Anyone from Oho?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rose38716, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. rose38716

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    I live in Mansfield Ohio,about an hours drive from Cleveland and Columbus..Just wondering if any of you have been to a Dr. in this area? I've only been to my Dr. 3 t

    imes and I already kno he doesnt like to prescribe narcs .

    So if you know of one please let me know...Thanks Deb
  2. jdala

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    I live in Chillicothe, about 50 miles south of Columbus. My primary Dr. prescribes all my meds so I'm very happy with her. I do know of a Sandra Stewart Pinkham M.D. in Columbus, phone # 1-614-488-8256. Haven't been to her but I found her on the internet when searching for a FM doc. If you check her out let me know what you think. Good luck.
  3. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    Thanks, I'll call her this eek if my Dr. doesn't prescribe What I need..Take care and thanks again...Deb
  4. Sunshyne1027

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    I live in Columbus Ohio. I have been to a rheumatologist at OSU, when first diagnosed with Fibro. His last name Hacksaw. He does not prescribe meds for pain either. He does prescribe others though.

    I got help for awhile when I had medical insurance, from a family doc.

    I would try looking up Rheumatologists for what area you need.
  5. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    Im going to Dr. tomorrow if He doesnt help the pain Ill call one of the Dr. in Columbus..take care..xxxx Deb

    Ps. Jan where is Beachwood?[This Message was Edited on 07/27/2003]
  6. ksp56

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    I have found fibro doctors online in the Cincinnati area. I'd be glad to find them again if you would like for me to. I know it's a longer trip from Mansfield, but wanted to give you the info.

    Small world.... I grew up in Mansfield, many years ago! LOL
    We lived there from '61' to '69' and I was 11 when we left. I have such great memories from living there. I live in Ft. Wayne, Indiana area now.

    I hope you find someone you feel helps you soon!



  7. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    So you live in Florida now?..I've only lived here 1 1/2 years...I am from Bucyrus...about 20 miles away...Yea I wont drive through Cin. or Col. but I guess i could get someone to drive me there..Thanks..Take Care Deb