Anyone ever feel they can't keep up with modern life?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, May 30, 2010.

  1. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    I'm 45 years old with FM and feel so out of date. Although people tell me I look much younger than my age, which is very nice of them, but I feel as though I do not have the energy, patience or tolerance for anything modern.

    What I mean by that is, I do not "text" people, I have too much brain fog for that and I find it very annoying and sometimes rude, LOL. I do have a plain cell phone that I use for emergencies only. I just got a home computer back in 2007, before that I was using my sister's computer to go on this site.

    I have no idea what a blackberry is, I can't download music from my computer, way too complicated for me. Facebook would drive me crazy. Although, I love this site very much and feel as though I can get so much feedback from all you wonderful people and just be myself.
    I couldn't operate an I-Pod if you paid me. (what the heck is that dumb thing anyway, LOL)

    I need to update my wardrobe, but since taking medications years ago, it left me with a weight gain that I just can't stand, and the older I get the harder it is to lose this weight. I feel like I'm "out of touch" when it comes to clothing. I used to wear nicer clothes years back before the weight gain and I felt I had a sense of style, not anymore. I have no idea what would look nice on me, I concentrate so much on trying to help my FM, such as chronic pain, fatigue, mild depression, sleep issues, that I just feel so out of touch with the modern life of people who don't have to concentrate so much on a chronic illness.

    I can tolerate "YouTube" but only for a short period of time, how pathetic, LOL, I'm trying to find some humor in all of this. I probably left out a whole host of other modern things, but unfortunately, I don't know about them :(

    Does any of this make sense? Or, am I hopelessly "Old Fashioned" Hugs to all Chelz.

  2. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I totally understand your feeling like you are out-of-touch with the "modern" world. I always refer to it as the outside world (being anything outside of CFS). Even though this is 2010, I feel like I stalled and got stuck back in the early 90's when I first became ill with CFS.

    Most of the people I knew back then I haven't seen since. I still picture them as being in their late 20s, early 30s, so it is a shock when I either meet them when out or see a picture of them because they are now in their late 40s, early 50s. I notice the biggest difference in the men. Some of them I wouldn't even recognize today, they look so different.

    The way I look at it is that when we finally do get better, we have this great big adventure waiting out there for us to explore. I can't wait. I just hope that it happens when I am still young enough to enjoy it.

  3. kokabean

    kokabean New Member

    OMG yes, I am only 36 and feel 80! I used to do so much and just don't have the energy these days. It is normal from what everyone else is saying with FM. I am going to keep plugging away but my normal life doesn't feel normal anymore. I am sorry and hope you know that there are a lot of people that can identify with you.
  4. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    Oh my Chelz - you sound just like me!!

    I'm only 43 and people do say I look younger, though most days I feel like I'm 80 with the overwhelming pain and fatigue I have.

    I do not own a cell phone. I figured if my grandmother survived 60 years on this planet without one, so could I, but quite honestly - it's just that I cant figure out how to use them.
    I have tried to text on my daughter's cell phone, but it takes me so long I usually ask her to do it for me.

    What's a blackberry and an iPod?? LOL - I know what they are, but I too have no idea how to use them. I think my daughter has an iPod, not sure.

    I also have not updated my wardrobe, but I figure why should I - I never leave the house! I own more PJs than I do normal clothes!

    I hope this helps - its nice to know you are not alone!

    Soft hugs - Chelz!

  5. stschn

    stschn New Member

    I'm very sorry but I'm glad to see that someone else has a worse head when on the computer. I don't mind in the least not having all the technology. Let the world pass me by it's just getting worse all the time anyway. I'd go back to the 1950s in a heart beat!
  6. Puddleglum

    Puddleglum New Member

    I WROTE a thank you note the other day...someone said you WHAT?


  7. Wireless

    Wireless New Member

    I am that way with many things. It is not all bad. You know, many wise people eventually decide to return to a simpler life. And, I get reminded of this often when I am trying to fiddle with a PDA or smartphone or other device. Occasionally the whole thing blows up and I have to reinstall everything from scratch, or otherwise spend hours going in circles. And I sit there wondering why I have just spent half my day going through high stress just to get my phone back to the way it was in the first place, or maybe I got one new thing working... technology can be a real pain.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    My doc doesn't know any of that stuff either :)


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