anyone from arizona? Im from PHX

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    lovely weather huh????
    any luck w/a great pain doc, My rheummie is scared to go for long term meds,,, he says its dangerous????
    I take vicoden 3 a day,, it does not get rid of the pain,, I want a slow release and that for breakthru...
    I had a pain doc in scottsdale, but he only would give me six months on them? He said only short term unlesss I was terminally ill???
    I have tried all other treatments and therapies, some work temporarily which is great, but in one day or two Im back to the same old stuff.
    I integrate a lot of naturopath stuff as well, I believe in the combination and diet and exercise.
    Any feedback would be great!@!
    I have all my records w/the formal diagnoses of;
    degenerative disc disease
    so I can prove that the treatment is needed.
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    Hi Iggy,

    I'm from Phoenix. I haven't been on much lately mostly due to increased pain and fatigue. Your list of ailments is very similar to mine. I also integrate western medicine and naturopathic. I have a pain managment doctor that is an expert in his field and has no problem treating pain with pain managment drugs. Unfortunately, he's not currently taking new patients. Keep looking though, I know there are other good ones around. As far as a suggestion, I can't say enough how juicing has helped me. I've been focusing on juicing vegetables such as carrot, beets, cucumbers and ginger. This gives me more energy, less pain (ginger is anti-inflamatory) and detoxes my liver (beets). The reason my pain levels have been up recently is that I stopped sleeping because of a new drug my doctor was trying. Once I stopped sleeping my fatigue went up and I wasn't able to juice. When I didn't juice the pain levels went way up along with more fatigue. Living well with this disability is a very delicate balance but one thing I've found is that there are three critical pieces; kind of like the legs of a stool...sleep, diet and exercise (when I say exercise I mean stretching or maybe walking 5 know what I mean). Everything else seems to balance on that. Take care and good luck in your search. Try's great! Janice
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    Just my luck that he isnt taking new patients!!!!!!
    anyway, Im starting to juice again... I also got some milk thistle to detox the liver, and a ton of other supplements.
    Please keep me in your prayers about finding a great doc.
    You are in my prayers,
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    Keep you in my prayers. If I should hear that my doc is taking new patients I'll get on here and let you know. Blessings, Janice
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    Hi there,

    I'm an AZ native. Born and raised in Phoenix. My Rhumey is awesome. Usually I see Michael Fairfax on 2nd St, but the last two visits were with Amanda Lewis (PA) and she is great too. They are both very compassionate and will prescribe most anything for pain but valium. I was given Oxycontin to break my pain cycle when I first went in years ago (time release, one every 12 hours). I felt like a new person, I actually sang along with the radio. I was told to take one every 12 hours, but cut waaay back and only took as needed. Now, as you can see from a post made today she has prescribed Morphine I'm scared to try it, but the Oxycontin was really expensive and you can get the Morphine in generic.

    Any questions about the doctors, please feel free to ask.

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    I live right outside of Tucson, Oro Valley. I was in tears yesterday. The last 2 weeks have been horrible for me. That darn barometric pressure. My DOC Rx.'s me a two week script at a time.

    I do get 4mg. of Dilaudid (hydromorphone), only 4 a day.
    He use to Rx me a month at a time, but because I had such a terrible time on and especially coming off of Nortriptyline and was depressed and crying, (my hands could not even open or close), and launched over in misery. He was concerned that I was suicidal even though I brought in my meds to show him that I do not take more that what I am directed to take.

    It is a pain to pick up the written script from his office every two weeks. My roommate has to go a lot for me and he is 78 years old and I have to write him precise directions to the office. Just because I was crying and depressed, I would like to see how he would be handling some of the pain that I go through. I have/had every reason to be depressed and cry.

    I use to take ES Vicodin,(hydrocodone), for aprrox. 4 years. It just was not working anymore. I would prefer to be on the Vicodin. Dilaudid 4 times a day is not really pain management. The most it will last is 4 hours. Most people get it for breakthrough pain. I had asked him for breakthrough pain meds and he said no.

    I build up a tolerance to meds and even some supplements, like SAMe often. I cannot take antidepressants or Neurontin. I am one of those who gets worse on them. I have been off of SAMe for some time now and I am thinking of going on it again. It really helped me for some time. But it is pricey and have to watch the sales.

    I also take Flexeril,(generic), 10mg three times a day. Thought it worked wonders at first and now it is not. I hope he will work with me on that. I take two 1mg of Klonoin,(clonazeam) a day and that also was great at first but now it is if I am not even taking them. But I do know it is hard to wean off of. I have been cutting my Flexeril and Klonopin 1/4 of a dose at a time, so then if I go down on them for awhile, I can change the Flexeril to Methacarbonal again. And possibly go back up on the Klonopin and it may work again. I was cutting down on my Dilaudid but that went to hell when the monsoons came in. I have also went back up on the Flex. and Klon. just the last few days hoping to go back down right away.

    I am not thrilled with my Doc, he really is not in the mainstream/cutting-edge. But at the present time I am on Social Security Disability and on AP/IPA Personal Care Plus Medicare Advantage Program with AHCCCS. I would have to change PCP with them. But I am afraid I will get someone worse. I am getting back-arrears child support again and I may lose my health benefits.

    I have days where it seems as though I am not absorbing my nutrients and/or meds. Those days suck. I use a variety of topicals and baths with Epsom salts.

    I don't know how it is for you, but just walking around a Super Walmart shopping will put me in bed for the most part.
    I definitely believe my FMS and CFIDS has progressed. It becomes harder for me to do things and I spend more days in bed. I can always tell if wind or rain is coming, even if it is not on our Northwest side of town, but it affects me when the storm is scattered on the east side.

    Last year I had two surgeries, partial vaginal hysterectomy with bladder suspension and an emergency appedectomy. This year I had an abcess tooth where the infection became systemic because I did not get it checked when I was suppose to, because I just thought it was my fibro. Then antibiotics for 30 days, then thrush. I use to have a way below average body temp of 96 to 97. Lately I have been running a low grade of 99.? and am feeling achy quite often.

    Basically I cannot find a Doc that believes in mycoplasma infections. Not that I can take antibiotics for any length of time. I just ordered some Transfer Factor Essentials and ImmunPlex from the ProHealth store. I hope to get it tomorrow.

    I went to a good Chiro. for adjustments and acupuncture. I just need to get over my agoraphobia and see him again. Plus it's the money thing. I find that these DD's are very expensive to have. At the moment, I do not pay rent, but that may be changing in a few months for several reasons. I may be moving back to Chicago and will probably go through my savings again due to these DD's to pay rent.

    Well, Sorry I rambled on. You are not alone suffering through these Arizona monsoons.

    Love and Hugs,

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    Thanks so much its nice to have neighbors out here...
    I will call YOur doc in the morning, fairfax, Ill try the dexonline to get his phone.. thank you so much...
    I feel bad today so I cant type much... Is he a MD or pain specialist, do I need a referral? I would like to chat sometime here..
    I read your bio and you have alot of serious health issues, I pray for your healing ....

    thanks so much for responding.
    I was born in CHicago, I pray for your body and healing as well... I hope we can chat sometime..
    I dont have insurance so the natural route is on hold I cannot afford it.
    Thank you ladies, I have some hope in finding some fair and humane treatment for this DD
    Love and much
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    I think Abbeymae hit the nail on the head..
    Its the monsoons that are killing our bodies,,
    I pray for them to end soon!!!
    I live in Avondale
    were neighbors!!!
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    I have RA and FM. I have been seeing a great pain doc for the past year in Goodyear. He is not afraid to prescribe any type of narcotic needed to relieve the horrible pain we suffer from due to our ailments. He is very understanding and compassionate.

    His name is Dr. Navtej Tung.

    Address: 13555 W. McDowell Rd. Suite 201
    Goodyear, AZ

    I live in Litchfield Park, so his office is just a few miles from my house. I don't know what part of the valley you live in, but he is well worth the drive if you live far. And he is taking new patients.

    I wish you the best. He certainly has helped me a ton.

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    I live in Garden lakes in avondale! wow.
    thank you so much for the input I will call him.. Is he a rheummy or MD?
    what do you take for your pain?
    is it working?
    I am looking for a local support group near us, do you go to one?
    maybe we should meet to have coffee sometime at starbucks, heck, all of us Az girls should meet when and if we are up to it physically.
    your info is greatly appreciated,
    Ive been w/rheummies and pain docs over the past 7 yrs, and have dealt w/the guilt factor or fear factor to take charge of my treatment,
    but now I will,
    cuz I cannot function normally until this pain is under control.
    my rheummie has me on ritalin during the day, do you take anything for the fatigue?
    thanks Kelly so much
    do I need a referral from my rheummie to see him?
    how long have you been a patient of his?
    Is he understanding and caring towards our illnesses, I despise the Godly type doc that looks down upon us!
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    I'm from Vail, just outside of tucson..Havent found a good pain dr. yet. let me know how you do..this moonsoon is absoulty awful.. we need the rain tho.. peggy
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    Peggy, read Abbeymae's post she lives right outside of tuscan on Oro valley, she could perhaps help you w/the pain doc...
    FOy, I dont know about Chino valley, but well keep on posting here til you get some help!!
    I have two suggestions for my area and ILl let you know how they turn out!!! thanks to Vickie and Kelly, if you read their posts here, ..
    God bless
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    I called your doc and they had a cancellation today so I am going today!!!
    what a blessing,
    ill let you know after the visit.
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    Hi Iggy. My computer is going crazy and keeps deleting my message, it may be this website not for sure though. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hi Iggy,

    Had a few appts. and haven't been on the computer. I'm glad you got in with Dr. Tung, let me know how it goes. Dr. Fairfax is a Rhumey and his number is 602-234-3444. I think it would be awesome to get together and meet all the Az girls. I have never been to chat. I see Kelly left her email and it hasn't been deleted yet. I will e mail her and have her give you my address.

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    So neat that we are finding each other. When I found Iggy's original post it was on the second page. I didn't have a doc referral because mine wasn't taking new patients but answered her mostly to let her know there was someone here from AZ...and now look at us! I would be up for getting together providing conditions were right. Let's see what we can do. Janice