Anyone find good "cure" for flu...remedies?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cshellz, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. cshellz

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    Hi all...
    On the flu topic: Anyone with good help with flu?
    Read the ads for something holistic "oscillococc...?"
    (forget spelling, sorry) Have done the tea with LIME--works great on cough and congestion and after first few sips you forget the stiff taste.
    Also saw article for emer-gen-c and Sambucol (black elderberry extract) I guess Jane Seymore swears by it--?
    I have frozen some of my chicken soup (ahhh wonderful) just in case: When you are sick, who can get up to make it. I remember having flu 3-4 times in my life that I consider
    "life threatening/altering." I had the swine and hong kong in the past and I can't do that again. On top of this dd, I have to take care of my Mom (75 & declining with early Alzheimers: am her 'lifeline' and she only weighs 89lbs--she must not be exposed to it) take care of family and just get thru life---you all know what I mean.
    Thanks for any input! Happy Gentle Healthy Wishes to all!
  2. Cromwell

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    I absolutely swear by two things and just found a third. Firstly, I use Zicam nasal gel at the first sign of anything. I also use hand wipes whenever I go anywhere and touch supermart carts etc.

    I just discovered Airborne and it seems to also work well for the neck pain of FM too.

    A Jamaican woman I once knew said to use plantains(bananas) mashed into chicken soup too for the extra potasium.
  3. cherylsue

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    I swear by this, and I thinked it helped me put my viral CFS in remission.

    Sambucol (elderberry extract) At least 1 tablespoon a day

    Pro Boost 1 pkg a day. Rather expensive, but sold from ProHealth.

    There have been clinical studies on both of these products with positive results.

    (I tried Olive Leaf Extract, Lauricidin, garlic, etc. but only the above seemed to work. A few minutes after taking them I'd break out in a mild sweat, but I think over time they did help)

    I work in a large school and am exposed to germs daily. It's probably how I came down with this viral CFS in the first place.
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