Anyone from Australia who has fibromyalgia?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goldilox, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. goldilox

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    I am looking for someone who lives in Australia, preferably Melbourne who can help with seeing a doctor who knows about fibromyalgia as my doctor doesnt believe it exists and I am ever so frustrated! Through reading this board I have to tell him which medications I would like to try and I usually get a frown or he doesnt think they are appropriate. I am especially interested in alternative medications such as the one Shirl is taking. If you know of any equivalent here in Melbourne anyone please let me know on this board. I would appreciate any kind of response as I am slowly going out of my mind.

    Thankyou so much,

  2. Shirl

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    I do know we have quite a few members from Australia, but can't think of names right now! Please keep your post bumped up so they will see yours.

    I wish I could help get you what you want, I buy most of mine from this site here, Pro Health. I do know they ship out of the country, but the postage maybe high.

    If you want to check this just go to the 'Store' link at the top right of this page. There is a section on shipping rates for other countries.

    Hopefully you can find what you want in Australia, it would be much cheaper for sure.

    Hope you find help soon dear lady...........

    If I can help, just let me know.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Misdiagnosed

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    I'm in Melbourne - my private email is my profile.
    I'm happy to converse with you. I've gone the natural route too so I can maybe give you some info.

  4. ozgran

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    I am an Aussie too, an old one, but still an Aussie. I have just been to see a Specialist in this field.He is not an alternate Dr, but I got desperate enough to see him. I am 65 and I still have things I want to do with my life. I have tried chinese medicine, acupunture etc etc. Am on Bio-Zinc which I believe is helping me and wouldn't go off it. He is expensive but my husband and I decided it was worth it to try and get me feeling a bit better again. The Dr is Dr Lewis at Donvale Medical Centre. Ring and have a chat to them. They are very nice and only deal with our particular problems so understand us. Love Ozgran.
  5. goldilox

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    I really appreciate your prompt replies....I felt extremely touched by your concern...Thankyou again. Shirl, could you please give me the name of the ZMA you take and the exact amount of ingredients? I will write to you Gill at your email address, thankyou for that. Ozgran, is Dr. Lewis a rheumatologist?
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    I noticed was mentioned as being in Melborne. He wrote a book, From Disability to Ability. I learned this from a previous post a few days or weeks ago. He sounds good. I don't live in Australia, but my son does now, so I just check out the Aussie's comments.


  7. ozgran

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    Dr Lewis is a Medical Practioner, Surgeon, Gyno' etc who was in a family medical practise and because of the effects of this DD and the many misunderstandings, decided to concentrate on just that. He does research and I believe talks on the subject.

    I see mention of his book in another post. I bought the book (costs $50, plus postage) and my masseur borrowed it and then bought a copy. I told my GP about visiting Dr Lewis and he told me "go for it" as he couldn't do anything more for me. He is a bit apprehensive about the treatment but I have given him my book to read so that he understands a bit better.

    My husband came with me on the second visit and thought Dr was good and explained things well. That was important to me and hubby certainly understands me a bit better now.

    I am on SlowK because of what Dr calls channelopathy where cells don't do as they should and let things enter and leave, hard to explain without my book. Am also on Lamactal which is an anti-seizure med as he says nuerotransmitters don't work properly. It is only a minute dose and he says in 3 weeks I should sleep better, have less pain and be less fatigued. I could handle that nicely thank you.

    As I said, he is expensive. You do get some rebate from medicare, but we decided we needed to do this to get me functioning a bit better.

    The Bio-Zinc is our equivalant to ZMA from what I can gather.
    Hope all this helps even tho' I assume you may still want to try the alternate therapies. Love Ozgran