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  1. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    for me it started about 2 years ago. my job was 45 min away. i did everything to stay awake. slap my face, put the a/c on full blast, etc

    i was wondering if i might have chemical sensitivity disorder. i heard it causes fatigue. and with all of the pollution...there has to be quite a few chemicals out there.

    that is also when my pain got extremely worse. sitting in one position for such a long time. i was in sales and i had to drive most of the day selling ads for a newspaper.

  2. Bren2135

    Bren2135 New Member

    Yes, this happened to me, few years ago, when I was single and actively dating. I remember coming home late at night a few times (11:00 PM is late for me, haha), and being so fatigued I could just blink, and easily keep my eyes closed. However, the solution was simple for me - stop staying out so late!

    Your situation is more difficult, though, if it's affecting your job and your safety on a daily basis. This is really scary and dangerous, for you and other drivers, and I hope you can work with your doctor and employer and find a solution soon! Please let us know how it goes..

  3. CAM57

    CAM57 New Member

    It has been going on now for 2 months and it is getting worse! My really bad time to drive is betwwen 7 am-10 am and 3pm-4pm. Is this part of Fibro too? I hate it!!
  4. ll1816

    ll1816 Member

    I've come close to falling asleep while driving. Fatigue is one of my biggest challenges and even driving a short distance, I have to really focus and concentrate. It scares me!

  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I've been there, done that!!! It's scary!!!

    I had a 75 min. commute to my job in the early morning--had to leave between 6:15 - 6:30 am. I could not keep my eyes open either! Like you, I kept the car cold, music loud, etc. Nothing helped. Ocassionally, I would even have to stop mid-way on my drive at a gas station to get a cold Mountain Dew so the caffeine would help me stay awake (and I'm a heart patient and not supposed to be drinking caffeinated products!)

    I normally worked 8 to 10 or 12 hours a day. My 75 min. drive home was even worse because I was so fatigued from the day's work, might have a headache, and every bone-joint-muscle in my body hurt. Driving home, I've even ran off the road enough for my tires to hit the gravels on the roadside--which would wake me up temporarily.

    YOU NEED TO HAVE A SLEEP STUDY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chances are that you have some type of sleep disorder. You might think you are sleeping all night, but you are not. The sleep lab can tell you your exact sleep patterns and if you need help.

    I have obstructive sleep apnea and now sleep with a CPAP and oxygen.


  6. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    actually that was my last job. things just kept going downhill from there.

    i also now get this feeling driving short distances. it's awful. mine was especially worse in the early morning.

    we have a sleep study place right near my house. i'll have to check it out. at least i might be able to drive there without falling!

    Thanks again and God Bless!
  7. mamagood

    mamagood New Member

    This has happened to me since I moved from a condo to a house which is bigger than my condo and I have 3 dogs. I'll sometimes fall asleep on the way to work and stop for a large coffee after having 2-3 cups at home. Sometimes I'll fall alseep on my way home. If my day has been extremely busy and I'm up at 5:00 a.m. to feed the dogs and start my day 7 days aweek. It happened last week and I woke up heading down the wrong side of the road. Luckily it was only for a second and no one was coming in that direction. I drove home and took a nap as I still had to take 1 dog to the vets. I slept for 1 hour. It really helped.

    I'm hoping now that my thyroid medication dosage has increased that my flare up of FM will settle some and I can sleep better and feel better.

    Good luck to everyone with conquering this problem. I want to sleep when I want and be awake when I need to be.
  8. Joshuaalpha

    Joshuaalpha New Member

    I sleep 12 hrs a day so I just limit my driving. I drove across canada before Fibro was diagnosed and it was absolutely horrible trying to stay away. I closed my eyes sometimes and it felt sooo good. I only got about 6-8 hrs in per day of driving. I would sleep for 12 hrs straight in motel rooms then be on the road for 4 hrs and sleep naps.
    I will NEVER EVER drive for long distances like that ever again.
  9. WoodstocksMusic

    WoodstocksMusic New Member

    Narcolepsy comes in varying degrees of severity.

    I was diagnosed with a mild case when I had my sleep study done.

    Of course I still contend that if a person wakes up 30 times during 8 hours they would fall asleep during the daytime too if given a chance!

    And they do not prop you up in front of TV during the daytime portion of the sleep study...they put you back in bed for short times and if you doze off during that time your diagnosed with narcolepsy!

    I fell asleep easily during the daytime portion of my study but dragged on and on before I fell asleep at night...and then woke over 30 times during the night!

    Certainly by all means get a sleep study before you kill yourself behind a wheel of a vehicle. They have meds that can help you stay awake in the daytime.

  10. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

    Yeah I fell asleep on the way back home from seeing the doctor. I didn't have my inhaler on me, and I was so tired,and the heat was not helping me either.

    The drive is a long drive (45 minutes or more).

    I was fighting hard to stay awake, and then woke up in the middle of two lanes and said oh my gosh, and got back in my lane, and then moved over to the slow lane of freeway.

    So in the future, I will take my mom, because it is just too dangerous driving on my own for such a long distance.

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