anyone else with chronic sinus and upper respitory infections?

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  1. griswoldgirl

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    I am on my third round of antibiotics since Thanksgiving with chronic sinusitis and bronchitis. Every doc gives 10 days antibiotics and will not listen to me that I need a longer course of antibiotics to get well.

    Sooooo frustrating!!! Just wondered who else suffers from hard to shake respirtory problems and infections and some of the things you use to get rid of them and what helps.

    me-when I get a cold I use zycam in my nose and decongestant and advil every four hours--if I catch it early usually works and cold goes away in 4-5 days. Not this time. This last one started as sinus infection right away before thanksgiving and then traveled south and have not been able to shake it since. Been using euchinacea, vit c, expectrant and antibiotics--no relief. I have heard of coloidial silver helping bronchitis, anyone tried it?

    It is just frustrating with physicains that do not understand these DD and will not listen to the patient. I have had problems with this just about yearly for over 10 years and I know what works and what does not. The last antibiotic I was on was avelox which they use for chronic bronchitis--I do not fit the profile for chronic bronchitis. So usally things like old fashion amoxicillin and augmenten work==finally got 1200mg quefenisin and 875b augmenten out of him for 20 days, hopefully will do the trick.

    take it easy

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    Cathy I have used colloidal silver before.Works great.Be cautious though,the good stuff can run as much as 60 for an 8 oz. bottle.The right micron diameter is necessary for it to be absorbed in the intestines.If not no absorption.Grape fruit extract and olive leaf extract are some of the most powerful natural antibiotics I have ever used.They have worked so well for any infection I have ever had.Many of my friends and family now use these at the first sign of any bug.And for the most part get well very quickly.I would also take some form of beneficial bacteria for your GI tract.This will do much to help your condition.From soil based organisms to homeostatic bacteria and primal defense which has many necessary bacteria for health.I have also used Noni juice found in most health food stores which also does wonders.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better.

    Best regards,

    Jaster 45
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    I used to have chronic sinusitis for a minimum of six weeks every fall and spring. I was tested for allergies and that was not the problem. The only one in my PCP's office who really paid attention to my history was the nurse practitioner. She actually looked back to see what worked and what didn't and started with the stuff that worked first. Novel idea!

    I recently switched to a new PCP office and they seem to be much more on the ball there. I also have managed to avoid bioth sinus infections and bronchitis for the past two years. I just kept showing back up in their office every ten days until eventually they gave me something so strong it finally knocked it out.

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    Cathy and Others -

    I am sorry to hear about your chronic long-lasting
    lung and nasal symptoms. I'll bet you're frustrated, yes? Difficult to endure, I too am learning this. I was about to post on this topic myself tonight. I am fairly new to managing these types of sx.

    Can I mention my situation too? Let me know if you have
    any ideas for me. I went in for Dental work mid Dec. I was told that I'd have to take antibiotics, amoxycillin, I think, due to my mitral valve prolapse. I hesitated, as I've read by others that antibiotics in small doses can actually cause a flare in nasal/lung symptoms. Well, the Dr. insisted, and his reasoning was acceptable, due to my mitral valve issues. Anyway, I had two procedures back to back, so took 2000 mg two days in a row. By the middle of the second day my nose began to run, glands in neck became tender, then soon afterwards began getting mild asthma or bronchitis type symptoms. I began taking acidophilis (for 6 days only-ran out) and ate plain yogurt. Note: I've not had asthma symptoms for 3 years, but now have begun taking inhalars and singulair, until I can get in with my doctor.

    It's frustrating!! I've also taken expectorant, allergy med for sneezing sx and cough drops for dry unrelenting cough.

    Question: Do you think this could have started due to my taking antibiotics or is it just coincidence with cold season?

    Question: What should I do different when I return to dentist in one week for next procedure? More antibiotics.

    Question: How do I get a doctor to put me on long term antibiotics to see if my issues like yours, resolve too?
    Do I need to be tested for mycoplasmal infection first or will some doctors treat based on symptoms?

    Cathy, I hope that you get some answers for yourself. My heart goes out to you. Let me know what you learn, ok? Thanks.

    God Bless, .............. Jillian
  5. Sunshyne1027

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    I get upper bronchial problems, and it takes me twice as long to get over it. Up to two weeks. When the bronchial illness sets in, then I have Asthma related symptoms.
    I take a daily inhalor, and then anther for emergencies.

    The reason for leaving my past job was because of a illness that lasted almost 3 weeks. Chronic Bronchitis... Absentism, tardiness on the job.

    I am giving it my best shot at quitting smoking, I know deep down it will improve my health.

  6. blue74730

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    Cathy, join Thestealthvirussupportgroup at yahoo groups and read what Dr Shoemaker has found in many of his CFS, Lyme and other patients. It is a coag negative staff infection. It drips toxins down into body which can make us feel bad. I had a deep nasal swab performed by my Ear, NOse,Throat doc yesterday to find out. I have had this for yearss but thought it was allergies. Dr Shoemaker says it is very hard to get rid of and he uses three different AB's.

    Good luck, Bob
  7. achy

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    I had an MRI to check for MS and they found chron. Sinusitus...My GP had me on general antibiotic and Rhinocort for a help. Went to ENT....
    He put me on
    one month of Levaquin (sp) a very strong antib.
    one month of steriods
    6 month supply of Panmist Decongestant & guaifenesin
    and I use a nssal rince daily.
    The nasal rince is your answer!! Search the internet for Chron sinusitus remedies...
    The ENT gave me a bottle to rince my sinuses out wiht. It doesn't feel to great when you do it, but boy does it help!
    you mix 3 TBL of canning salt (NO table salt) and one Tsp of baking soda on a quart bottle. Put 8oz of this mixture on the nose rince bottle and squirt it up ons side of your nose, then the other...WOW what a rush.
    I feel so much better!1
    I had a second CT scan last night. I will post the drs diag this afternoon whe I get home. If the infection isn't gone, it's on its way....
    ANYTHING is better than surgery!
    Warm fuzzies
  8. Dara

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    since November for sinus problems which have now gone into bronchitis and pneumonia. I can't seem to shake this thing. My doctor did tell me that since I have FM it would take me at least twice as long to recover as a "normal" person would. The only good thing that has come from all this is that I was too sick to smoke. I have smoked for over forty years and as of today have not had anything to smoke for over a week. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna climb the walls but truthfully, the withdrawals aren't even close to being as bad as I thought they would be.

    I have gone through all the CT scans and I can't even remember what all other tests for sinus problems. Mine usually start out with just a general feeling of being sick and also dizzy.

    Has anyone ever been told by their doctor to "irrigate" your sinuses? I was told to start doing this about a month ago, but didn't. Now I'm wondering if I had maybe I wouldn't have gotten this last sinus infection that seemed to travel to the chest and lungs.

    Hope your sinus infection clears up soon. By the way, they always prescribe me the Z pack, and then have to end up giving me a prescription for Docycycline, which sometimes works.

  9. Lynncw

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    I have suffered from chronic sinus infections and the accompanying excruciating headaches for many years and I now think that my formerly diagnosed migraines were actually sinus headaches. I have been to ENT's and allergists and Neuros. I have been allergy tested many times with different results every time. I have been on every imaginable med for sinus and allergies, to no avail.

    I most recently stopped taking everything (prescription). I try to keep hydrated, drinking water and monitoring the humidity in my home. I have become aware of allergens that irritate my sensitive nasal membranes: chemicals, dust, etc. and try to wear a dust mask when cleaning,etc.

    As for antibiotics, my allergist would prescribe a 20 day course of Levaquin. I am very sensitive to meds and this was the only one that didn't give me a rash or horrendous yeast infection. Well after a few years of use, (I get a sinus infection with every cold I get and I catch every one that comes along!),I now get a raging yeast infection with the antibiotic use. I have read recently that a yeast overgrowth, systemically,(that is throughout the body), can cause the sinus problems! Overgrowth of fungal yeast in the sinus cavities.Catch-22! I am now crossing my fingers that I don't get another infection (I've had 2 since August). I am going to start taking Probiotics. My chiropractor has always promoted the saline irrigation of the nose to make it less hospitable to bacteria. I am going to try to do it more often. It's no picnic but worth a try!

    Good Luck! I can relate!

  10. Cindy

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    YES YES a matter of fact I have the same one I have been fighting now for well over a month! Of course I smoke too, so it makes it doubly, is that a word, hard to get rid of this stuff! I am like you, I try to double up on the extra goodies in hopes that I can shake it, but for the love of god, nothing seems to help me either! Sorry I cant offer any good ideas, but wanted to let you know that you are not the only one. Or should I say we arent the only ones!
    There have been lots of others with ideas though, I know that I appreciate it!

    Best of luck in getting rid of these nasty ole germs!