Anyone else's benefits been going down?

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    For most of 08 I was getting $700 SSD $165 Foodstamps. Then in late 08 my rent went up by $75 and my foodstamps went down to $15 a month. For a loss to me of $225 per month. Oh ya, eye and dental care, lost in August of 08 too. Am wearing glasses right now with one of the arms broken off. Will cost $200 for new glasses... which I cannot afford... sigh.

    Rent goes up and FS go way down... what the heck?!

    Rent now is $425 w/ utilities. Phone is $65. Most of what I have left goes for Food, sundries, entertainment... etc.

    I honestly thank God and the tax payers of the U.S. for supporting me... but a $225 reduction in my available cash per month? OMG!? Because of this I was forced to sell my car for junk, and now have to walk to get food... which is hard given my condition.

    Am I alone in this? Is this just an Idaho State thing?

    FYI, the new stimulis bill... Idaho gets 750 mill of the total 780 bill. FS and Medicade are State welfare I believe.
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    The place I'm in, they made sure to raise the rent to match my yearly increase, so I don't see a penny of it.

    The system keeps us as poor as they can, all the while claiming they don't have money for SS, but we see them raising millions and billions for other things every time they want to.

    ISSGOD New Member

    Great info, thanks. I am going over it all now!
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    Check your city/town for food banks. I have stressed this over and over here. We use them and you can use them even if you get food stamps. The food banks don't ask you that, in fact they require little or no information.

    The only things we buy are meat and milk. Seriously, our cupboards are full. We get some meat on ocassion, fresh fruits, vegies, canned fruit and vegies, spagetti, noodles, bread, bakery fresh sweets, flour, sugar, the list goes on so long I can't tell it all to you here.

    Some let you come once a month, some twice and some each week. You get boxes of foods, good foods. We get things I wouldn't buy at the store if I had the money as they are expensive. All this is free, check it out.

    GET A CELL PHONE INSTEAD - You can get a cell phone starting at about $29.95 a month. Calls after 9 at night and on weekends are free, no pay and no minutes used. Get one with so many minutes a month for use for daytime calls and make the rest of the calls later or weekends.

    If you are not on gov't subsidised housing check into it.[This Message was Edited on 02/18/2009]
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    Thank you so much . Were in the same situation with ssi and ssd . I just lost my ssi because I got ssd approve . Now my daughter need to go apply for ssi because of her asperger's ,depression and tic disorders . But she needs glasses now and I didn't know how or were to look.
    So dude thanks for the tip.

    Now maybe after the back pay comes in I can get her some glasses.
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    weird that your rent went up and foodstamps went DOWN. I live in subsidized housing and my rent went up a little last year...but the good news is that based on that increase, my food stamp allotment increased ALSO. I'm in a different state so maybe it IS a state thing. Still, it doesn't make sense that an increase in rent would cause a decrease in your foodstamps; I'm wondering if there was an across-the-board decrease because of state budget.

    I've heard also that one can get unbelievable (but REAL) deals on glasses on line. I need new glasses and am tempted, but I really can't imagine buying before trying on. In the stores, I will often see a pair that I think looks great until I try it on, and it doesn't FIT right, or LOOK right. I confess to being vain about glasses frames; I've worn them almost all my life (am legally blind without them), and I consider frames the ONE feature of my face that I CAN change!

    I'm looking forward to my tax stimulus rebate and hoping to find a good deal on an in-store pair of frames. Thanks to the post above for pointing out the few stores not owned by the GIANT.
  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I think SSI & foodstamps must be governed by state. My son was turned down by SSI for medicaid etc after initially filing and after 'recon' (reconsideration); suddenly he had a medicaid card in the mail, had it for a year (absolutely worthless for lyme however).

    When it stopped I called his caseworker, she was surprised he had one as she had denied hiim (grrrr). He didn't think to go apply for foodstamps again as she'd turned him down for that too.

    But I think the state had extra money that year and that's why he got it... was the only way we could make sense out of it.

    everybody had such good suggestions here... I'll be passing them on. Thanks!
    all the best,

  8. Imagine my suprise (and ANGER), when my last visit to my eye doctor, while waiting to get in..... I saw that he ONLY carries EXSPENSIVE name brand frames!!!

    YEARS ago, i willing, *chose* Liz Claiborne frames... because I was young, could afford them, and also disliked the shape, width, etc of a lot of the frames available in his office...

    NOW- (after $6200 OUT OF POCKET) for eye surgeries, I am STILL requiring glasses, to read- and, having problems with my vision AGAIN (and ohhhhhh am I PI$$ed)

    Anyways- to the point-... everytime I went to my eye dr, (the last 3-4 times), even though I have what he now calls "floaters" but insists they are 'perfectly harmless'

    (yea, is STUPID written on my FOREHEAD???-- I had them directly after my eye surgery (the prelex surgery- or 'lens replacement surgery- where they cut ur eye open, remove your lens, and replace it with an artificial lens, (they do this in cataract surgery also)

    So, after the prelex surgery ($2399 per EYE,) and before I had the lasix- ($595 per eye) I developed what he had called "after cataracts" (which- the doctor who DID the surgery then told me, there was 'no such thing"

    Anyways- I got them within 2 WEEKS of having both eyes done,and... they werent 'perfectly fine' then!!!! He told me they were 'common' after prelex- and that it was actually 'good' that I got them so quickly after surgery- because I would never get them again (A$$!!!!!!)

    I then- before the Lasix surgery in both eyes, (my eyesight was SOOO Poor, that I required BOTH surgeries, to maximize my vision improvement)

    I had what was called "YAG" laser done, it literally took about 45 seconds or less in each eye, totally painless, but, it was supposed to rid these "after cataracts", or whatever those morons want to call them now- well, it busted them up, for sure, so- for probably a year* after the Prelex, YAG, then Lasix... I had a BUNCH of *smaller* 'floaters' all over my eyes, that would appear at random.

    Anyhow- back to my point- I began with just "readers" glasses... the kind u can by at any drugstore, or even walmart- they can range anywhere from $8-$20, average is about $12.95-$15-$16... (I then went up, up, up, to like "+ 2, or 2.25" readers- THEN, he tells me (the floaters are still 'harmless' so he says- yet my vision *continues* to get worse- grrrr)... anyhow, the last visit- he tells me the *right eye* needs 'just a slight prescription lens.....

    Now- here's the part that might help you also- even if you have to pay for the *lens(es)*.... wouldn't hurt to go pick up some *cheap* 'readers'... & take those *frames* in, and request the lenses be put into *those*...

    As someone else had also said- if it's just the 'arm' broken off, it should NOT cost u much, if anything at all, ($15 or so, does sound right) I've had to do that myself (I got my *first pair* of glasses '2 weeks before my 3rd birthday', finally at 13, in Las Vegas, my dad's 3rd wife (my mom was his 2nd* wife, MUCH to my suprise!!!

    (they were married for 20 yrs- I believe he was 22 or so THEN, (in fact, lol, how awful- but, the divorce was final ON their 20th anniversary) Good thing my dad has never been good with dates, (mom filed, he did NOT want it- thus, he took off from Indiana, to Vegas, like a coward... anyhoo, lol that's enough of my 'daddy issues, LOL!)
    his 3rd wife, a 2nd grade school teacher, suggested I get some contact lenses...(YAY!!! woohoo!!!!), I did not ever tolerate them well, but, after so many years of being made fun of, etc I was THRILLED, I immediately decided I would take (reduced) vision, & some (first few yrs,) "mild" aggravation (irritation), over those heavy, ugly, annoying glasses- I have normally large, blue eyes.. the same thing my whole family 'doted' on, & loved.. was the very thing that got me made fun of, a lot- due to those THICK lenses... they magnified my eyes.. ugg.

    (my glasses were THICK, even when they came out with the new way more exspensive 'thinner' lenses),

    My glasses were so *heavy*, sometimes, they would not only actually rub my nose raw (even with the normal pads they come with on each side), but, also, my poor ears* would get very sore, sometimes..

    Anyhow- I wore contacts until about age 21-22, after I got sick (I was bedridden CONSTANTLY for the first 18+ months.) I went back to glasses... once those (the liz claiborne ones) were pretty scratched up, beaten up, etc... a bit later, was when I FINALLY won my disability, & got my backpay- THANK GOD... & had my eye surgeries..

    Anyhow, I'd try the first suggestion- just go in & see how much it would cost to get that 'arm' fixed, (if u don't like the eye doc's price- try another- heck, even wal-mart's eye center (our supercenter has one, does yours?) even THEY could fix that, for you...

    If u have ANY old ones, too, they can use the side from that/those..

    Then lastly, I'd try as I had mentioned, if it's just the frame that needs fixed, OR u need 'new glasses' - by those cheapie 'readers', & request the lenses be put into THOSE frames, if not, then have them fix the broken side, with one of those* if u can find the matching color/size...

    Hope any of these suggestions can help ya.... one of them has GOT to save u from *$200!!

    (God bless, if u managed to wade through my ramblings, I do it a lot, and it's embarrassing, but, part of my neurological issues.. :-(

    Best wishes,

  9. Something is missing here- or not quite right, with your rent going UP, and *food stamps* going DOWN... if you're able to... I HIGHLY suggest first contacting your mayor? THEN, your governor.

    I know I for one, unfortunately, with my brain issues, illness, fatigue... and, my now *depression* anxiety, and PTSD, cannot do a lot of things I WISH I could, to fight for my own rights... such as Contacting Baron Hill, who claimed in his campaign ads, to have helped disabled veterans re: benefits, medical treatment, etc....

    (I am a disabled veteran- discharged 2-2-01) and on NO VA help, *whatsoever*... don't know HOW to get started. who to contact, etc... sure can find dam*ed RECRUITERS, but, once you're sick- FORGET about *resources, as to help... (I live in a town of about 16,000 ppl too, doesn't help)

    But, I have a friend, unfortunately, that I have lost all contact with :-( in recent years, due to her having severe personal (marital) problems, her MS progressing, and them losing their home, & moving- a couple of times...

    BUT- when she was in Missouri- her neurologist demanded she switch MS drugs, (they are EXSPENSIVE!!!! $800-$1400 a month, with no insurance!) and, SOMEHOW- though COMPLETELY WRONG!!!!!!!! Insurance, covers only 1, or 2 of the 4 injectable drugs.. her neurologist feeling that what she *had* been on, was not stopping her relapses, nor was it effective, in slowing her progression, & brain lesions...

    So, he wanted her on Copaxone, I believe- and, sure enough...I believe* it was MEDICARE (big suprise, huh?) that only covers ONE of the injectable drugs. She contacted her governor, explained her situation (she only got like $545 a month in disability- WITH THREE KIDS, and a spouse that had trouble keeping ANY job! Can you believe that?

    (her husband was later FINALLY diagnosed, with several mental health issues, one being IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder), & was even briefly hospitalized (sending her into severe flares, further making her MS worse,,, :-(

    BUT- by at least appealing to this governor for help- he TOLD her, that he was *appalled* at the lack of help for her, and promised to help her- I don't remember if he actually did, or not- but, I think she got like THREE MONTHS worth, of copaxone (injected under the skin, 5 days a week) at little, or no cost to her..

    Unfortunately, they moved shortly after, into a friend of hers' house, temporarily- her health took a backseat, to her spouses issues... and :-( she progressed to what is called "secondary progressive MS" (they do not prescribe the injectable drugs for SPMS, only RRMS (relapsing/remitting MS)

    Anyhow, there are ways to fight (for your RIGHTS), and, what you are telling us, in regards to your rent & food stamps, is definitely WRONGGGG- sometimes* it's as "simple" as a clerical error, and can be fixed with a phone call (that'd sure be great if that were the case for you!)

    But, this is a matter of your SURVIVAL, so, reach out to any & ALL resources that you can, for help. You're entitled to it... and, in this case, it is a MUST.

    We all support you. Hang in there!

  10. Here (Indiana), but, it goes for everyone.... KEEP ALL receipts, cancelled checks, etc, for ANY/ALL co-pays, payments of hospital, doctor bills, lab work, etc ANYTHING you pay towards your medical, any/ALL your payments for prescriptions, and, even accurate tracking (journal, online, or notebook) mileage, to each & every doctors appt, *there, AND back*....

    Medicare raised the amount you have to meet (OF COURSE) the *one year* hubby & I kept as accurate records as we could, (we did not know about the prescriptions though- *sigh*) either way... we had over *$6,000* in proof of medical stuff, and I had *several* trips documented to Indianapolis (62-65 miles, ONE WAY), as well as, at the time- 5/6 of my doctors, AND my dietician, were ALL 18 miles away... (now I see less doctors- for NOW) and other than my neuro (I'm without a primary AND a gastro doc- both left at the end of the year!),

    so, other than my neuro- my docs are here in MY town now, thank god... sooo much easier. In fact, my pain doc, is in the hospital, as well as the integrative medicine doctor, physical therapist... and they are all *five blocks* from me, LOL yay!

    Anyhow, the ONE year, we bring over 6,000 dollars of medical stuff- H & R Block tells us it was increased, to over NINE THOUSAND! I don't know about everyone else, but, my husband makes a GOOD HOURLY wage... but, it does not amount to much, when it's for two people- so 9k, is about 1/6 or a little less, of our income (depending on how much overtime he works, or doesn't for that one year...

    Though, I have no doubt, that we spend that- easily... (ICK!)..

    Anyways, hope this can help *someone*... especially since it's just now february- u could start *now* for 09... keep ALL receipts, cancelled checks, etc... for any & every single dime you pay on your own, for medical/prescriptions ( I don't know -- doubt it- but wouldn't hurt, to even keep any dental/vision payments you make...)

    Our *current* tax lady is fantastic- we found out H & R Block- the LAST time we used them- had written our property taxes down as TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!! among other screw-ups. Not to mention- they ALWAYS managed to charge us HALF of what our returns would be- and, our tax lady last year, got us over FOUR TIMES the return that H & R Block EVER got us!!

    Good luck everyone, take care,


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