Anyone Familiar with Dr. Hal Blatman in Cincinnati?

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    I've seen him listed on several 'good doc' sites and recently found his website. He offers traditional and other forms of treatment. Appears to be very knowledgeable abuot MP, as well as Fibro, CF, etc. His clinc has patients from all over, and I'd like to know if anyone has seen him or knows someone who has?

    We live in Indiana, and it's only a little over 3 hours away. Seeing as I go to Indianapolis for most of my doctors, the distance doesn't bother me.

    Any information? Would love to hear from you!


  2. Mrs. B

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    insurance group and is very expensive so, I didn't go see him. I have heard the same from several other people also. I'm not sure which ins. he accepts if any.

  3. ksp56

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    THANKS for the info. I had thought he might be very expensive. I might call for the heck of it, but if he doesn't accept insurance, I'll have to find someone not as well known!


  4. CJR

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    I went to Dr. Blatman for over a year. He did accept my insurance but he was also expensive. It was charged similar to surgery. I paid 20%. Over the year I paid him maybe $1000 dollars or a little more. Now did it help? YES. I quit going to him because I did not hurt anymore and then I moved out of Cincinnati to Texas. I wish I could go back to him. He believes in the patient taking an active part in their thearpy and gives you exercersizes and stretches to do after the triger point injections and if you don't do them you will not stay better. The injections HURT. He told me when the injections hurt more than the everyday pain you will stop coming. And I did. I get trigger point injections now with cortisone but they do not help as much as Dr. Blatman's did. They do not hurt as much to get them either so I wonder if they are doing them right. I liked his physolosity (sp)toward illness and toward his patients. He does not tell you he can cure you but he will reduce your pain if you do your part. If you are having chronic pain which limits you life I would strongly recommend you visit him if you can afford it. Under stand, this is purly a personal opinion and I offer it as no medical advice. I saw Dr. Blatman in about 1994 and at that time I had not yet been diagnosed with Fibro. I was seeing him for arthritis and just unexplained (Fibro) pain because as you know it was much harder 10 years ago to get diagnosed. Hope this helps you. Good Luck and God Bless CJR
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    Your information is very helpful. I've several options I'm pondering and he is certainly one of the main ones!

    Thanks again for the help!

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    Kim - what doctors do you go to in Indianapolis? I live near Indy and I'm interested as to who you see and what kind of doctors they are. Thanks.

  7. ksp56

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    Hi Hoosier Pal!

    I see Dr. Douglas Smith, rheumatologist, on Meridian Street close to Carmel.

    I have only seen him once, and have my second appointment in October. He likes to see his patients several times a year, or more if needed. He appears to be a caring and concerned physician.

    He seems like a good doctor. It was my first meeting with him and was a long one. But basically we were just talking about diagnosis, etc. He prescribed Utlracet, which I believe has helped some with daily pain. He was highly recommended and was voted Best Rheumatologist in the Indianapolis monthly, several years ago. I need to find out more about his philosophy etc. He does have many fibro patients.

    The other doctor I see is my oncologist, Dr. George Sledge.

    If you need any more information, let me know!


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    I also saw Dr. Blatman over a one year period. His office is one of the most accrpting places for a person with FM. He completely validates a person's pain and gives you practical steps to ease that pain. The injections (No steroids are included) are painful but worth it. He is also comfortable using pain medications to treat pain (go figure?). I stopped seeing him because my pain was under control. The treatment is expensive. Just call the office - his staff was always helpful and they are upfront with the cost of treatment.

    Good Luck!