anyone ever worry about having SOOOO many xrays??

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    It took my doctors (mostly myself) almost 5 years to figure out that I had Fibro but before that, I had so many xrays!!! They did chest xrays, upper and lower back, scans, GI series.....I had so many Xrays back then. NOw I worry what effect that all has?? ANyone ever worry about that?? When I think back to those days when I sat at Doctors offices non-stop begging them to figure out what I had. At one point they put me on IV antibiotic therapy at home because they thought I had a staff infection...never did!! I had every test imaginable and all came out negative. If it wasn't for a friend that read about Fibro, I would still be wondering!!

    Anyway.....just rambling..but this website is so wonderful...just wished I had it back 10 years ago!!!

    Thanks for listening