Anyone get a copy of med records and they say different ...

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    I read my records from a DR I went to see before I was diagnosed with fibro. That particular day my husband had to take off work to drive me to the dr due to severe pain. I had worked two days in two months due to pain, I didnt even know what to tell work why I couldnt come in other than I hurt all over! But yet the dr wrote in his notes Lisa is still able to work and take care of her family! I ended up losing that job due to the fibro. Am trying to get ss and now Im reading that and thinking this is really going to help my case. The only thing I remember telling him was I felt better that day than I had. What can a person due when things are misinterpreted like this this happened over a year ago but I had just recently gotton copies of my files due to applying for ss.
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    i haven't seen mine yet, but want to bump this so people will see :)
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    Unfortunately, there is really nothing you can do. I used to be a medical transcriptionist (I listened and typed the records of visits, X-rays, letters, etc. for the doctor).

    The doctor sometimes records these things days later and most always does it from memory, sometimes they jot down a few notes after you leave or while you are there. Some do all the visits at the end of the day, and patients run together. I worked for one doctor who didn't dictate the visits until months and months later and couldn't remember anything about his patients!

    Anyway, I am not surprised he screwed the info. up. Very rarely they have had me correct the note, but usually what is there stands. Do you have any other documentation in the chart that contradicts what he said? If so, you might be able to get him to do a correction if you spoke with his nurse, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    I would get some other documentation and a good fibro doctor that would make my case for SS.


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    I recently got a copy of only a PORTION of my records - and there were reports & diagnoses in there for a good 3 different things that no one ever told me about!

    I wonder how many more problems I'd find out about from having my full records!

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    good idea, i wrote my doctor for a letter, my attorny didnt ask me to , but i wanted more of a leg to stand on, and he documinted a letter for the alj. It said i have multiple pain all over,that has not resolved with treatment. But he knows personally what this has done to me, and beleave me they have hurd me cry. gl with it onnaroll
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    I recently got my records. it took over 65 days to get them & about $75 since I see so many doctors.

    Now having read them I need to spend about a week writing to each doctor to correct major problems. One doc said I have asthma (not). Another doc sent my records to a doctor I've never seen. Great security there & absolutely zero confidentiality there.

    The trouble I found here is that the records department was outsourced in this medical center. So instead of dealing with the center (less than 10 miles away) I was dealing with temporary people 2,500 miles away. Crazy.
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    How can they possibly get anything right when they only spend 5 minutes with you and 4 of that is spent reading your chart (the mistakes they made the last time they saw you??)
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    It is most definitely a legal document, but please understand that they most likely aren't going to just change something like that because you said so. (not that you didn't tell him you were unable to work, I am sure you did) They might change a diagnosis of asthma, something like that (objective), but not a statement of whether you were able to work and take care of your family or not (which is pretty subjective, unless you brought something in from work showing your absence). He is going to say he doesn't remember that conversation so he can't change it. They will stall you if you press it further. An attorney might yield results, but I am not sure. Of course it is worth a try, and it would be great if you could get them to change it but, again, don't be surprised if you run into a brick wall.

    I am just being realistic, please don't slam me :)

    Also, please, please don't take this the wrong way because I am not directing this toward ANYONE. However, if it were that easy to change medical records, everyone who applied for disability, etc. who wasn't sick and didn't truly need it would be calling up doctors later on and saying the records were wrong and that they weren't able to work, they weren't able to walk, they told them they were in severe pain and they didn't put it in the note, etc. to get win their case.


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    I am going to tell you what I was told. I do not know whether it works for Disability or not, as it was for purposes of changing from one doc to another....or just in general keeping up with your own medical records.

    I was told to request copies of all my medical records for myself (and NEVER send them to another doctor without reading them first)and then pull the things that are incorrect or abusive. In fact, only the medical tests are really necessary, and any other doctors report you care to include. I keep meaning to do this, but I have not done it yet, as it seems like a big task.

    I do, however, request copies of any reports I know about, and when there are mistakes, I write a correction to the doctor and ask that either my chart be changed, or my letter to be included in the chart. I also ask for an acknowledgement from the doctor, but I don't worry if I don't get it. (Maybe I should, but I have copies on file.)

    It is a never ending source of irritation to me, and I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS ALL JUST AN ACCIDENT. Usually, it is because docs are busy, and not accurate with the transcription, or didn't take notes, or whatever....however, in some instances, I have found docs that deliberately said very maligning things regarding me (and this is always when a procedure ended up with a complication.) I think they want to discredit me, in case I should want to sue. For example, the doc who did an EGD (a tube down your throat to look at your stomach) did not give me ANY pain med at all, and ended up tearing the wall of my esophagus and/or stomach. This was not serious, but I bled internally for a while....the blood would come out dark in my stools. In that doctors's report, he said that I had exhibited drug-seeking behaviors, and had demanded morphine. I was never so shocked in my life!! None of it was true. THe opposite was true because I gave him a list of drugs that I was allergic to. HOwever, there would still have been drugs that I could have taken to alleviate the dreadful muscle contractionas and pain that caused the tearing of my tissues. This doc was covering for the fact that he screwed up.

    Sorry I got so wordy here. IT is just a thing I hate when it comes to the docs.

    Thank you, Dancing Fingers. I am also copying that, if you don't mind, so I will have a better way to deal with this.

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    but most offices will charge you a copy and administrative hmo charges 1.00 per page...

    you can get a free copy at the ssa office if need be...

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    as some others. I had a doctor for five years. He's the one that kept prescribing one of the NSAID in prescription form, told me it was just like aspirin but worked better. I ended up with an ulcer and stomach problems that lasted 6 years.

    We had a disagreement at Christmas one year and I decided to drop him. He was NOT happy about that and when I went to get my records there were
    three pages instead of the THICK three files full of information he had on me.

    He had diagnosed a "virus that lays n on the nerve and breaks out under stress" for some tiny blisters I would get on my arms, and once on my face. He even brought in a student he
    was training to see my arm during an
    outbreak. From scratching in my sleep
    I would end up with small round scars.

    In the records he gave me he wrote that I self abused myself and caused the scars on my arms. NO reason for WHY I had scratched them or that it was done in my sleep. Just "self abuser". He had a few other lies like that in the three pages.

    When I went to the new doctor I took the three pages but had taken a red pen and corrected in the margins every single thing he'd written that was untrue. I added a note at the bottom explaining how I came to fire him as my doctor. The new doctor just
    reached over and put the "records" into the trash anda asked me to "tell him" my history.
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    Talkabout a HUGE joke of a doctor. I had to see a doctor for a Worker comp case where I had fallen at work and had several hairline fractures in my ankle and leg. To make a long story short.
    After the case was over I recieved my medical records from every doctor I had every seen. And I was shocked by what I found in them.

    When I told my GYN who was a friend and my mom worked with him, he would write down that I was depressed because I had a fight with my husband who was drunk at the time. HE put the dumbest things in there but when WC asked for the records the other doctor in the practice wrote in my chart that I had been seen for many unfounded pain issuse and had been given Demoral for them. HE also felt that I was a drug seeker. When my doctor foudn that out he put a note in that I was not a drug seeker adn that the doctor who wrote that was not my MD.

    Then the best of all was what the worker comp doctor wrote about me. Jan 26 patient was in ER with breakthru pain and asking for narcotic drugs.
    Strange I was in the hospital that day but no where near the ER and I did have narcotic pain meds. And a 6 lb 5oz baby girl.That part was not mentioned. I thought how stupid is this doctor saying that I was having breakthru pain when I was in labor and delivery. He also added that he thought my hysterectomy was done so that I could have pain meds. Yep that was it. I was cut open and had major surgery just for pain meds what a load of BS. I had my hyesterectomy because I was in pain all the time. I had a cyst the size of a large hens egg on the left ovary, the right ovary was filled with cysts and some infection, my appendix was infected too. I also had vercoise viens over my ovaries that would dilate each month and would cause me to have a lot of pain. my uterus was in bad shape.

    Every month as your body starts to build up the lineing of the uterus for your period, blood vessels will riase up and bleed and then they seal off and go back into the muscle but I am not normal mine would bleed and sink in to the uterine muscle and keep bleeding. And I had retrograde menstration and bled in my abdomen. So I had no choice but to have it done.

    MY doctor told me after I had it done that he had never seen as much damage to a uterus as I had. And with having cysts so big and full of infection I had a really valid reason for being in pain each and every month.

    Most doctors are honest and will write what is done with each visit and that is it. Some however like to write a fiction novel as did the Workers Comp doctor did with me.

    So I do ask for my medical records when i have changed doctors and I just make sure that there are real and honest reasons for what was written.

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    I had a similaar thing hapen:

    I was going to a Dr. in Oakland, who had once had CFS, himself. I applied for SSI and in the letter he wrote he got everything wrong. It was almost as if he was writing about someone else. I was denied.

    I did not get a chance to look at my files, and I surmised that he had had the nurse write the letter. However, it is very possible that he only heard what he wanted to hear. I had gone for a treatment that had helped him , and he was not willing to hear that it did not help me, too . He as much as accussed me of lyng.

    Some doctors are deaf, dumb and blind!


    p.s. I got a true diagnosis from the SS doctor that I had to go see. She knew what to look for and was honest in her evaluation. T.
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    start making at least audio tape recordings of your appointments with the doctor...

    firstly so you can remember what s/he said, and even more importantly, so you have a recording of what YOU said.

    If you tell the doctor you want to record for your own benefit and/or so you can share it with your spouse, it would be rather difficult for them to refuse... even Dr. Cheney lets people record.

    If s/he won't agree, what are they trying to hide?

    Also if you go to an evaluation that your disability co sends you to, try to get your spouse or whoever to videotape the exam.

    This worked wonders when pvt disability ins was going to try to give my husband problems... their doctor at first refused, but ultimately he had to go thru with it...

    at any rate, the app't was rescheduled and I videotaped it... same with meeting with their rep at out lawyers office... never had any problems with them after that.

    Even if you're paying your doctor out of your pocket, I would still make recordings, I think it's really important.

    I've been appalled at so many of the mistakes made on my and family's records, no matter how conscientious the doctor tries to be or how on your side s/he is.

    hope this helps,
  15. NyroFan

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    I always get the doctors to write my diagnosis on an Rx pad.
    The one I have says:
    Fibromyalgia (severe).

    This is just from that one doctor, but I also get them from the doctors who treat me for other things.

  16. lbbbabe

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    i would like to know more about the scars you are talking about
  17. Bambi

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    that run from my wrist area to the top of my arm. I can get them just from the break out of the blisters, and some are from scratching in my sleep. Instead of things scarring on me brown they turn white. Looks like I have white freckles. ICK! So I do wear long sleeves most of the time. I haven't had them in a long time, just one now and then but I used to get them everytime something extra bad happened..a death, a divorce..things like that.

    I got one once on the side of my nose when a friend's husband died that left a virtual h ole there. I have to use that filler when I put on make up to conceal it. I've also had them on my forehead and in my eyebrows at times. At times when stress is extreme they wil happen within minutes and other times it will be the next day or a couple of days afterward. Wierd. That "doctor" didn't give it a name, just "a virus that lays on the nerve".
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    This has happened to me more than once. Expecially when I was seeing a dr. that was not helping me at all. This wonderful friend (May she rest in peace!) referred me to an awesome GP - he saved my life. I asked the worthless dr. for my records and it was really funny reading the things she said about me on our last visit.

    I went from being "a very delightful,caring lady that just wants some relief" to "she was angry as usual - had nothing positive to say, only wants to change meds b/c she claims she is in pain - Receipt for $245 pd today for today's visit."
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    I know that I am late in repling to this post, but I was looking through the MN titles and saw this in another Minnesotians list.

    I have been a victim of the absent minded ______ (Fill in the blank with the profession of your choice)The two worst were:

    1) Psych. who was doing the MMPI junk on me and said I moved away from home at 15, which was actually supposed to be 17-1/2. I was abused in my home at 15.

    He also stated "the patient is an alcoholic" instead of the patients father is an alcoholic.

    These are two major mistakes among many minor mistakes. Even worse that it was part of a Psych. eval. I was told that they could not change the report, but that I could send a letter to put into the file.

    2) My former Rheumy that dx me with fibro. said I needed to apply for SSI. That I had the worst case of fm he had ever seen. When SSI wrote him he claimed that there was "NOTHING" wrong with me.

    Just to offer a little bit of hope to anyone that has experienced this... When I went to court to fight my SSDI denial, the judge read the files from the Rheumy and approved me for SSDI. And he stated, off the record, that he believed the Rheumy. was not honest in his letter to SSDI board, and the records of my visits to him where he RX different test and meds. were proof of this!

    P.S. Katykat we live in the same town, so please make sure you request copies of all of your medical records. Also, make sure that you specify that you also want copies of the Doctors notes. Thank goodness I had done so. The doctors notes were conveiniently (SP?) missing from the courts copies!!!!!!!
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    I'm VERY lucky!

    Both of my doctor (rheumy and neurologist) do their office visit notes while I'm THERE!

    My rheumy types them into my chart directly on his computer, and my neurologist dictates the notes into his tape records while I sit there. If there is a problem with anything they are documenting, we fix it right there!


    julie (is free!)

    Love bears all things.. - Paul