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    I've not been on here for awhile,Thought maybe someone might know of a Dr. in the Ft Wayne area.Just like so many others I'm tired of all the drugs & side effects from drugs can be worse than fibro itself.Need help with my weight,too.Another side effect, who knows??Any advice appreciated.GOD Bless!
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    hi myst. I'm not from indianna but i am from the nw chicago suburbs. There is a doctor in Chicago that does research, i can't off hand remember his name, if chicago isn't too far. he's not on my insurance so i can't use him. but there is a doctor referral link on the prohealth site that has his name.

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    Yes, I am from Warsaw area. I was diagnosed with fibro and cfids in december 2005 at the FFC in Detroit, MI!

    I am with you on getting off all the pharmaceuticals! It's killing my gut! I am seeing a naturopath(natural doctor) in Syracuse, Indiana tomorrow. It's a place called Adventures in Health. He will do biofeedback and suggest supplements. I also get ion cleanse foot detox treatments there too. They have helped me sooooo... much!

    I am currently being treated with an antibiotic for a bacterial called c. pneumoniae, diflucan for yeast-prevention and kutapressin for 2 viruses. I am currently starting to drop my RX meds and switching to supplements, herbs and lifestyle changes. I am doing it slowly over the next few months.

    Are you still going to support group in Columbia City or did it disband? I read about it in your past posts..a few years ago!
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    intensemom New Member

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    from syracuse, Is this a general practioner who can precribe drugs? or are you getting the antibiotics from another Dr.?

    Myst, I'm trying to find a GP who will be supportive in treating my fm... I'm still looking...I have read about the Marshall Protocol,, and I want to try it, but I have to find a Dr. who will work with me to prescribe the three antibiotics that you need on it... very interesting reading about it,, although the 2 websites explaining how and whys of it are over my head....

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    Try the Urgent Care Center in Busco. One of the doctor's there has a wife with fibro. His name escapes me right now. I go to the "other" doctor in Busco because he was the only choice at the time. Although he's good, I considering looking into changing due to the 1st hand experience of the other doctor.

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    Hi, I also am in Fort Wayne, and I see a few Doctors for different situations. However my endocrinologist Dr. Ashkok Kadambi is very much on the cutting edge in several different approaches in treating CFS/FM. One treatment I recall being very suitable for me, Testosterone, CoQ10, growth hormone and thyroid medication. That has controlled most of my symptoms at least until I get stressed out. Once I get stressed out, there isn't anything that really makes much difference other than "decompressing" and I am always looking for ways to do THAT!! =)

    Good Luck in your search!
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    I have been going to the FFC in Detroit and have gotten better. The expense has almost devastated us. I am almost done with my antibiotic therapy...2-3 more weeks. The FFC doctor won't do the marshall protocol anyway.

    I feel like they've got me as far as they I'm switching over to a they do not prescribe pharmaceuticals. It is highly controversial....but so is the FFC.

    I have some regular docs I can go to if things don't work out. I will post them if you want there names and numbers.

    If you are specifically looking for a doc who does the marshall protocol...look on the marshall protocol website and you can have a list for Indiana docs. sent to you! I have a list I could email to you..if we could figure out how to exchange email address here! I think it's against the rules!

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    Thank you, I looked on the Marshal P. website,, and am still waiting to be notified by email,, to get on the forum,, I looked the whole site over, trying to see an email so I could send and request the list of Dr.s.

    I don't know how to get my email to you. I wonder if you could paste the list on this website somehow. The would be a huge task if not an impossible one for me,, I do not have computer skills, plus my brain fog is so thick , everything is a major hurdle for me.. So I understand if you can't,, I'll just wait to get on the MP site where I can post and ask for it..

  10. intensemom

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    I just got your post...I will try...I've never pasted on a post before!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply...haven't been on much in a few days!

    If I can't cut and paste the list...try going in the message boards on MP website...I think you have to email moderater!

  11. intensemom

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    Drs Indiana

    Dear Mom
    welcome to
    all best, Barb ...

    Below is the list of doctors you have requested.

    Before you decide that you need to find a new doctor, we suggest that you give your current doctor/s the opportunity to learn about and help you recover with the Marshall Protocol. Many members on the Marshall Protocol found that their primary care provider who knows them best, was willing to consider treatment with the MP. Please see:

    Most of the doctors listed are from the Rheumatoid Arthritis website or the Co Cure website. They have experience using antibiotics to treat RA or are knowledgeable about CFS/FM. We do not know any of them personally, but their experience suggests that they may be willing to help you with the Marshall Protocol. You can point out to these doctors that symptoms of Th1 diseases overlap and experience with sarcoidosis or chronic Lyme or any of the many other Th1 inflammatory diseases isn't necessary. All they need is a willingness to learn about a medical breakthrough treatment that is helping hundreds of patients recover.

    There are also doctors listed who are already using the Marshall Protocol (some are more experienced than others). Their information is listed in bold italics. We have included additional information about some of them but we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of this information.

    DISCLAIMER: We provide this list as a public service to those who inquire. Names in this list are not to be considered a referral. Inclusion of physicians in this list does not indicate an endorsement of any physician's practice on our part or a guarantee of effectiveness of treatment. We have not verified any of the information submitted for the purpose of inclusion in this list as to accuracy or professional standings. If in doubt, patients should check with local/regional agencies that monitor physicians prior to engaging services or treatment. Note:This list is not to be reproduced in part or whole with the intention of use for profit.

    To lessen the chance of a wasted Office visit, it is suggested that you call the Doctor's Office first to ask about their use of or their potential willingness to use the Marshall Protocol. It is a good idea to also inquire about which Health Plans they accept including Medicare and Medicaid. and any other Fees.

    Please be aware that the Marshall Protocol does not require any more tests than are listed in the MP guideline and most supplements are contraindicated. If a doctor on this list insists on additional tests and supplements, they are not following the Marshall Protocol.

    It is the patient's responsibility to see that the prescribing doctor is following the MP correctly.

    Please read:

    Please let us know via email or private message if any of these doctors agree or refuse to help you with the MP or if you have found a supportive doctor willing to be added to the list.

    Other suggestions and sources for names of health care providers who may be willing to prescribe the MP are:

    1) - American Academy of Environmental Medicine - physicians who practice using alternative therapies. Their address is 7701 E. Kellogg, Suite 625, Wichita, KS 67207 phone 316-684-5500.

    2)The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine has links to doctors all over the world including the USA:
    ACNEM Referrals

    3) - American College of Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)- Send a self addressed, business size envelope with 55 cents postage to American College. P. O. Box 3427, Laguna Hills, CA 92654 and ask for referral packet; call 1-800-532-3688 or visit their web site where you can search for a doctor in your country and area. ACAM doctors are often happy to prescribe antibiotics for RA.

    4) - Physicians' names supplied by patients already on the MP. You may find these by contacting any member of via private message or email.

    5) - The Arthritis Trust website - who also have a list of doctors.

    6) Local pharmacists, your local health food store personnel or practitioners of any type of alternative medicine might be the source of information about doctors who are willing to consider the Marshall Protocol.

    7) Doctors who are just starting a practice are less likely to refuse patient requests for the Marshall Protocol.

    8) Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants can also order the Marshall Protocol medications and supervise your treatment.

    9) Contact members in your local area for information about their MP doctor.

    Board Staff



    Tom Ledyard, MD.
    Board Certified Family Physician
    7636 E. 109th Ave.
    Crown Point, IN 46307
    Phone: 219-661-0216
    Fax: 219-661-0628
    4/05 Pt comments - Just had my Drs appt today. I asked him if he would like to be added to MP Dr list and he said yes.

    Douglas Elliott, M.D. - FP
    Larry Banyash, M.D.
    Crossroads Healing Arts (Southside of Elkhart just of US 20
    21764 Omega Dr. bypass @ CR 17)
    Goshen, IN 46528
    P: 574-875-4227 (Mon-Thurs. 9am to 5 PM -lunch 1-2 PM)

    Dale Guyer, M.D.
    Center for Innovative Medicine
    1235 Parkway Dr. #B
    Zionsville, Indiana 46077
    P: 317-733-5433

    Kenneth Brandt, MD
    Indiana University School of Medicine
    Dept. of Rheumatology AMA directory: 541 Clinical Dr. - Room 492
    1120 South Drive CL492
    Indianapolis, IN 46202.
    P: 317-274-4225.

    Paul Mazzuca, MD (rheumatologist)
    Indiana University School of Medicine
    Dept. of Rheumatology,
    1120 South Drive CL492,
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    Charles Turner, MD
    2433 South 9th St.
    Lafayette, in 47909
    p: 765-471-1100

    Dr. Oscar I. Ordones
    400 South Oak St.
    Winchester, IN 47394
    P: 765-584-6600

    Douglas B. Smith (RHU)
    Rheumatology Associates
    8802 N. Meridian St. - Suite 108
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
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    Yeah, me! I did it!
  13. intensemom

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  14. Lynikins

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    I called the closest Doc, and his deceased partner did the MP,, ironically I had saw him years ago... His partner. But he said he doesnt do it. My Dr. Whom I am not familar with, because my Dr. in the practice retired,, said he would be willing to try it...

    I don't know the Dr. really well. I would prefer someone who has had experience with it.

    Thanks so much

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