Anyone experiencing HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Manwithfibro, May 7, 2003.

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    I think it may be due to pain but my BP has been running 150/95 of late. I would really hate to go on BP meds as they can be really bad for you.
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    I took meds for several years but not now. Magnesium helped but had to space it thru the day and too much made it drop too low. When I started taking ZMA at night it went to normal so somehow the synergy works. When I get that intense cold that nothing will take away except a soak in the tub my pressure will go up like yours. When I am so cold I can feel everything is so tight and I cannot relax. Think of how you feel when shivering. The minute I get warm my pressure goes down. I would think intense pain could cause the same thing. Try monitoring it when your pain is at max and at minimum and see if there is a correlation. Of course it could be something entirely different too. Just giving you my experience.
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    my blood pressure which used to always be low went up during a time of severe stress 2 years ago and has had a tendency to stay high since.......and i am generally overstressed these days as life keeps dealing out tough stuff at the moment......any way i did not want to take meds feeling its all got complicated enough .......nutrionist gave me a great supp. called cardiogenics by worked .....but i have lost it due to EU stupid new rules[i am in UK] could try that or others on this board have tried other stuff....i saw today Shirl takes Essaic tea . i am thinking of trying this
    let me know how you get on
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    Do you know what is causing your HBP?

    My Mother has high blood pressure, due to cholestrol narrowing the arteties.

    A high proportion of FM patients have hypercoagulation of the blood, which is a build up of fibrin (like teflon) coating everything in the arteries & clogging fine caperillies.
    I imagine this could also be responsable for high BP.

    There`s a great simple solution for this in taking Digestive Enzyme tablets, they`re cheap as chips and really do a fantastic job. Our survival is down to enzymes in the blood and bad digestion and a processed/convenience food diet will lead to deterioration of enzymes in the system.

    These need to be taken on an empty stomach in order to reach the blood, but can also be with food if digestion is also a problem. In which case i`d have Acidophilus capsules too for good bacteria introduction.

    Digestive Enzymes eat away at the fibrin or cholestrol and are completely safe to take.

    I understand your reluctance for meds, they`re expensive and sometimes do more harm than good...

    Hope this has been of help to you, let us know how you get on.

    Love Pat

    ZMA is a Zinc, Magnesium and Vit B6 supplement.[This Message was Edited on 05/07/2003]
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    It runs on both sides of my family. I've had Fibro for 18 yrs.
    I tried to control it with Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium, and that worked for the first four yrs. until I had early menopause and it shot up again.
    I now take Catapres, which is an alpha-blocker and can help Fibro symptoms too. It has made me much calmer and helps stop panic attacks. It has a terrific rebound effect though,and I have to take it every 8 hrs. because of it. When I have bad pain, my BP soars, in spite of the meds. I may have 110/74 in the morning, then get a killer headache later and see my BP go to 210/110 in spite of the meds. No doc I've seen has a solution, and they don't give out the meds that really work on this sort of pain anymore, at least not around here!
    I have taken digestive enzymes for at least a dozen yrs. now and was taking them already when I got high BP. I think they are very important, but am not sure if they will be enough, if you have inherited high BP.
    BTW, ZMA is zinc, magnesium and B6 in a special formula, invented for bodybuilders, but found to help sleep in many of us.
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    yes sir! I HAD NORMAL B/P 135/85 UNTIL CFIDS WHICH REIMERGED FROM AN ALMOST COMPLETE 16 YEAR SLEEP VIA THAT FLU FROM HELL IN NOV.99[my flu-no one else had at time] My untreated b/p went to 160/105 and never dropped.Presently i function at about 5% normal and am maxed out with 80mg Zesteril and 480 Verapamil to hold 150/90. Older than Dirt and Treated as Such
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    My blood pressure has been high lately since i was diagnosed with ME/cfs the consultant always said it was high because of the visit to him, but now my normal gp has signed me of work with stress and high blood pressure.i am very stressed at the moment but my blood pressure is 150/100 and i have to go and get it checked again on wednesday to see if it has changed

    Loopyloo xx