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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Duesouth, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Duesouth

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    Is there anyone on this board from Arkansas that has Lyme Disease? I can't get local doctors to listen to me or even believe I'm really sick so I need information on what to do about Lyme disease. I had the bulls eye rash and all the symptoms. I know I have Lyme but I need proof and I need a cure. Some doctor's believe that Lyme don't exist in Arkansas. I know this is not true. It exist everywhere.
  2. hurt_allover

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    have you tried little rock for a doc there? there is a doctor in prescott ark named dr. m. young and he is really good..if he cant find it he will send you to somebody who can find it. He is not a lyme doc but the best doc I ever went to.
    LOL I dont think I have heard of bee branch, ar thats a new one for me and I thought I knew arkansas like the back of my hand..please tell me whats it close to?

    there is also a place in hot springs ar called levi hospital..another good place to start.

    Lymes diease is in arkansas and they found ticks with the diease in little rock area.
    keep us posted and good luck.
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    Bee Branch is just South of Clinton and about 36 miles North on Conway on highway 65.
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    its one of thoes when you see that big oak tree go passed that and turn left at the red barn...LOL gotta love arkansas! thanks for replying...rule of thumb if your doc wont listen to what you tell them fire him and find another one who will listen to you.

    for instance; when you are sick you go to the doc the first question he ask you is why are you here or whats proceed to tell him your symptoms even what it may be...he then checks you out and attempts to treat your symptoms which leads to a dx. now if that doc aint listening to you then how can he treat you? noone knows your body more than you do...please dont give up and find one that will listen to you.
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    I'm in Illinois and travel to Springfield, MO to see one of the top docs in the world. I treid to finding a LLMD here but there are none.

    If you can't get someone to treat you locally contact me through the board. I'm Munch over there. You may want to go there and post a request for a doctor near you.

    Have you heard anything about Dr Edwin Masters in Cape
    Cape Girardeau? He's been fighting with the CDC about the "Lyme-like" illness in the south transmitted from Borrelia lonestari ticks. Part of the problem is the CDC won't call it Lyme. It's the wrong tick!,E

    Here is info about how to get an accurate test:

    PS: During my last trip to see Dr C we stopped at Blanchard Springs. Awesome cavern! We always seem to go north to WI for vakay but the Ozarks are so pretty and close.[This Message was Edited on 11/13/2007]
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    Thanks Munch 1958. Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I've felt so rotten lately that I just didn't sign in. I appreciate you sending the links. I have wanted to see that doctor in Springfield for a long time but I read that the test wouldn't work if you had been on antibiotics and cortisone. I was on one or both most of the time and besides that, I was just too sick to make the trip. I could make it now but don't know if I can afford treatment from that doctor. Can you tell me what the out of pocket expense is for testing and treatment? Money is going to be by major drawback if Medicare won't pay for it.
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    He is without a doubt one of the best docs I've ever seen. Their level of customer service is unbelievable. After FFC, this doc is a gem.

    They do charge a nominal fee for return phone calls ($3 or $5). I don't mind paying because I don't have to wait a week or a month for someone to get back to me.

    I wrote a long post for CherylSue before she went to see Dr C. Let me see if I can find it again. Can't remember which board I put it on (Lyme or CFS/FM.)

    He doesn't take any insurance but am not sure about Medicare. I submit my claims then wait to get reimbursed. They out of network so it's 60%-40%. I eat the 40% up to a cut-off then they pay more.

    The doc in Cape G may or may not be seeing patients anymore. Not sure. If he is he may take Medicare.

    Found the post:[This Message was Edited on 11/14/2007]
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    Where is Cape G. Never heard of it. Can you tell me what to expect to pay for testing and treatment. I have two blockages, one going to my right arm and one on my neck. I'm seeing a surgeon next week to see about having them fixed. I didn't know until last night that Lyme would cause blockages. I guess my body is in terrible shape after having Lyme for 25-30 years. It's such a bad disease.
  9. munch1958

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    I already had the Igenex WB before seeing Dr C. I know you can get the kit for free by calling Igenex. Take it to a lab and then pay for the test when it's processed.

    You'd want the IGM & IGG WB.

    It probably would be best to call Dr C's office to get an idea about the costs. It varies by symptoms and how long you've been sick and what tests you need.

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    According to Kevin Trudeau:
    "Person after person... has Lyme disease."

    I think it is all over the USA
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    try this site in little rock lots of information. maybe a place to get help. Arkansas Neurology & Epilepsy
    Testing Center. they treat and give test for lymes.
    good luck