Anyone ever have esophageal spasms??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darlamk, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. darlamk

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    I've spent the last week giving up caffiene and spicy foods thinking I could lick this thing but I finally went to see a dr today. I am having much difficulty with swallowing and having increased pressure like pain and tightening in my sternal area. I also feel like there is a permanent lump in my throat. Frequently I feel an eruption type sensation in my esophagus accompanied by heart palpitations. Today I am having more chest & back pain. The dr thinks I am having esophageal spasms and GERD (reflux). He put me on Protonix and Prilosec. The one positive thing I can see here is I might be able to lose some wt! :) It sucks to try to eat..I hope this is not a permanent addition to my list of complaints!
  2. Shirl

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    Sure hope you get some relief soon. I had that so bad, that I was getting so that I would not eat out. I would choke on a sliver of pasta! Then have a lump in my throat that felt like a stone. What a miserable feeling.

    The acid reflux was so bad, that it actually burned my throat, mouth and went up my nose too .

    Take care and let us know how you are making out with the meds.

    These illnesses remind me of 'Murphy's Law'!

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. Sandyz

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    I`ve been having the same thing... difficulty swallowing
    lump in throat, acid reflux, tightning around throat. It`s
    a very scary feeling. I don`t know either what causes this.
    I`m going to doctor next week though for it. I hope you get relief with the meds. I`ll let you know next week what
    my doc thought about it.

    I`m glad you posted. Now I know its not just me having
    this problem. Take care.

  4. darlamk

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    I looked at your profile - this must be a "Dakota" thing! I was glad to read your post too. Seems like there is always something! My symptomes are still there this AM but not as severe. The dr thought I just need to calm down the esophagus. Be sure to let me know how you come out next week at your appt!
    Take Care,
  5. ejay

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    i have had the same problem to to with the book my husband has written with all my otherhm....but after a couple of trips to hosp. in middle of night ithought i was having heart attack we discovered if i took zoloft by with others inevening it seemed like it was stuck in my throat. finally i started drinking 1 can of club soda as fast as possible be preepared you will be shocked your body can make those sounds but it beats projectile vomit or the feeling of a heart attack all night i also now make sure to take zoloft onits own with milk and slice of toast if possible.take care ejay

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Hi, I live down south near the gulf coast and I too have had this happen to me. It was severe for about two weeks. I was even sent to have an ultrasound of my esophagus. It was fine. I hated to eat for those two weeks. I could also loose some weight. Hardly eating would help but I was also getting weak. However, it is not as severe now but is still quite noticable to me. The doctor does not know what to think about this. I think it has to do with the numbness and tingling I have from head to toe. What do you think, and has your medicine helped you? Take care.
  7. lmn

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    I read that acid reflux is a common sympotm of FM - something about our tight muscles. My problem began a few years ago with two late night trips to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. First, drs. thought it might be a heart problem, then gall bladder. Both were ruled out, and GERD became the diagnosis. I've been taking Protonix lately, but still have an occasional problem. It's usually caused by eating too much or too close to bedtime, or by accidentally eating something "bad". Be sure to stop eating 2 hours prior to bedtime and you should notice an improvement. Sure, losing a few pounds will help (I need to lose 20 - ugh!!!). Be sure to call your dr. if your problem continues. My dr. wants me to have a scope (yikes) because this has continued for so long. Could be the little valve in there is malfunctioning.
    Good luck Darla!
  8. j-bearmama

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    I do have the LUMP in throat and swallowing trouble. please see my post called "swallowing, snoring/apnea"


  9. Pinky

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    About 2 years ago, just about the same time i was diagnosed with FM/CFS I was having trouble swallowing as well as the burning and severe chest and back pain I ended up in the emergency room because I thought I was having a heart attack. I was diagnosed with GERD and chronic esophagitis. The doctor put me on prevacid and I had to have my esophagus stretched(outpatient surgery) I still take prevacid but i do have occasional attacks, as I call them, where I can't swallow and feel as if i can't breathe.
    I watch what i eat, I elevated my bed and I never lay down within 2 hours after eating. I am sure this is just one more thing, healthwise that I need to live with, but I have it under control and know what to do when it acts up.
  10. Sandyz

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    Nice to see a fellow Dakotan on the board. You`re the only one I`ve seen so far but I haven`t read everyone`s
    profile so there could be more.

    It sounds like this is kind of a commen symptom. Lots of
    others having this also. I know I have had the reflux a long time. I will let you know next week what the doctor

    Hope you`re feeling a little better,
  11. dhcpolwnk

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    I have GERD, too, and I have had esophogeal spasms, though at the time, I thought I might be having MS-related swallowing problems--or a heart attack. I never went to the emergency room, because the spasms seemed to pass. I've found that what often helps to ease things is bending forward.

    I think I remember reading something many, many years ago to the effect that since peristalsis is a muscular process and not governed by gravity, gravity can actually work *against* the process. Thus somebody hanging upside down from a trapeze might be able to swallow as well as--or better than--somebody who is sitting or standing upright. Whether that information is right or wrong, it made me try bending so that my head was lower. And it does seem to help. I find that I get spasms most frequently when I'm standing at my bathroom sink trying to take a pill with a little bit of water. So now that I recognize what's happening, I just step back from the sink or turn to the side and bend at the waist. I hold that position for a while, and the spasm seems to ease.

    I just realized that I have GERD, IBS, TMJ dysfunction, MS and FMS. I feel like a bowl of alphabet soup!!!

    --Laura R.M.

    P.S. I take Protonix for the GERD, and it helps, but it hasn't eliminated the problem. So I supplement occasionally with generic Zantac 75 and pop Tums when the acid is really painful. I'm pretty sure my throat has been damaged by the acid, and it's possible that aspirated acid has caused a "minimal defect" in my lung that occasionally affects my breathing. (Thank Heaven, the breathing thing has been pretty much under control since I started taking Flonase and Atrovent.)
  12. Annette2

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    I've been taking Prilosec for about 5 years now. I used to get GERD so bad I thought I'd throw up! Now I very rarely get heartburn anymore. I take one in the morning before I eat and it works all day. I very rarely have to take a TUMS anymore. Caffeine, soda, onions, they all can be aggravating factors. You'll have to experiment and see what you can and can't eat. Fun, huh?

  13. lizgold

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    My partner (who also has CFS/FM) has had a very difficult time with esophageal spasms, including scary emergency room visits. Some thoughts:

    --Amitriptyline seems to make these worse and causes GERD/reflux. Getting off amitriptyline helped a LOT. No longer any need for Prilosec, etc. (Our doctor suggested using tryptophan instead for sleep.)

    --Magnesium seems to help avoid spasms.

    --Definitely get off caffeine, ephedra, etc.

    --Our doctor also said that exposure to chemicals or toxins that we're sensitive to can cause these.

    Good luck.