anyone from West Ga

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by crocodile, Jun 9, 2007.

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    between my fibro and my stomach dis. and now this pituitary tumor I really need a female friend close by I feel hopeless and a burden to my husband he has to do everything and I just lay here my son and his wife aren't talking to me since Jan when I told them I wasn't strong enough to waich my Grandson for them to take a trip now they won't let me see my Grand baby He was what keep me ging he was the reason I kept fighting to get better but now I don't leave my bedroom 2 reasons I either am having a bad day with my pain or i just can't stand to see all the things i want to do and can't hope this makes sinse to someone I'd rather just stay in bed then to get up and see that life goes on weather I'm in it or not I just don't have any reason or anybody who need me I miss my Grandson anybody else feel this way

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