Anyone from the Neveda area????

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  1. Scoobsmom

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    Wondering if anyone is located in Nevada...does the weather help you with the Fibromyalgia.. Please give me the pro's and con's... Thanks so much...
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  2. Kay2

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    My family is from Nevada and my hubby is from Az. and I can tell a big difference, when I am there. I can tollerate the dry climate more them the damp. In he summer in Nv. I can be outside when its in the 90s. Here in Tn. I cant handle it. This humidity wipes me out. I ache more, and am drained with no energy whats so ever.Besides I miss the openess of being able to see for miles,and the dessert.

  3. pearls

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    It depends on which part of Nevada you are talking about. I've often visited the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada as well as the area just over the mountain into Minden, Carson City,through Reno and over to Virginia City, though my visits were in the summer. The area on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe mountainous and covered with conifers. It gets lots of snow in the winter so houses are built there to accomodate the snow.

    Just over the mountain into the Minden Valley is a much different area. As you go east and cross the summit, the trees quickly thin out, replaced with sagebrush. As you get down into the valley, you can tell the water table is close to the surface, and there are many places where springs pop up out of the ground. In these places there are cattails, cottonwood trees and so forth, though the land is much more grassy than wooded. The entire area is rather lushly covered with green grasses, which are constantly watered by these springs. The elevation there is quite high. I believe there are snowstorms there in the winter.

    The summers aren't very hot in the Minden Valley - at least they didn't seem so at the various times I visited there. But then, during the summers where I live in California's Central Valley, temperatures often soar to a dry, 100ºF and even up sometimes to 110ºF., but rarely higher. I'm sure others may think the Minden Valley is hot in the summer, whereas I compare Minden's temperatures with that of my valley in California. The area between Carson City and Virginia City is very hilly, but the hills are covered with sagebrush and the place looks like a desert. I don't know how cold it gets in the winter, but I believe it snows there. Virginia City is a fun place to visit, by the way. I don't think I'd care to live there, though.

    Now, Las Vegas is an entirely different matter. I've only been there once. The area seemed very dry and desert-like. I don't care for it, though some of you may think differently. I'll leave a description of Vegas to someone with more time spent there.

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    My family & I are looking at property in the area of Fallon, NV. We are both of an age (and condition) where the Oregon dampness gets us all stove up, especially in the winter. I love the high desert country. I like being able to see forever and not having to trailer 100 miles to ride. On the rare occasions when I do still feel like riding, by the time I get to where I can ride, I no longer feel like riding. I could just ride out our back gate, but the thought of looking into the eyes of a cougar, above me in a tree, reading "1001 Ways to Prepare Horseburger", does not make for a relaxing ride.
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    Was very impressed, that you knw so much about what is going in on in Fallon. That is were my family is. My dad was born and raised there, and afer being in the military for 32 years retired back there. My whole family is there except me. There was a meeting held last Thursday and alot of good info.My sister is VERY active with all this and has scientist and researchers contact her. Her is more then meets the eye going on. I would love to send you info on his. My addy is on my bio. Jelly would love to get ahold of info also. Would be interesting to her also. There has been 20 childhood case of lukemia, and tons of cancer. I have been up dating Kathyrn also on this. They are finding tungstun also in urine. The arsinic(SP) is sooo bad that they cant even drink the water there. The CDC OF COURSE, doesn't tell all. The Fallon people are VERY upset. My sister was trying to bring up the water fountain at the school for drinking water and how unsafe it is for the kids and the CDC says it is ok to drink.DUH---now how in the world can that be, if the town water has arsinic in it? Well they are having another meetin this week. They also have the Naval air station there. So they have lots to investigate. Lots of reasons of course, as to why all the cancer. I also went to school there in the 60S. i DO go home once a year also and see family and friends. Was great seeing your post. I also have family in Vegas:))) Didn't mean to right a book, just thought you woud like an up date! Linda