Anyone else's have gastroparesis, liver pain etc?

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    My entire CFS and FM started when my digestive system started going all wrong. Severe upper abdominal pain and vomiting, which didnt go away, and the cause was never quite found.

    They found little things along the way but nothing MAJOR. Except that my liver is very sludgy and sluggish. Had my gallbladder out and that made everything worse (CFS and FM wise) and after that i became much more drug and chemically sensitive etc.

    Anyway its too long a story - now i still have bad gastroparesis, constant liver pain, nausea, abdo pain, etc. its so very tiring to have these going on constantly. The only time i feel better is when i either eat nothing, or very tiny amounts, and im ver underweight as it is because of all this.

    I feel that MOST of my symptoms of CFS and FM come from the terrible digestion. The worse i react to the type of food, the worse the fatigue and muscle pain etc. Is anyone else in this sort of situation?

  2. sandy10seven

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    I had severe fatigue, horrible muscle aches, headaches, nausea, slow digestion and sinus problems. I can sure sympathize with your problems. By doing an elimination diet, I found I was allergic to a lot of commonly eaten foods (dairy, wheat, soy, corn, sugar, yeast, citrus and potatoes). After eliminating these foods, ALL MY SYMPTOMS ARE GONE EXCEPT FOR SOME FATIGUE. I am battling the candida demon and think the toxins from that
    may be what's causing the remainder of the fatigue.

    There's also a blood test that an allergist or holistic doctor can do to determine the hidden food sensitivities. Easier than the elimination diet, but may not be quite as accurate.

    The liver gets overwhelmed by toxins produced in the body. This can be caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses and by eating refined/processed foods. I would think steamed veggies would be the least likely to cause you problems.

    Dark green veggies are especially good for cleansing the body. Also, digestive enzymes can be a big help, but you have to find the ones that agree with you. I tried several and nothing helped until I started Omega-Zyme from Garden of Life (works for me). I couldn't tolerate the ox bile found in some products.

    If you haven't read Jordan Rubin's book, "Patient Heal Thyself," I think it would be very helpful for you. Plus he and Dr. Brasco have a new book called "Restoring Your Digestive Health," which may even be better (I haven't read it yet, but think it's available now.)

    I'm trying to heal my digestive system by eating "whole foods" (nothing refined, processed or with additives), exercising (whatever the body allows) and doing meditation to counter the effects of stress and tension.

    I do think the digestive system has to heal before we can have any permanent relief from bacterial, fungal, viral diseases.


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    ME/CFS and I'm sure the same applies to FM.

    I worked alongside many researchers and doctors years ago. Many of them commented upon the fact that IBS and candida were present before the infective trigger for ME/CFS.

    I agree with Sandy, get your GI tract strong, healthy, and functioning properly again and then your body will be better able to kill off all those beasties. If you have candida and don't treat it you are suffering more than you need.

    Some patients Dx with ME/CFS have made a full recovery through addressing these problems and food intolerances. When these health issues are severe they can cause pain, make you very ill and debilitated, and hinder nay chance you might have of recovery/improvements.


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    My first symptoms of CFIDS were digestive in nature, altho' it took 7 or 8 years before they were even diagnosed. I hvae had an inflamed and infected gallbladder, toxic/sluggish liver, malfunctioning ileocecal valve, parasites, plugged bile duct, and maybe a few other things.

    I was extremely fortunate to stumble across a chiropractor who did muscle testing called contact reflex analysis. I had been getting sick for 7 or 8 years, no one could help me or even tell me what was wrong, then this chiropractor did his muscle testing and in 5 minutes told me I had a plugged bile duct and something else, I forget what. He gave me choline I believe and collinsonia root and in a few days was much better.

    Off and on over the years the digestive problems continued, but from then on I went to him instead of the regular docs.

    I had to do a liver de-tox 1-1/2 years ago to get rid of chemicals from a job I had 30 years ago. It had been making me quite sick, very very tired, sore, nauseous, etc.
    I also started milk thistle then, ever since my liver has been much better.

    I had to do a parasite cleanse about 2 years ago.

    My ileocecal valve kept getting stuck and making me very sick (literally waste would back up into my body) only I didn't know what was going on, just had right abdominal pain and felt fluish-sick-poisoned. I went to my regular GP for that one, he did a barium enema, couldn't find anything wrong, but I was still sick, my side was sore, etc. Went back to the chiropractor and voila! he diagnosed the stuck ileocecal valve, and he pressed on a certain area of my abdomen to release it and I eventually learned to do it myself.

    Also my gallbladder was inflamed on several occasions (this would make me nauseous and tired of course) and again the chiropractor gave me supplements which straightened it out.

    I now take digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid at every meal, especially with protein which is hard to digest.

    I still have CFIDS and struggle with that exhaustion, but I think I am making a little progress and strongly believe that if I was still battling all the digestive disorders that there would be no way I could get better.

    It sounds like you really do need some help. The regular doctors were helpless with me - I had such good luck with the muscle testing and my chiropractor, that's all I can recommend. I know that if I had just relied on the regular doctors, I would be a total mess.

    Also, it would be good to be tested for food allergies.

    I think there is help for you, but you may have to go the alternative route. Good luck ---

  5. Wolverine

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    Thanks so much all, i appreciate ur input. Ill reply again properly soon im wrecked right now! 3:15am - love that CFS body clock. (NOT!!!!!!!)
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    I also have been diagnosed with sluggish liver and my gallbladder removed about 3 and half years ago. All of my symptoms got worse after that. I am highly sensitive to chemicals and preservatives (sulfites the most). I kept having a boring burning pain in my stomach after my gallbladder removal the pain went straight through to my back up my spine. Upon a recent visit to my doctor I told him this pain was so bad I could not take it anymore. He had me to lie down and raise my legs and felt of my stomach and I had a hernia where my incision was from my gallbladder removal. I have since then had the hernia repaired and has caused a world of difference in my stomach. Just read your symptoms which sounded so much like mine. During that time the doctors was trying to treat me for gastritis and heartburn. Best of luck.