Anyone feel they could use an "EXTREME MAKEOVER"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by baanders, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. baanders

    baanders New Member

    I could use some fillers for those lines around my mouth and forehead from crying from all of the pain. How about a tummy tuck and liposuction for those problem areas around the chin, rear, and belly for not being able to exercise like we used to? LOL. Can anyone relate? Seriously, I feel I have aged so much since this hit me 5 years ago.

    God love you all.

  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but would love to get rid of those darn stretch marks from my son..

    and if i could get back into the gym and work out and lift weights again...i will have it going on...

    not perfect...but i could do a tummy tuck...but working out is first...

    the face is still young looking for me alost age of 42...but who knows a few more years down the road...i may love a nip and tuck..

    if you want it check it out...and love it...

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Sure would be nice just to go to a spa for a month to be coddled... pain and/or any chronic illness sure does put the miles on everybody eventually!

    I just read an article that they're finding using Botox to eliminate frown lines actually seems to be helping people who are depressed! I'll just bet the insurance companies will love to hear that lololol!

    It makes sense, really - they already know that just the act of smiling, even if you feel sad, does start chemical changes in the brain. I know it works for me.

    But would love to say,
    "I'll have a facelift please, I am so depressed!"

  4. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    Do you think we all carry our weight in the same places?
    I look 9 months preg. all the time.also under my chin and the tops of my arms.Tops of my legs.

    I also feel like I have aged very much sence I got this DD
    a day at the spa would be nice :)
  5. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    I can definately understand needing a total makeover. Can I put in for a complete one head to toe?? There isn't a part of my body that hsn't gone bonkers with this crappy DD. I wish that my body could realize that I've been dieting for years but it doesn't seem to know it's doubled in weight. The hair color of 57 years has turned more white in just the past year of life. I don't do makeup as that would be more as if I were a clown in a circus.And to top it off I was sorely tempted to jump in the van last week to drive 40 miles to a new shop that caters to Musilem +Islamic ladies and know I haven't been able to drive in 8 years.

    I want to cry but as has been said it's better to laugh than cry. Wish my mind could understand the joke! Can we wake up? Are we depressed? Have we given up our true self and become aliens??? No easy answers to any of these questions. I'll grab my favorite pjs,a warm fuzzy blanket,warm rice packs and go back into my corner to await science reasearchers to find impossible answers.
  6. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Just jack my butt up on the hoist and overhaul the whole body!

    Carebelle I agree about the 9 month pregnant look. Not to mention the rest of the body.

    Sign me up for the extreme makeover!

    hugs Marion
  7. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    I don't know if I would go extremem. I am trying to loose weight and have lost 20 so far just can't seem to get past that though. The two things I would love to have done though is my hair (dye and style) can't afford to do that now and 3 years ago before this DD no one could believe that I was in my 40's. Would really love to be told that again. Oh well wish and dream........SueF
  8. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    i also carry my weight in my belly.
    and hurts for me to admit and even hear...but ive aged alooot during the past couple years. friends my age still look the same..but i look tired...worn.
  9. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Oh, I thought the skin flab on my tummy after 3 pregnancies was for use as a blankie on your cold thies during the winter? Well, then, a tummy tuck and some slimming work on my poor waist would help.

    And, yes, my face is starting to fall from having a coma-like expression at the house where no stranger can see how tired I am,,,LOL! I am afraid I will have my face stuck like that if I keep it up. Some botox injections and dental work!

    And how about,,,, nah, better stop it now, I heard surgeries like these are addictive, I'm already thinking about the "next step" surgeries,,,LOL!

    As for this DD aging us- it does me, it is scary, the past 2 years have added several years compared to only 2 years ago.
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  10. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Good Lord, did that last sentense sound SPACY!@?

    My brain has not been by best ally either, is there botox for that?
  11. meme11

    meme11 New Member

    I am so shocked to read some of these replies. I could never gain weight growing up. I still have skinny legs and arms. But, as the years of learning my pain was caused from fibro and post polio syndrom i started gaining weight in my stomache at first i thought well, it's from sitting with the 8 ft surgeries, but it's all in my stomach. I gained 52 punds, I wasn't this big with my pregnancy. i have gone through being so ashamed of it i started wearing big shirts and I won't see any of my friends i worked with, I am so ashamed of it still. My husband makes me feel better, he says wear close like everyone else that is big and wear them to fit, if my stomache shows he loves me and my stomache. I have gotten a little better, until I look in the mirror and i am shocked. I have isolated myself because of this stomach and it makes my stretch marks from one daughter 50 times bigger. I have tried not eating, doesn't work, diets, doesn't work, I try to exercise but the back pain and the all over pain it causes is impossible, and i just had a knee replacement so now certain excercises seems impossible. What to do? I wish someone could come up with something. I have heard from so much stress we release cortisol and it goes to our stomaches and there is a pill for that. But, I can't take everything, I have bad side effects on so many meds I'm afria d to try them. My dr says this sounds logical, but he wouldn't take anthing advertised on tv so he isn't any help.l Ha anyone else heard this? Phyl
  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I have a very good friend who just has to have a face that looks well even smoother than a childs. She is in her fifties.

    Personally I think it looks awful. She also has to wear heavy makeup as when you have the deep dernabrasion and skin peeling the skin turns white like a dead persons.

    She actually looks like someone of 50 who had a lot of work done. Strangely it does not make her look younger, just plastic. All those stars may look great on film but in real life they look dreadful. I think people look a lot better aging gracefully. Bridget Bardot the greatest s.symbol of all time never had a thing done and at 75 looks cute wrinkles and all. I think though that Sophia looks awful, ditto for MT Moore, JAndrews and others I think even Susan Sarandon sold out. Just Dianane Keeton left staying "whole".

    God gave us smile lines for a purpose.

    I don't mind wrinkles at all. My 80 year old MIL is really pretty and has a ton of them. We have to stop selling out to Hollywood, as who is actually HAPPY there?

    However, I would like my health.

    Blessings and love to all,

  13. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    I understand entirely what you mean here. We all have problems at time accepting the new us. I too freak out when I catch a glimpse of my body in a mirror or store window while out. That's why I somedays think of the Muslims way of the lady hidden away from others by careful veiling.Many in those cultures only allow a woman's eyes to be seen. I've done the large oversized shirts and tunics and such. I've dieted to the point my body screams hold on we are starving and refuses to let go of calories. Until I had faced this DD for several years I fought all my life to stay up at 105 pounds. Nope not eatting disorders for sure just matabulism that was speeding constantly. 3000 calorie milk shakes were a must do. And the only time I could gain and look "healthy" was while I carried my babies.

    I think of the most beautiful ladies as the ones God blessed with natural beauty. My most favorites of these would be Jackline Kennedy Onasis and Katerine Hepburn. And several ladies from our church.

    We have to try to let go of the old images in our minds and learn to accept who we are now. God Bless you
  14. birdkeeper

    birdkeeper New Member

    I just started a beginners class in TAI CHI I just love it. It makes me feel better about myself not to mention the benefits it brings. I also am taking a class on how to breath and work the muscles the movements are so slow and painless it just feels great and reduces stress.

    I finally found something that is working for me. And don't worry there people of all kinds in these classes and most have disibilities like ours.
  15. simplyhurting

    simplyhurting New Member

    I started looking pregnant some time ago; some days more than others. the more the pain, the greater the swelling and fatigue. Thought I was the only one; fatigue and pain can age one quickly. Would love to learn tai chi

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