthotics for me. gave me night splints and exercises to do. He said my leg muscles are very weak. I try to do physical therapy using a recumbent bike as much as I can (which probably isnt much) I tried for over a year the things he suggested but the problems have only gotten worse. He wont even consider surgical options. So I need to look into it myself. I dont know what else there is to do.

    Has anyone here had surgery for this. I recently read about a surgery for this that is a titanium implant in the feet but cant find anyone that has had this done.

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    I saw your message. I work as a certified pedorthist and see people with PT dysfunction at our office (I make foot orthotics for a living and also have Fibro/Cfids). Usually a combination of proper footwear, orthotics or lower leg braces, strengthening exercises and losing weight (if you are overweight), all contribute to the healing but once the tendons are lax, they usually stay that way. I have not heard of any of my patients needing surgery.

    Have you done theraband exercises? I highly recommend them.
  3. many things for a long time. The pain is getting intense no matter what I do. I lost 80 lbs so its not my weight. I have shoe orthotics but my feet still get very painful my ankles and legs. I stopped short of lower leg braces does not seem realistic approach since even the touch of restriction of pants can set of discomfort I cant imagine relying on braces. Have tried strengthening exercises. He had said my calves are too tight I cant remember exactly. But they are very painful lately. Not sure why no one suggests surgery if it can help. I hoped to find anyone who might advise on Subtalar MBA surgery (a titanium implant) or anyone w. CFIDS/ME, FMS that has had similar problems.

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    My adult son broke his leg in Aug and has a titanium rod in his leg. He keeps having problems with infections there and in two months when his bones have healed he may have to have the titanium rod sugically removed. I wouldn't rush into surgery for this problem.

    Your podiatrist sounds like a good doc. There are many who push people into surgery unecesarily. I have a problem similar to yours and my doc gave me two triangular blocks that I put my feet on when I do my stretches. They really help. I do it twice a day. Maybe you could try another doc. I think mine calls himself a functional podiatrist. There are not many of them around. The inserts I got from him are wonderful!