Anyone ever/ or on SAM-E supplement?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AC77, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. AC77

    AC77 New Member

    Just wondering. I have a bottle of them, 200mgs each by Nature's Rx, they have b-12 and folic acid in them also, and curcumin

    Has it helped? and if so, what did it help with?
    Any negative reports also. Very curious. I just took 1 tab and have heart burn.

    Many patients ask me about this and St John's wort. All I know is the interaction that St. Johns Wort causes with certain meds.
  2. paula45

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    but it really hurt my stomach. It says to take it on an empty stomach, and it just doesn't sit well with me. I desperately want to get off SSRI's since I don't feel I need them and they are messing with my head TOO much; but so far I can't find a viable alternative. I'd like to know if someone is successful taking it with food. Sorry I can't be more help. I'll keep watching the thread for more info.
  3. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    I tried Sam-E awhile back. I think it was the 200mg.
    Anyway it made me very tense. So I cut the dosage in half. Still had the same effect. I didn't have any stomach problems with it. I think it might have been Natures RX. They were packaged in an orange box.
    I am highly sensitive to anything stimulating. Anxiety disorder for many years. I can not tolerate any SSRI's either that have the potential to cause anxiety.
  4. Bobbette

    Bobbette Guest

    I am on Sam-e. I have been for about 4 months or so. My Dr. perscribed it for me when I told him of my problems. It has helped a great deal. I did find however that it did give me a horrible stomach ache when I took it on an empty stomach. So I started to take it about 15 min before I ate and that seems to be just right. I am not as tired as I was before and my mood has been extreemly better and I am not as sore and as touchy as I use to be. The only other down fall that I have found is weight problems. I am not sure if it is from the pills or I quit smoking around the same time I started taking them. I put on 20pounds and have been working out everyday and haven't lost any weight nor have I gained any. I think this helps alot, I stopped taking it for a few days and noticed a difference right away and eating a small breakfast before taking the pill didn't hurt anything. Also I am the daughter of this person's email, I am 23 diagnosed with Fibro-.I don't know if that makes a difference with the way it works. Oh my Dr. said he gave it to three other patiants with the same problem as mine and it worked great for them.
  5. victoria

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    I started taking it several years ago for an inoperable bone spur in my ankle that hurt so badly that I could barely walk (allergic to celebrex, and vioxx didn't work).

    Sam-e along with bromelain, boron, and glucosmaine/chondroitin worked wonderfully well - after 6 months had NO pain, and STILL don't.

    I was not depressed, so can't comment on that end - they do say that if one tends toward mania, sam-e shouldn't be used. It sounds like the concoction you have is for inflammation, since it has the curcumin in it?

    I've never had stomach problems, have taken it any time, with or without meals, as needed. It has helped with energy as well.

    The one thing I did find was that unless the pills were foil-wrapped individually, they didn't work at all - ie, in a bottle, they're just not stable.

    You might be interested in checking out Consumer Lab - they do independent testing on supplements and report those that do have what they say in it. You have to pay a relatively small subscription fee -- if you take as many supplements as I do, I feel it pays to know that what you're spending your $$ on has what it's supposed to have!

    Good luck,
  6. victoria

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    I have taken up to 800 mg/day, now just take 200--400 mg/day.

  7. Wolverine

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    it for the last few years. When i 1st tried it was great, but now that my MCS has gotten so bad, i can only take it now and then. it helps to relax my nerves though, doesnt upset my stomach worse than other things (i have the worst digestion i have ever seen) but yeh it MOSTLY works amazingly well for people and within 3 or 4 days. If i take it every day though now, i get a rash (i have awful allergies too) and can actaully have periods where i feel very low in the brain instead of good! thats only with daily treatment though, so i just stick to once or twice a week. Thats on the 400mg tab.

  8. ozgran

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    SAMe. Have just started again. Can't tell you what the dosage is. It is homeopathic and given to me by the young accupuncturist I was going to. She will get me more as I need it.

    I have been taking it at lunch time and after dinner at night. I am still taking 50mgs Zoloft in the morning but am trying to wean off that as I have been going through a rough patch and taking the Zoloft has not kept me on top of things except to keep the weight gain happening.

    I figure if it is not going to help me, I might as well just try the SAMe again as it didn't have the weight gain effect on me before. Went back on the Zoloft because Dr says it was best to help with pain control when I am so sensitive to many meds. Love Ozgran