Anyone feel misdiagnosed?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aussiegirl, May 17, 2003.

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    Hi everyone! I have posted here before but not for some time. My doctors have told me they think I have chronic fatigue but sometimes I wonder if it is really fibromyalgia. I get times when I feel I can handle life and other times like now when I feel I want the world to stop so I can get off. In the beginning of this awful thing that has invaded my body I felt tingling, extreme tiredness where I felt the need to lie down all the time , as well as loss of appetite, anxiety, depression and a sore neck and shoulders. I was taking chinese herbs for that and felt better then I hit a relapse so I lost faith in that. I turned to vitamins. Then I started to feel better again only to hit another relapse this time with irritable bowel, more tingling, and muscle spasms, depression and tiredness again with a sore neck and this time brain fog.
    I turned to massage therapy which was helping me feel so much better that the symtoms all but went except the occasional tiredness which I could cope with and the sore shoulders and neck.
    Well different people have told me that it could be fibromyalgia as I have had stiff shoulders and my neck is unbearable at times. My massage therapist told mwe last week its the worst hes seen me. He said Im carrying so much stress tension in my back its like concrete.
    I feel like tightness in my colarbone as well as my neck, side of the front of my neck and shoulders.
    I get a tired feeling come over me when my neck starts to hurt. Anyone else ever feel like this?
    Stress seems to have brought my latest attack on I think as I have had a few problems with my 16 year old daughter who recently ran away from home. She has been gone 5 weeks now. She chose a boyfriend over her family and is going from friend to friends house to stay.
    I dont feel much support from my family at this time and depression has set in today. Anyone suggest anything natural to take while I get through this difficult period of my journey in life?
    Also has anone heard of Bowen therapy and if so does it help?
    Sorry about such a long post but I am having one of my down days today. I guess I will survive!
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    FMS. Gary just a couple months later me a year. So Yes. It could be and many deveope FMS after CFS. Some say CFS may be one of the precursors to FMS. But, Know one knows for sure what causes FMS. Don't know anything that worked for us that was a suppliment but, maybe others have some sugestions.

    Kids, love to make you jump. From one who's gone through leaving home at 16 for a while. Call the cops and then send her away to school. I wish my P's had. I was to go to boarding school and talked them out of it. A few years later I wished I had gone and knew it would have been better for me.

    Hope this helps a bit and be stong for you, Kim and Gary
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    I feel like we are all unwilling participants in a world wide human experiment that started with something being put into antidepressants to start our nightmare and therefore because we had taken an antidepressant or an anxiety med we were a little loopy in the eyes of all of those around us doing the judgeing so they could get away with saying it is all in our head.