anyone ever tried glutathione IV?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Heyygirl, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Heyygirl

    Heyygirl New Member

    Anyone every try this? If so, what are your feelings about it?

    Thank you.
  2. restauranthell

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    Just did one the other day.
    Start out with a lower dose. It will cause a significant detox reaction.
  3. panthere

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    I have had about 10 glutathione IVs. The first one i started with 400 mg and got to 1200. I did get crazy detox reaction, but it helped me feel better in the long run. You can try with low dose and see how you do.
  4. I was referred by my integrative doctor, 3 years ago, to Naples Florida, to see Dr David Perlmutter, (the better brain book, and one other one, I can't remember... .com is actually in the title..)

    Anyhow, (The Perlmutter Health Center), without going into boring, frustrating details of the actual ($$$$!!!!!) visit...

    Dr Perlmutter (A "top notch" neurologist), put me on 2200 (actually closer to 2300ml once it & the saline were mixed) anyhow, I did 2300ml glutathione IV pushes, three times a week, for six months.... it was $400 out of pocket, per month, JUST for the 12 vials of glutathione (another $28 or so, for my vitamin B-12, & syringes, & butterfly needles, and a little $ for the saline).

    I can only say, that it, along with everything else for me... SEEMED to do *Something* for me, and, hubby & I, if we were rich- might have continued the IV pushes, (as well as other more natural treatments), but, they all do seem to hit a very quick 'plateau' for me. I never felt better than my first 1-2 IV pushes, which I received while still there in Florida- the other part of that exspensive protocol, was IMPOSSIBLE, where I live here in Indiana, and for anyone who does not make over $100k probably or better a year- but, he wanted me to "try 54 trial sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments"... when I told him I could not do that (as in, there are NO HBOT *chambers* anywhere NEAR where I live.... also, I did NOT have an additional $240+ PER WEEK, to spend)..... I got a very unsympathetic, "too bad, I can't help if you're too poor to do my instructions- either u do it & probably get better, or, I guess you don't" type of attitude, & shrug from him. That's after flying from Indiana- (borrowing money from my dear parents!), having to be put on several drugs, just to be well enough to fly (steroids, pain medications, increase in my other medications)

    Only to get a whole 30-45 minute (at BEST) 'consult" with him on day one, and spending ***$748*** out of pocket for THAT visit- and returning the next day, not even seeing him- and spending ANOTHER $250, just for the nurse to do my 2nd IV push (done over a 10-15 minute period) and a B12 shot.

    I did get a "free" (lmao- more like $1,000) copy of his "The Better Brain Book" which covers everything from MS (that's what I was being 'treated' for) to ALS, to scuba diving accident (traumatic brain injury/oxygen deprived) stroke, etc..

    I have that book *somewhere* and cannot remember if he even touched on fibro or not, but, my brain wants to say yes...

    I had problems with my treatment, other than cost, too.... within 3 mos or less, my veins were SHOT, and it was decided I would have a port cath put into my chest, - due to the steroids I'd been put on soooo frequently, in high doses, and.... according to my surgeon "MS"... I never healed well enough in the 10 weeks I had the port cath in, (also a home health care nurse, caused an infection (at the incision- thank goodness- one INSIDE the port, could have QUICKLY killed), anyhow, at the 9-10 week mark, the surgeon finally said it HAD to come out... he *never* felt good about it, in the first place... as he'd never heard of glutathione tx.

    So, if I had my choice... I'm not *positive* (due to the 3 times a week) that I would have continued it, but,.... if my veins could tolerate it, probably.... so, I guess I'm saying, even though the effects were... not exactly* noticable to me, all the time... (I was on a LOT more things than that, though) I did have a very 'active' summer, that year (05)...

    I'd started them July 1st- the first month, it was twice a week... at my one month *phone* consult with him ($115!!), he upped it to 3 times a week- due to my telling him the effects had already seemed to wane somewhat...

    But, bottom line, again.... were I a rich person (so frustrating that even if we FIND something that HELPS- you have to be RICH, to keep it/all of them going 'long term'...) and my veins would tolerate it... I do think I would probably continue the glutathione IV pushes... (as I said, along with several other 'natural' (which, equals "out of pocket" :-( treatments...

    So, if u have the means, I'd go for it...

    I used to also get weekly vitamin IV's at my integrative doc's office, but, they too, (as well as just his office visit fees) ran us over $500/month, and I had 4 other 'regular' docs, as well as scripts, at that time... ("all good things, must come to an end" ???) that had to stop when we suddenly had a new car payment we hadn't counted on, & weren't really ready for, but, new it was in our future...

    I AM for anyone who can* try it, (at the RIGHT DOSAGES IN ORDER FOR IT TO EVEN BE EFFECTIVE!), to do so... I'm always .... ?? wondering, why these other doctors are using such 'low' doses of this stuff....

    I will say, if maybe your library, has his book- it is well worth looking at..

    He is also a huge advocate of "pharmaceutical grade" Omega 3's (and 6's - I think?) and some other supplements most people's integrative docs have usually recommended, at some point in time

    He just charges $138 for HIS one month supply!

    I know this post is probably more than you were looking for, but, I hope that it helps answer some questions for you?

    (You caught me, rather your POST caught my EYE, after fishing with hubby a few hours, then my bath, dinner, etc..)

    All the Best...

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