Anyone from Nashville and taking pain med stronger

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by claudiaw, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. claudiaw

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    than darvocet? My rhuemy whom I have seen for over a yr., who filled out paperwork for SS disability, has been helpful until now.

    I have been on Darvocet for about 4 yrs., never taking the prescribed amount until recently. I get migraine type headaches that migraine meds don't help.

    So I take valium and darvocet. well that no longer work's. It's o.k. for my evreday pain, but not those migraines.

    well my rhuemy's nurse said he doesn't prescribe anything stronger. I don't know what to do. I haven't seen a GP in yrs. and the one that first diagnosed me w/FM wouldn't fill out Eval paper's for disability ( she told me to file!), because she doesn't "do" that.

    I'm tired of having to run from doctor to doctor because each one doesn't "do" something.

    I want a doc, who not only writes prescripts( but will, if need be) but want's to study, learn about the cause of this FM, and will listen to me work with me, study and if I need pain med's, not act like I'm a drug addict!

    Anyway any info would help.

    Buy the way , no FM /CFS center's here, but looking for that kind of help.

    Thanks you for your time, advice, and support.:)

  2. lovethesun

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    but up until last year I used Dr Debra Rankin(internal medicine)at Vandy.She teaches part of the week there.DR Debra Batson is in the same office and very good.Dr Rankin has a serious demeanor,but nice.Dr Batson's alittle more talkative.They both give you all the time you need.I don't think that they overbook.Every refernce that they have given me is excellent.Linda
  3. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    many on the board its hard to keep up with it. Yes, I live in Nashville and go to DR. Victor Byrd at Heritage Med. at Baptist. He came from 16yrs at Vandy. He is a very compassionate little man. Ive been going to him for almost a yr. But its hard to really know someone when you 0nly see them every 3-4mths

    Im on Darvacet, ultram, Loratab, naprosin for pain and chloroxiozone(old muscle relaxer) and flexeril for muscle spasms and pain. Im going to have to call him because I just keep getting worse. The pain is really getting me down and these are not working well anymore.

    Remember, what a nurse says is not always what the dr will say. I learned that yrs ago. I also have a wonderful PC who loves us and always sends us to the best spec. he knows of. Good luck

  4. Frustratedandtired

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    I see Dr. Myers at Arthritis Specialists of Nashville. He is friendly and very thorough. Answers all my questions and explains things in detail. He isn't giving me anything strong but only because I asked him not to. Not at all sure if he would do that.
  5. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    DR Victor Byrd was my rhuematologist.He confirmed my diagnosis after the neurologist from Vandy diagnosed me.It was great when I got my records for Ca.They were all in one place.Linda
  6. claudiaw

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    I go to Arthritis Specialist by centennial.

    I have alway's taken LESS than what I could to keep my tolerance low and I hate taking drug's.

    But I guess my tolerance has finally built up, it's just so hard to deal with this condtion and have to fight to get treated.

    My worry is since the nurse SO misunderstood what I was saying, there is no telling what she told him ! She completely misunderstood me, and even after our talk on the phone she still wasn't getting it!'

    SO I"m just afraid that now he may have the wrong idea about me from whatever she might have said to him.

    It's just one more stress I don't need. I hate doctor's appt.'s as it is. I just want to be better!

    If he decides not to help me, then I may need to check out those you spoke of.

    I don't get it, a woman I know has very "mild'( her word's) FM symptomm's in that she still does everything and is on oxycontin!

    We are at our particular likes and dislike ( or prejudices, etc.) of our doctor's.They treat according to kikback's,less paperwork,etc. rather than really treating the patient. That's what anger's me.

    I can't cook, clean, drive, walk more than 10 mins., trying to get disability.And they act like I'm in there every week as for more drug's!

    O.K. done venting.

    I'm still upset over her phone call( 4 hrs. ago!)I need to stop typing anyway.

    Thank you to each of you for taking the time and effort to help me.:)

    Best wishes,
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