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    In the last few days, a have had a few spells where I thought I was going to pass out. This has mostly happened while I was driving and I have pulled over and waited for it to pass. I start feeling like I can't breathe deeply and then it feels like I am going to faint. I keep trying to calm myself and breathe deep but it doesn't seem to help. It happened at work the other day and I thought I would faint then.
    Anyone ever had these feelings and if so, what do you do for them?
  2. msbsgblue

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    I began having this about 11 years ago when I lived in Kansas City.

    It apparently for me is one of my symptoms of FM. As one of the symptoms can be syncope or near syncope. I no longer drive.

    But that said, to be on the safe side you should have your heart checked. I don't want to scrare you but these can also be heart symptoms.

    I had two complete heart work ups over the years due to this and my heart is fine.

    Came back to say that there is not much other then taking Meclezine which you can get without a script in most states for dizziness. Sometimes it helps me and other times not.

    I have called these my "I feel like I am going now spells".
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  3. MsE

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    Very frequently a few years ago when I was first troubled with this dd, but it still happens. And yes, driving kick-starts it. So, I don't drive out of my own area any longer. I, too, had to pull over and wait. For me it seems to be a reaction to stress as well as a drop in blood sugar.

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