anyone ever seen a counsellor/pschychiatrist?

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    Has anyone ever seen a counsellor/pschychiatrist as a direct result of FM/CFS? I have been breaking down a lot, being overly irritable and pretty isolated about how I am feeling and was wondering if a counsellor or other professional would help. I don't really talk to people here in my life about it because I feel like that I am burdening or boring people.

    Just wondering if I am really losing it like I wonder or not


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    That is what my doctor told me.It doesn't mean you have mental illness.There is such a thing as situtional depression.It is only due to what is happening in your life at that moment.It can be temporary and sometimes needs short term treatment with medication.But there are other things you can do to help fight that depression.keep intouch with others even if they have dropped you out of their radar,keep posting here for support,try to get outside when you can.I see a psychatrist.I have severe depression and bipolar both dx. before I was dx with Fm. have gotten great support from my doctors.I have been blessed with 2 wonderful ladies that treat my depression only not my FM they leave that up to my reheumy.I think if you feel that maybe you need some extra help by talking to a professional then you should.It is always a hit and miss when you seek out a new doctor especially when it comes to a psychologist or psychatrist.I would ask around and try to find one that is knowledgable about FM.My psych. was suscpious that I may have FM before I was even dx.
    Do what you need to do to make you feel better.
    Take care,
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    He was supposed to monitor my meds. He made me wait in the waiting room for hours and then only saw me for about 10 minutes. Didn't help me at all. Told me I was stressed and needed to get out of the house for a few hours a day.

    When I broke down crying due to pain, he just talked about the people in the hospital who were addicted to drugs and their yelling and screaming. He ended up trying me on Remeron, but I just felt weird on it.

    I didn't feel he was helping me at all and got tired of the $25 copay, so I just stopped going to him. I reported him to my HMO at the time and I think that got back to one of the doctor's in my family outfit. lol I think that one doc who had me go to Dr. Shield was upset I quit seeing him.

    Dr. Shield said little to me only listened to me. He was the wrong doc for me with FMS.

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    My councelor is awesome. He uses what is called "Thought Field THerapy" google a search on those words and you will find out about it. I know it sounds a little quirky but I gota tell you 2 months ago I was a basket case. My mom has throat cancer. My hubby has severe siatica and cannot work and I have this dd and RA and lupus... I can work some as a nurse but it kicks my butt. Tonight was the first night I was able to go "Full bore" all night.... I have a floor with 58 patients in a nursing home.... quite a challenge if I can say so my self. I work 3-11. I punched out at 12:15. and that was cutting as many corners as possible.

    I think I found a miricle.. I am not sure and I hate to say so until I have test driven it for a few nights but tonight I took 2 NADH and 2 COq10 before work. I did not need to take a pain pill all night and I felt pretty good until about 10:00pm. I also started Lyrica yesterday and have taken 2 pills (75 mg.)

    Any way if you can find someone to talk to or even on the boards it helps... Remember you are NOT alone.... I went through a period where I never left my house or got dressed. I didn't even go see my mom and I am an only child. She couldn't talk and I am sure she needed me but I was so devastated by her illness that I couldn't go see her. Here I am a nurse and couldn't care for my own mom.

    There is a book you can order too that tells about the THought field therapy. I swear it helps me. He says he can help me eventually sleep better and help decrease my pain levels. During the tapping sequences you repeat positive affirmations. It really is awesome... I am confinced that counceling helps.

    Some insurances cover counceling too. Mine only cover 1/2 of a session so I have to pay 40.00 but it is worth it.

    Hope you feel better and if you would like to email me or chat you can reach me at or
    angelstarr_078 for yahoo messenger and my msn messenger is
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    Oddly enough, my symptoms began just about the time I was being "graduated" by my therapist after working together for four years. We had done as much as possible with my depression and ADD. When the full-on onset of my CFIDS happened, I went back several times to do a little "followup" taking into account the new health situation.

    My counselor is great. I see him maybe once a year, but the work we did before has helped in some way almost every day I've had this disease. The website for the Oregon Chronic Fatigue and Fibro organizations has links to understanding counselors, and I'm assuming your state will as well. A pay plan can be worked out around your income.

    I disagree that we have problems because we haven't "processed" some emotional experience yet, but I do know that having somebody in your corner on the emotional side of these diseases can work as well as a pill or ointment in feeling less pain and more hope. I hope you can find someone soon.