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    Now that I have a job with a Chiropractor he is giving the entire family full care including me, for free. He reviewed my xrays with me today and adjusted me for the first time after my shift...WHOOOWEEEEE am I hurting.

    He explained I would for a while until my body starts getting use to the adjusting and such. Once the ligaments have been stretched and things sort-a put back to where they belong Ill feel better.
    Unfortunately my neck is in Phase three of degeneration which is usually the last stage inwhich things are classified after he reviews xrays, mapes the spine, etc. So he can move certain things to where they need to go over some time but some other issues, like the severe degenerative disc disease between c-5 and c-6 he cant do much for other than make a little room.

    I have scoliosis inwhich he will be improving dramatically but it will take some time and I was told to be patient. I believe he will help...Ive seen proof in other even older patients where their scoliosis has been almost entirely cured.

    I didnt think he could help my herniated disc. In fact, I thought he would tell me he was going to have to avoid it. He actually said the opposite and he has quite a few patients that have disc issues and he has helped them so hopefully I can get some relief there too.

    Anyway, at least its free. He really knows his stuff and he has many patients that have been with him for 3 yrs now that have unbelievable results. I would not believe ANYONE unless I saw the xrays and the results myself. He believes in corrective care NOT relief care that most Chiros practice. My kids are going to begin next week...hopefully my daughter will soon be off asthma meds, my step-son off his ADHD meds and my step-daughters sinus problems will finally go away. In fact, I Hope MY SINUS ISSUES will finally resolve themselves after he treats me for a while. We are hoping maybe this will help my youngests digestive issues as well.She has severe weight gain issues we think are stemming from food adversion from food allergies and such. She is going to GI Doc next week. Hubby is going to be going to. His back has been bad for a hwile. He has a fused spine at l-5 l-6 where they did surgery on herniated disc about 17 yrs ago on him and hes now back in pain again.

    Anyone out there been helped from a chiropractor? Im looking forward to possibly getting some relief from the fibro.
  2. dononagin

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    ya know, I also have degenerating discs.. they just took new xrays Monday and I haven't got the result of this round yet.
    My mom had degenerative disc and was always afraid a chiro- would do more harm then help.
    I'm curious if this helps you. Let us know how it goes. My daughter also has scholiosis and shoremens' It would be nice if there were help out there. I know PT and her ortho did nothing to help.

    Good luck!!
  3. cherie23

    cherie23 New Member

    to the chiropractor 3x a week for about six months now. I was very sore for maybe the first week or two but after that I found that I definantly found some relief from it. I have a bit more energy too than I used to even when I don't get too much of it.

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