anyone experience aching in jaw and teeth?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hot-tubgirl, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. hot-tubgirl

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    lately i feel like my teeth are aching. the pain radiates up into my head and through my jaw. At first it seemed to be on one side and i wondered if maybe i had an abcessed tooth, but another day it was aching on the other side. Tonight both sides are aching, my shoulders and neck feel like they are in a vice and my head aches as well. i feel like crying. Have taken all the meds i can and no relief. arghhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. kriket

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    It could be TMJ.
    Might want to look this up and see if you have any of the symptoms of it.(Tempromandibular joint dysfuction)

  3. acheallover

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    yes, my jaw's both ache alot. I find that I am clenching my jaw during the day, and boy what pain. I have been using a heat wrap at night, I put it on my face to cover my jaws with quite abit of relief. I also use a topical compound of ketoprophen, guiafenisen, and proxicam, which really helps my jaws as well as all of my joints. Good-luck.
  4. RENA0909

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    I have had this before and it is sooooo painful!!

    I think it is the TMJ that everyone here talks about.I got my dentist to make me a gum sheild to wear in my mouth at nights and that really helped me.

    Touch wood I have not had it in a while but I do feel for you as it made me cry when the pain was so bad.

    Take care


  5. Adl123

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    Well, it sounds like it oculd be TMJ, or Fibro, or what I have: bone marrow infections from root canals. I have the same symptoms. Have you ever had any root canals? If so, it might be worth your while to investiate. f that is what ou have, antibiotics can really help.

    You will need a nuclear scan and a biopsy, but it you do have these infections, you can then eliminae them.

    Good luck. I'm sorry you are experiencing so much pain. I wish you well.
  6. hot-tubgirl

    hot-tubgirl New Member

    Thank you all so much for responding. I wondered myself about TMJ. My job has been incredibly stressful recently and i am aware of clenching my teeth frequently. I did have a mouth guard my dentist made several years ago. I would always end up taking it out sometime during the night in my sleep. One morning i woke up and my pal the labrador retriever who thinks my bed is her bed - had chewed it up into pieces! At $ 200 or more a pop, i decided that as long as she's with us, it's pointless to have another one made.
    But i will definately look into the myofascial thing and consider the trigger point approach. Again thank you all for being such wonderful people.
  7. hot-tubgirl

    hot-tubgirl New Member

    After reading some of the threads you referred to, i am starting to wonder about some things. Whenever i have been checked by doctors, the places they push on for the tender points - are not the places i hurt the most. i've gotten to the point of just saying yes they are tender for fear of them dismissing my pain. So perhaps there is more than just one thing going on. I'll have to do some reading. thanks again! cheryl
  8. cinnveet

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    I am sorry you are having this problem.
    I am also going thru it as well.

    It first started at work when I found myself in a stressful situation, hostile work environment, but the worse is when my boss would take me in the back room and just bully me to no end.

    While I listen to him and would say, ok, yes, i understand, etc... as an acknowledgement that I was listening to him, He would get red in the face and raises his voice to me and say, "DONT TRY TO INTERUPT ME WHILE I AM SPEAKING AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE SAME RESPECT WHEN I AM DONE".

    So while I am being bullied and belittled I would clench my teeth so hard to prevent myself from speaking, now it has become a habit in stressful situations. My jaw and teeth could hurt for days from this.

    While he would raise his voice and clench my teeth, I naturally would shake my head up and down as also acknowledgment that I am listening to him.then he would get all red in the face again, with his finger pointing at me and say "WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU, DONT TRY TO INTERUPT ME WHILE SPEAKING TO YOU, KNOW DONT MAKE ME TELL YOU THIS AGAIN!!!

    So then I would have to sit there with stiff neck and clench teeth. The stiff neck is now also a common reaction I have to stress. I have been bullied for so long I don't know how to release the stress. Neck pain is so bad now I use a tens unit everyday.

    So every time I had to sit and be abused, I would not make a move. When he caught on that I am not going to play his games, he would keep going and going and going until the tears would flow. Then I swear to you, it was like he felt satisfied that he accomplished power over me.

    But as usual I would get written up in my quarterly journal that I need to work on my emotions. GRRRRRRRRRRRR it is so frustrating!!!!!

    I personally feel for me the bulling from my boss over 4 years is the root of my FM, and now blood work showing Lupus.
    So, if any of these examples seem like you, please see your primary Dr. so he can refer you to the proper Dr. that can help.

    I wish you the best.
    God Bless,