anyone else with FM have trouble healing?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. loto

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    Hi All
    I've been too dang busy lately to get on here.

    So, I've noticed just this past year, after being diagnosed with FM for 2 years now, that I'm having trouble healing. For instance, I've had many suspicious skin spots removed, and it seems to take forever to heal from the stitches, and the spots are more painful than they used to be.
    And, what started out as just a tiny needle hole from my first breast biopsy about a month ago is now a penny sized scabbed sore! And, I just went for the second biopsy (and to remove the whole papilloma) Tuesday and it's really hurting. I know it will turn into a bigger sore after the steri strips come off. At least I didn't have to have stitches with these biopsies. It seems when I've gotten stitches with the skin lesions the skin doesn't grow back together properly and there's a small hole left in my skin. Nothing ever gets infected, thank goodness, but it's all slow to heal and very painful.
    Anybody else have this problem???

  2. roge

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    you betcha

    Fmers do not heal well. why, i say low growth hormone and also dysfunctional immune system (more so weak ) as the immune system plays a vital role in the healing response.

    i severely stained the muscles, tendons and sheaths in both hands trying to open a stubborn jar 6 mths ago (can u believe it a 40 yrd old male and who once was able to bench press over 200 pounds in my day ) and still not healed, maybe 30- 40%. tendons do not heal well even with normals. I have low GH and been trying unsuccessfully to get insurance to fund but they are being jack a**es, well look now what happened because I am low in GH and they didnt fund , I am now likely left with residual myofacial pain and tendonitis in my wrists , thumbs and hands on top of my fibro.

    would also add if i cut myself it take 4ever to heal like mths.

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  3. loto

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    for the info Jammin.

    Yesterday the bottom of my feet and palms of my hands started itching like crazy, and I broke out in hives in other places. I can't figure out what in the world caused it.

    I haven't used any new skin products or laundry detergent, or any new meds.
    All I know is it drove me crazy until the benadryl kicked in....but then of course I was asleep by 7:30! Benadryl knocks me out!

    This morning I have weird feelings on the palms of my hands, and some tingling, but so far no itching. I hope whatever caused it is out of my system!

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