Anyone else's pain med's no longer covered by ins.? Or a now MUCH higher?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by painfreesoon, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    My ins. cut my pain med's from 3 a day to 2 a day. They will no longer pay for 3 a day.

    Plus my husband just filled my script lst month it was $35 for 60 pills now it's $88!
    last year at tis time when I was still "allowed" by my ins. (as if they're the doctor's now) to take 3 a day it was only $10!! That was foe 90 pills!

    Do I write my Senator or what? This is not right!
    I'm going to a pain center where you agree to take random drug tests, they have to answer to the DEA, so I don't understand why my ins. company is basically taking my med's away from me, by making them unaffordable.
    I am so angry, that's not their job.

    have any of you faced this and what re you doing about it.

    I feel like I'm being punished for having chronic pain. The med is oxycontin, by the way.

    I've treid many other's and I either couldn't tolerate them or they didn't help.
    Butbthat's not the point.
    first I should be able to get the med's my doctor presrcibes, the dose and the amount. And how can they justify raising the price so high, while telling me how many I can have?

    That's just wrong, I'm P****ed" off!
    All I want is to have so kind of quality of life, I', already homebound, on disability. I have to fight evry 3 mons. w/ my ins. to continue P.T> they don't get that I have a chronic cndition. They said there is no "box" to fill in for it.

    My ins. has no trouble raising my rates each year.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    I live in Tn., maybe I can start a petition or something. This is dicrimination as far as I'm concerned. just because some people abuse this drug doesn't mean the rest of us have to be punished. I have blue Advantage as my medicare supplement by the way.
  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Yes it's wrong, wrong, wrong....
    Oxycontin is no longer available in generic form so it sounds like your ins. co is trying to control costs at your expense.

    What dose are you taking? Can your doctor adjust anything for you - give you Oxycodone for breakthrough pain? I'm just trying to come up with solutions.

    It's not unusual for ins. companies not to cover certain medications - although it's just BS!!
    I'd write to your ins. company - tell them what this has done to you!
  3. tig519

    tig519 Member

    Are you sure it's your Insurance that is totally dictating this? I take aciphex (for GERD) 2x a day. It is not available in generic form. Every 3-6months they contact my doctor and they send me letters asking whether I really need to take this particular drug, why not nexium or some other cheaper alternative. My doctor has shared with me that that they have tried to push her into changing the drug or do I really need it twice a day. She has held her ground and the insurance pays.
  4. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    I'm on 20 mg oxy, was 3x a day. I can't take morphine which is my only choice, it's too constipating.

    My doctor didn't offer to talk to my ins., we just tried to come up w/an alternative so I take narco in the afternoon, in place of Lortab, because it burns my bladder. I have irritable bladder as well, tylenol is in a higher dose in Lortab, than narco, but narco doesn't work as well.

    So I've already tried to make a change.
    she offered the Oxy at a higher dose 2x aday, but i said No. It was working fine 3x aday. i don't want to increase my doe, i'm trying to keep my tolerance level low.

    The fact that she didn't offer to talk to my ins., my mean she doesn't know she can, or doesn't want to bother.

    My doctor was fine w/3x aday, so i can only guess it's my ins.

    I'll ask the ins. and my doctor, other than that I don't know what to do. what other decision will my ins. make for me? that I'm not sick after all and don;t need anything?
    the fact I'm 41 on disability for FM, should tell them something.

    Like I said I have to fight to get P.T., my Rhuemy has to call to say i need it for quality of life.

    I hope Obama changes thing's, the ins. compaines have WAY too much control.

    What ins. do you guy's have?
    I have Blue advantage as a supplement to medicare.
    They don't cover my xanax or valium, because medicare doesn't cover "addictive' or med's that can make you "sleepy". Thats what the pharmacist said.
    medicare know's I'm 41 on DISABILITY, not S.S.!

    The whole thing is frustrating!

  5. painfreesoon

    painfreesoon New Member

    It hurt's to type so if you can read my answer to both of you above.
    I'm curious, what ins. do you have?
    I don't know if my doctor, doesn't want to bother with it, or if she doesn't know, or if it's my ins., or Medicare.
    Are you on medicare as well?

    thanks for the info,

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