Anyone experimented with changing mattresses???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsjethro, May 19, 2006.

  1. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

    I was just wondering if a different mattress would help with the morning stiffness. Mine is horrible and it takes me about an hour to get up and stirring in the morning. I've been thinking about buying a new set because this one is too firm (I think), but don't really have much money to spend if it's not going to help. I talked to a friend of mine today that had been having a lot of morning stiffness (I'm not sure if her's is actually fm though) and she could hardly get up and move in the mornings too. She said when she slept in the spare bedroom, she got up just fine the next morning as if nothing was wrong, so she's started sleeping in there. Certain people around me seem to want to help and give me suggestions of new things to try, but most of them are just well meaning friends with no experience with fm. Have any of you had any luck with a different mattress, and if so is it softer or firmer, pillowtop or traditional, specialty mattress or what? I really appreciate any answers... Thanks
  2. legaldiva007

    legaldiva007 New Member

    mrsjethro, surely someone will give us their opinion. I also wondered if a new mattress would help allievate my morning stiffness. There's so many on the market I don't know where to start.
    Has anyone on the board tried a "Cuddle Ewe?"
  3. Hope4Sofia

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    At first I though my back pain was because I needed a new mattress so we bought an air-mattress (like the sleep number bed). That never really helped much but we tried again with another expensive mattress with a memory foam topper. Still had the morning stiffness and pain.

    Finally, got the fibro diagnosis in Feb of this year.

    All that being said, I definitely can't sleep on other mattresses so my mattress must help some. When I travel I have real problems.

    I hope this helps. Wish I could give you more hope than that.

  4. halo52208

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    I am also on a firm mattress after going off a waterbed. The firmer mattress was better for my back. I had to get those foam toppers though.

    The morning stiffness has nothing to do with the mattress. It's the fm and it is part of it's evilness. The only time I remember waking up feeling great was when I was wearing my foot Detox pads. I have been busy with my sons graduation and a new job, so I have been forgeting to wear them. If you don't know what they are just look under the search and type in detox pads.

    I hate mornings and they have been getting worse for me. But once I'm up moving, I feel better. My body can't handle being mobile for to long. But it can't be to active either, so I'm stuck in the middle somewhere. But aren't we all.

    Hope this helps, who knows, maybe there is a perfect mattress out there somewhere.

    Good Luck
    Soft hugs, halo
  5. mykas_mommy

    mykas_mommy New Member

    I bought my first ever new matteress last September. I am a big girl and have broken down the matteresses I have been using. The first one I had was my great grandmas bed and she died when I was 12 and owned it long before then (got rid of it when I was 36). Bought a set at a garage sale and it wasnt a good set broke it down too.

    I went to the store here in town that sells only bedding. I had been looking at a beautyrest because of the coils and the one I liked the most had memory foam in it. By the time I finally got up the nerve to get it, it was gone. A former co-worker told me about this one called Chiro Dreamer. It has pillow top on both sides and has a 20 year warranty which is unheard of. I swear this is the most comfortable matteress I have ever slept on. I got the set, headboard and frame for 650 plus had it treated with scotchguard stuff. The only bad thing about it is my sheets wont stay on it, cause I move around so much.

    I hope if you truly want to get a new matteress you can find one of these. Plus they are so thick its easier for me to get out of bed in the morning.

    Good luck!!!!
  6. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    ...I have been trying new mattresses for almost a year now with no relief. It seems anything soft enough to help my terribly sore muscles does not give enough support for my low back. And vice versa. I am miserable. We have had, I think, 6 different mattresses in the past year. Fortunately, we have "only" paid for 2 of them. The others were returned or exchanged.

    Be sure to buy from someone who will give you a trial period.

    I haven't tried the Tempur-pedics or any other memory foam yet. That may be next.

    Good luck. Hope you do better than me.
  7. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    We just got a new set from jc pennys. It is the kind that has a foam that fits your body.You kind of sink down into it.Like the ones they show on TV where someone puts their hand down and it leaves a print.Its better then our last one,but I still have troubles sleeping.My husband loves it and sleeps better then he has in years .He snors less also.It has a pillow top and cost on sale about 2500.Thats a good price as I shopped around.I don't buy anything unless its on sale.:)
  8. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    I seldom come here anymore, but saw the "mattress post" and had to weigh in with my experience. We bought a Tempurpedic mattress hoping to help my husband sleep better----he tends to be the one waking up with a sore neck and shoulders, and we'd had a pillowtop mattress that we felt was a little too soft.

    We HATED the memory foam!! Luckily, we had a 30-day trial time during which we could return it. We gave ourselves a week, then decided we HAD to return it; I actually slept on the couch the last couple of nights!

    I'm not dissing the Tempurpedic, I think it is a totally individual choice, and I'm sure the memory-foam mattresses have their loyal fans---but for us, it was like sleeping on a concrete slab, we couldn't change position or turn over easily, and it was totally uncomfortable to just lay in bed and watch TV, for example, for those who do that.

    My point is, make sure that whatever mattress you buy, make sure that you have a 30-day return policy just in case it doesn't turn out to be what you'd hoped. We now have a Simmons w/a more firm pillowtop than our old pillowtop, and we love it!

    Good luck,
  9. julieisfree05

    julieisfree05 New Member

    Hi Mrsjethro,

    The mattress that helped my FM pain and stiffness more than anything was a "waveless" waterbed mattress. You can fill it to the perfect softness (or hardness) level for you, the "waveless" thing keeps you from getting "seasick" and provides lumbar support, and the water-heater keeps you from getting chilled at night.

    I also found that putting a featherbed type thingy under the sheet provided even more comfort. I've heard great things about the "Cuddle-Ewe" underquilt, but I've never tried one myself.

    Hope this helps,

    julie (is free!)

    All I know is
    love can heal
    what nothin'
    else can heal.. - Radney Foster
  10. jole

    jole Member

    We tried several mattresses also, and they were not good for me. My husband insisted on the sleep number because we could each adjust to our own taste, and I can also change it during the night if I need to .

    I still hurt, am still stiff in the morning, but much better now than with the "traditional" mattresses. So, as with everything else, it's a very individual thing. what works for one obviously won't for the next.

    Good luck!
    Friends - Jole
  11. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I did not really understand how much difference it made until recently.

    I had always shared a bed with my husband until a few months ago. It had a "good mattress" and we kept changing toppings on the bed to help us. I would be so stiff in the mornings and the pain would be so bad that it would wake me up constantly. We bought a special memory foam pad that cost quite a lot of money that was suppose to help keep you cool. We then bought a feather top. That didn't work and we went back to the memory foam.

    Because of my sleep problems and heat intolerance, I moved into our bonus room that we had made into a bedroom/setting area. That queen bed had never been used and the mattress was made by the same company as the king size bed. I slept so much better. I added a much cheaper foam bed topper (like $300.00 cheaper and not memory foam) and bought five feather pillows.

    I have tried a few times to sleep in the bed with my husband and each time I can barely get out of the bed. I did not realize how much of my pain was caused by that bed or the memory foam.

    My husband also suffers from neck and back problems but for whatever reason he is afraid for me to change the bed.

    But the answer is YES, it and a few good pillows make a great deal of difference.
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  12. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    both the topper and the bed,I love it.I have no problems rolling over or with heat.I take the toppoer even if I am going to a hotel .Linda
  13. sukis

    sukis New Member

    hi mrs,
    i find a latex mattress helps me i only have cfs though,not FM hope u find one that helps you love sukis
  14. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    We bought a new mattress a year ago, which was supposed to help with tenderpoints. Even with expensive mattress topper, I still felt awful in the morning.

    Several months ago, I started having severe trouble with back and neck pain. After looking at everything under the sun, we are buying a Dormia Adj.Bed. Someone on this board recommended it. I know it will help with the fibro pain I have using a regular bed.

    I tried one yesterday and fell in love with it. I need to have my neck and legs up and it also has massage features. There are no coils. I like that.

    Our insurance will pay 80% if a doctor writes an Rx. I see pain specialist tomorrow and will ask him for one.

    It's time to get out of the recliner and back in the same room as DH! LOL

    Hope you find something that helps.

  15. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I have the oldest set w/ a sag in the middle. The sag really does a number on my back, and you can feel the springs if it isn't padded up good. So I just use 2 mattress pads + another wool blanket for extra padding, and we strategically placed some rolled up towels under the mattress to fill in the sag, and it's so comfy now.

    Having a firm mattress, but that's very well padded to reduce pressure points does make a big difference. We'll be changing to our new queen soon. It has a pillow top on both sides, but it's not the deluxe model, so I got a featherbed topper and a good cushy mattress pad too. Should be great because we have an old boxspring underneath, the kind w/ real springs in it.

  16. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    for the Mrs. Hope she sees this!
  17. livin4him

    livin4him New Member

    The last bed I tried was the Tempurpedic, I posted some info. on it before. Basically, the heat got me. However, I did like the no pressure point feel.

    So now, I am looking at a memory foam (not tempurpedic) with a huge pillowtop just on top - like 3 - 4 inches. I have tried out a few and think I have it narrowed down.

    Also, I have found out that my only relief is in recliner. Head up, hips up position for the severe back pain. So, I am going to purchase a good adjustable base.

    The website at has really helped me. You can go and type in whatever you are looking at and it probably will have some reviews on there either about the product or store. Really helpful.

    Best of luck to you. It is a tough thing to do when you are sick like we are.

  18. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    Well, you have a lot of responses! Here is another. I love my Temperpedic mattress. In our spare bedroom my husband bought a new (extra firm) mattress. One night when he was snoring really bad, ha-ha, I tried to sleep on it and felt horrible the next day. So, I bought a memory foam topper and it felt great!
    Maybe you should buy the memory foam topper and see how it feels before making an investment on a new mattress.

  19. sukis

    sukis New Member

    hi all,
    please can anyone tell me what i can take for IBS. i am in so much pain ty sukis
  20. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member


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