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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chloeuk, Dec 22, 2006.

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    I am originally from the UK but have lived in Brisbane for the last 2 years, just about to apply for citizenship. It would be great to hear from other Aussies because I have found the health system to be a bit mind boggling here...and know that alot of meds that those in the US or UK talk about arent available here..also if there are any specialists in FMS or CFS, I have looked all over the net and havent found any..if they are good I would be willing to travel...also be interested to learn if Aussies are affected by the change in seasons..lots talk about cold weather throwing them into a flare...obviously we dont get cold weather in Brisbane and I have found that I suffer when the weather is at its hottest in Summer.

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    A belated welcome to Australia! I'm in Adelaide. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the health system.

    Most meds are available here, I think, they just have different names. I'm only aware of a couple we can't get.. can't remember what they are at the moment, though. Which ones are you interested in? I (or others) may be able to help with names..

    There are lots of ME/CFS & FMS specialists. I don't know about Brisbane, but Adelaide has several very good doctors. I can give you names, phone numbers etc if you want. There are a few in Melbourne too, I believe. Not sure about the other cities. Adelaide is hosting a conference for Australia's specialists next year, with several international experts taking part as well. Kenny de Meirleir, Dan Peterson etc... The SA ME/CFS Society has a great website -

    I also find summer much harder than winter, health-wise. My fatigue and pain are both worse in the heat. Quite a few of the Australians I've spoken to have had the same problem. We get fairly cold winters in Adelaide so I always look forward to the change, despite never being able to get warm, even in summer.

    Bec :)
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    I find that the low pressure systems play havoc with my joints and cause huge amounts of pain and the heat just tires me soooo much I just want to sleep....seems like I can't win.

    If you google Pain World you'll find a site that covers all of Australia and there's comprehensive info on clinics and Drs in QLD.
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    I'm in Canberra and find the winter anywhere south of Coffs Harbour intolerable. Hopefully I have just spent my last winter in Canberra. I find I am bed ridden for about 6 or 7 months. Although I have bad flares in Summer too,I find I don't have to spend so long in bed.

    I have been treated by a Dr in Canberra since my diagnosis 9 years ago. I find her very good but I am feeling somewhat frustrated at the moment as I seem to be getting worse for no apparent reason.

    Anyway, welcome to Australia and good luck finding a good GP up North.

    Cheers Jana
  6. chloeuk

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    lovely to meet you all, I havent been on since I posted this, busy with christmas...great to meet you all.
  7. goldilox

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    Hi Chloe,

    Welcome to Australia!! I actually feel better in the summer than the winter - I get terribly cold and ache all over!
    Let me know which meds you are trying to get here as alot of them have different names. If you like you can email me on

    Talk soon,


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