Anyone ever had urethral caruncles?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by matthewson, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. matthewson

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    First time I have visited this board. Usually I post on the CSF/FMS board but thought this one might be more appropriate for this question. I am going to the urologist tomorrow, but did a search on-line and it seems that this could possibly be my problem. Feels and looks like a hemmorhoid but it is on my urethra. (Sorry, hope you all are not squemish!!) It is bleeding and hurts like h***. Any post-menopausal women out there, as this seems to be a post-menopausal problem? Thanks, Sally
  2. elshields

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    I have one also. Aging can be part of it as skin weakens. Mine does not bleed, just gets irritated. They gave me cream and said if it continues to bother me alot they can remove it. I have not had a problem with it for a long time. I am going through menopause as well.

    Hope this helps. Linda
  3. matthewson

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    I had my appointment with the urologist and he confirmed that it is probably a caruncle. He wants to do a cysto and remove it and send it for biopsy just to be sure it is not cancerous. Isn't menopause fun!!! Sally