Anyone else with a harsh upbringing ?

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    I don't know if you call this domestic abuse or what.

    My mother is very loving, yet was overly-submissive to her husband. My father is obsessive compulsive. My father was increasingly very harsh, controlling, and demanding, starting from the age of 11. No extra curricular activities, no prom. My sister and I were not allowed to drive 1/4 mile down the road to a mall to hang out with friends or make friends. He said that I must meet my husband in his denomination. He raised his voice a lot and pointed his harsh finger at us sisters.

    He forced me to go to college, picked the college and PICKED MY MAJOR (THE HARDEST MAJOR ON THE CAMPUS). The only complements we got were getting good grades. At Towson University, I was battered by a sick-o. Father said no legal action should be taken, not even police b/c we're Christians.

    My brother (who would ignore me or else "jokingly" beat me and my sister up by getting on top of our backs and making us carry him and wrestle or tickle me till I cried). When my brother married, Father forced me and sister to see he and his abusive wife from age 18 until I met husband at 31 (on E-Harmony). He said if I didn't see them he would "throw me and sister out on the streets." I had already developed fibromyalgia as a late teen/early 20's. I'm now 35 and my father won't visit me often at all because he said he just can't handle it. AND HE CALLS HIMSELF A DEVOUT CHRISTIAN!

    My husband is the opposite from Father, a gift from God!

    I recently told Father he I disown him.

    Sorry for venting.

    I'm wondering if others had a harsh upbringing.

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    about my father. He was a deacon in the Charasmatic church. I wanted to run over to the Pastor's house in my teen's and tell him how Father was treating me, but his intimidation made it so hard. I TOLD HIM HE LACKS PATIENCE. HE ADMITTED IT AND SAID HE WOULD NOT CHANGE. I AM CONCERNED FOR HIS SOUL, AS YOU SAID.

    I'm sorry for your sorrows. I really respect you on this board as a born leader.

    Thank you, honey.

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